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    Zero Escape is a series of science fiction VNs with escape the room segments that features a masked villian known as Zero who captures 9 hostages and informs the hostages that their lives are in danger and then informs them of instructions of how to escape the facility they are in.


    The first game of the series, which is called 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, was released on the Nintendo DS and later released on iOS without the puzzle sections. The iOS version also includes a flowchart that lets you jump to certain parts of the story so that you don't have to replay early sections over like on the DS.

    The game features protagonist Junpei, a college student, who wakes up on a sinking boat with a bracelet that only displays the number 5 on it. After escaping the room, he encounters 8 other people. This includes Akane, a childhood friend he had not seen in a long time. A man on a loudspeaker who calls himself Zero then informs the group that in order to escape the sinking ship, they must seek a door with a 9 on it.

    While the iOS version features a flow chart that didn't exist on the Nintendo DS version, I still highly recommend getting that version over the iOS version due to how some of the reveals are done on the true ending path. They simply work better on the DS over any other system. I highly recommend playing blind until you reach your first ending. Then, look up an online flowchart to unlock the other endings. For the record, it's impossible to get the true ending on your first playthrough, so don't worry too much about that. Playtime to complete the story of 999 will take about 9-11 hours.


    The second game in the series is known as Virtues Last Reward. It was released on 3DS and PSVita. You can buy them from most retailers or on each system's respective online store. The only thing to be wary of is a bug in the 3DS version that will render your save data unusuable. If you play that version don't save during escape sequences and you should be fine. If you really do need to save during an escape sequence, don't overwrite your original save just to be safe.

    The new protagonist, Sigma, is kidnapped one year after the events of 999. Sigma was taken on Christmas day after submitting a paper to his Buddhist professor. He later wakes up in an elevator with a woman and each of them has a bracelet with the number 3. When asked what her name was, she replies that her name was Sigma, obviously teasing him. Sigma then questions how she knows his name, yet she claims she doesn't actually know how. She later then informs Sigma that her name is Phi. After escaping the elevator, the pair finds 5 other people outside, along with 5 other elevators. After some introductions are done, the last elevator opens to reveal two more people. At this point, an AI known as Zero III informs the group that in order to escape they must collect key cards in order to play a game similar to the prisoner's dilemma. This game allows them to increase or decrease the numbers on their bracelets. If anyone has obtained a 9 or higher they may activate the Number 9 door, the only way to escape the facility. Anyone who tries to pass without 9 points will be injected with a poison and die. The Number 9 door will only open once and then lock forever. If anyone reaches 0 or lower, that person will be infected with the same poison.

    The game is significantly longer than 999. Thankfully, it includes a flowchart so you don't need to replay any sections like the DS version. Many people highly recommended that you play completely blind. Though even then, I still recommend choosing the Cyan door last due to certain things you may not notice if you choose it first. It's up to you though, do what you want, there's no need to look up any guides to unlock the true ending. Also, don't look up anything unless you are 100% certain you missed something important. In fact, you should probably get a piece of paper to right down important information, since the game will rely on you to remember it. Playtime will take about 30-35 hours.

    While it is recommended to play 999 before VLR, it is entirely possible to play this game without playing the first game. It will still be highly enjoyable. Just know that the second game WILL spoil the first game.

    While playing both games, and probably with the upcoming third game, I highly advise you to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE WIKI. Don't even look up names and shit. Just don't even think about looking at the wiki until you've completed all the released games.

    The upcoming final game in the series is to be released on June 28th, 2016 for 3DS and PSVita. It will also be released on Steam on June 29th, 2016. I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND playing VLR before even thinking about playing this one. Returning characters are Junpei and Akane from 999 and Sigma and Phi from VLR. There will actually be three playable characters. Each of them leads a group of three. The first playable character will be Carlos, who will be teamed up with Junpei and Akane. The second will be Q, a boy with no memory of himself, who is paired with new characters Mira and Eric. The third is Diana, who will be teamed up with Sigma and Phi. The three teams are informed that every 90 minutes they will be injected with a drug that will knock them out and wipe the memories of what happened in the facility. In addition, in order to escape the facility, 6 passwords will be required. The only way to get one of the 6 passwords, is for someone to die.

    So far two trailers have been released.

    The next one contains some VLR spoilers. They kind of flash by really quick, so it's easy to miss it. Still, be careful with this one.
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    I played 999 and VLR last year and finished them completely, one of the best stories I've ever seen in a game. VLR in particular was a really mindblowing experience, I couldn't put it down.

    Also, if you weren't hyped enough for Zero Time Dilemma:
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    Trophy List is out. I didn't really look because there's probably spoilers in there. Get ready the hype train has no brakes.

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    Normally in these situations I just click "like" but I felt that wasn't enough so I thought I'd give you a bit more credit. Awesome job on the review. Reminds me of:

    You're really a quality over quantity guy. I'm actually tempted to try it out at some point (probably never will with my backlog.. but you know, the ideal is there. )
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    5 weeks until Zero Time Dilemma, you can do it! :marii:
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    I plan on picking up the third game on steam ! just started the second game yesterday morning it's really interesting so far.
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    New Japanese Trailer

    Will add the english version whenever that shows up
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    Sort of late to the game but I'll start playing. In general when it comes to puzzle games I think I should probably take the easier route, but I'll try the DS version out first.
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    Okay good to know, I completed it for the first time.
    Everybody dies and I don't even know who killed them or why. Lamo. Guess I'll see what comes of the other endings.
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    it was the funyarinpa
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    I got stuck for an hour in ZTD because I missed something at the beginning of the game. This isn't really a spoiler because it's the first thing you do.

    When you're doing the team execution choice, don't do them out of order or you might miss some scenes and you'll get stuck like I did later in the game. You MUST vote for the same team twice in a row to see their execution scenes. The way I did it at first was staying on the same team and voting for the other two teams before switching to another team's path, and that didn't work.

    Vote D as C team, vote D as Q team = D team execution scene
    Vote C as Q team, vote C as D team = C team execution scene
    Vote Q as C team, vote Q as D team = Q team execution scene

    If all the circles at the top left of the global flowchart are lit up, it means you've seen all 3 scenes and can progress.
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    Did you know that the delta symbol is commonly used in Calculus and Science and is used to mean the change in something? So I guess Delta is trying to change the future
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    I completed the safe and true endings. I also completed Axe and Sub. I only skipped the knife ending (watched it on YouTube).

    True/safe ending spoilers:
    Terrific conclusion. Everything came together and made perfect sense. I didn't think they'd be able to do it in such a fulfilling and interesting way. Ace did a great job as a villain. Calculating and remorseless toward his own business colleagues whom he supposedly should have been the closest with. They hinted at the ending with the Funyarinpa stuff, but there was also no way I'd have guessed/predicted it. That's the best kind of plot twist and is hard to pull off (difficult to foreshadow something without making it obvious/easy to guess).

    One thing I didn't get though, in the Sub ending, who killed everyone? Santa, Clover, and Ace are dead (all the potential killers) from the start. Seven, Lotus, June, and Junpie are killed shortly after. Snake is still presumably stuck in his coffin, and 9th man died way earlier.

    So, now onto Virtue's Last Reward I suppose.
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    Ace faked it
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    Spoiler for sub and safe 999 endings.
    Are you just going off appearance? How do you know for certain? I see the resemblance and he'd have the motive so I suppose it'd make the most sense.[​IMG]
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    I just completed the safe ending. That CERTAINLY was not safe, for any of them. I didn't think the title would have meant an actual physical safe.

    All I'm wondering at this point is if there's an actual "good" ending, because all the ones so far have had a bad outcome.

    All I'm wondering at this point is if Jumpy and Kanny survive/get together, and if Lotus has implants. (and if the true ending is a good ending!)
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    For your first question, isn't that kinda spoiling it for yourself to ask? All I'll say is that the sub/knife/axe endings kinda suck and safe/true are the endings where you actually learn new information. Try the true ending.

    As for your second question, there is no info that I know of about whether or not Lotus has breast implants.

    Oh, and I bought Virtue's Last Reward on 3DS.

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