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    Hello guys! Long time no see, I've been busy with this little project....
    Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/466820/
    DRM-free page: https://jackdarx.itch.io/zenodyne-r
    Team Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamGBSRFox

    This is an arcade shooter (aka "shmup" or STG) in a roughly similar vein to Strikers 1945 and Raiden Fighters. I know the Xeno Fighters fangame I had a hand in testing got some amount of attention here several years back so I thought this might be up the alley of a few folks.

    Some highlights:
    - DRM-free - we use the Steam API for achievements but is not compulsory to run the game
    - YM2612 (the chip that ran the Sega Megadrive/Genesis) chiptune music soundtrack by Heavy Viper
    - Engine built under Game Maker Studio by yours truly, gameplay built by arcade shooter enthusiasts
    - 6 Stages with branching paths, harder paths are more difficult but more rewarding if you clear them
    - Multiple ships with unique gameplay styles and pilots
    - A simple but rewarding scoring system
    - A system of unlocks based on persistence first followed by skill

    It's currently on Steam and itch.io, Windows-only builds. There's videos and a 2-stage demo on the Steam page for those interested as well.
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    Soundtrack bundle is cheaper than the original game. Mistake or clever marketing? ;)

    Edit: Nevermind price was adjusted.

    I can't really fault self-promotion too much considering how often I do it:XD:, so nice job on finishing the game. Unlike some members who left to work on a game that still isn't finished years later. I'll go ahead and buy the game. I'll try it out sometime this week probably.

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