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    Response to Lavitz's response.

    Good points about the shadow/gunshot, I overlooked those. What about the "perceptive" end where Eric refers to Sean by his real name though?

    So does this mean Sigma would lose his shift ability at some point after exiting the place or does he retain it because he already has it? I guess it wouldn't be clear unless they made a forth game.
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    You're right, I forgot about that. I guess he remembered his name and told them, but it's just conveniently hidden from the player since it would spoil.
    Why would he lose it?
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    Yeah.. guess that's the only explanation. To be honest, it seemed weird that Eric seemed to show concern for this "Sean" guy that we've never heard of up until now. It crossed my mind that it was a forth wall break and maybe the game somehow knew my real name from my Steam account information and the voice actors recorded dozens of different scenes depending on the player's information. Psycho Mantis style forth wall breaking. That would have been an impressive feat. Just a big coincidence though.

    My understanding of this game's theory of time travel is that maintaining the loop is necessary to preserve not only the character's alternate universe selves, but also their current selves. That, or the characters are just altruistic. For example how Akane re-created the Nonary game in order to save her past self. She could have said "Well, I've already been saved. Screw that alternate universe me" but she didn't. Zero II could have said "Well, I've already been born, no need to be born in an alternate universe" but he didn't. He recreated the games so he'd be born again.

    I was under the impression that maintaining the loop was necessary to maintain the character's in their current universe. So, if Akane decided not to create the 999 game, she would have somehow ceased existing. To go back to our earlier discussion

    I get the impression this conversation could be endless, but I enjoy this type of nerdy stuff so I don't mind. Here's my reasoning:

    If timelines are separate. That is to say, events in one timeline don't impact another, then there should be no need to maintain this loop. Sigmas should be able to warn each other about their past experience with the ZTD games after their completion of VLR, Zero II should be able live on himself without making sure that he is "born again" in the events of ZTD, etc. If the timelines are connected, eg. maintaining this endless loop is necessary to ensure the events are carried out otherwise the timeline is "irreparably altered" then this completion of the game (where Sigma doesn't lose his limbs, Radical 6 doesn't break out) should cause him to lose his abilities, or make it so he never had them in the first place. Just like Akane not making the Nonary game would make it so she was never saved in the first place.
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    Ha ha, I beat the game. Had a blast with Zero Escape, thanks guys for introducing me to the series.


    [​IMG] best akane

    why does zero look like a zombie steve jobs

    Why isn't an X-pass revealed for whenever "Q"/Delta dies, he's pretending to be part of the game, right?

    So K from VLR, the motherly figure he was talking about in his backstory is Diana?

    The guy/girl in the cloak that attacks the people in one timeline then runs out of the X door, who was that?

    So what I got from the snail story was, Eric's mother was the one who avoided the snail and was murdered by Mira (I'm assuming it was Eric's mother because they had the same last words when killed by Mira). This caused Akane's father to be accused for the murder and be sentenced to death, which lead to Akane's mother killing herself. Then something about a taxi, and how a surgeon that was supposed to operate on a boy that day died in a car accident, which leads to the boy, Sean, dying?

    What I'm getting from this is that 999 wouldn't have happened if the snail wasn't there, which is a real funny example of the butterfly effect.

    The story of Diana and Sigma is actually really sweet and heartwarming

    she was an angel that looked like a customer

    I wonder if Mira had a change of heart (hah) and isn't a psychopath anymore

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    Make sure to load up the game again there's some new documents to read
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    I don't get it, I'm replaying some fragments, and NOW I'm getting achievements for the fragments.. Does that mean I have to replay each fragment AGAIN to get the achievements?
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    Were you playing offline or something?
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    Was definitely online, logged in and all. I think I have 8 more achievements to go, I'm guessing the rest of them are for the completed fragments that didn't register.

    I also got all Cinema files but didn't get the achievement for that..
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    I have gotten all the achievements. I'm not sure what your issue was, although when you talking about playing the game last Saturday it didn't show you as "playing" it to me. Said you were just online/away.
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    Answer to your questions (well, to the ones I had an answer for anyway)

    He's 124. As to why he looks like Steve Jobs, don't know, stylistic choice, I thought it worked. He was actually my favorite zero.

    Yeah, I was curious about this myself. They should have noticed the missing X-pass unless their memories of him were wiped, in which case only team Q would have noticed, and only if they were cruel enough to kill the old guy. I'm surprised it never came up as a discussion point though, eg. "Hey, why don't we kill this old guy and get a pass that way? He's dying anyway". I feel like alot of coincidences lead up to them not revealing the old guy in anyway.

    Not sure I follow? I thought Akane was the motherly figure. Though I didn't really grasp the epilogue from VLR well either.

    I don't know. If I were to guess maybe it was Mira being mindhacked by Zero.

    That was my general impression of the story. I could be off, but your description is about what I thought of it too though.

    Obviously misleading for the sake for the twist. Although that is a narrator thing and not an ingame character saying it.
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    New 999 on the Switch confirmed? What would you guys think?
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    Maybe, maybe not.

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    Anyone getting The Nonary Games? I was hoping 999 would be sold separately on PSN since VLR is exactly the same as the one I already have, but it's one single package for two games. I think I'll wait till it goes on sale and maybe get it for PS4.
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    Assuming its a remake of vlr and 999, probably not. I feel like I beat the games recently enough that it wouldn't really be worth it for me to replay anytime in the near future.
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    Should I replay 999, or VLR.. or both? Or maybe there's another game that's similar that I should play?
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    The remake of 999 has voice acting and an easier final puzzle for whatever that's worth.

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