Zelda spinoff "Hyrule Warriors" coming to Wii U 2014

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    A spinoff in the Zelda series, Hyrule Warriors is coming out 2014. It features gameplay similar to Dynasty Warrior games. Some elements include certain outposts or areas that you're supposed to capture. Ordinarily these areas spawn enemies, but if you capture these areas they spawn allies instead. The game also features powerful "special attacks" which you can use after killing enemies and filling up a yellow meter.

    The game also includes items that you can retrieve from chests and use in battle. The only item that was shown is the hookshot. The game also contains Great Fairies that original appeared in Majora's Mask which can upgrade your items.

    Zelda, Midna, and Impa are playable characters in it. Zelda had access a magical bow and arrow and a sword, Midna has access to large scale magic attacks and can ride on Wolf Link to move faster, and Impa has access to a large sword. Link seems to have his regular arsenal. His spinning sword attack and a large bomb were shown in the trailer.

    The game also has a two player mode without split screen. One player uses the Wii U Gamepad for the screen, while the other player uses the TV.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Sykikal, Jun 10, 2014.

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    This game looks VERY intriguing.

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