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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by chervon, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. chervon

    chervon Inactive

    Whats your favorite game system? Im stuck between xbox360 and Ps3
  2. Deltax323

    Deltax323 Inactive

    Good ol' Nintendo 64. :lol:
    Nothing beats the classics.
    Super Nintendo was good as well.
  3. Night

    Night Inactive

    My nintendo 64 is so old that it doesn't work anymore so I gave it away. :lol:
  4. Numb

    Numb None of this matters

    PS1 and 360.
    That's for gaming consoles, but I also enjoy the Computer, because I can play unlimited amounts of flash games.
  5. Emp

    Emp Inactive

    Mine are the 360 and PSP:tard:
  6. Nack

    Nack Inactive

    wrong forum. -_-

    I don't have no modship here, though.
  7. xJacknife

    xJacknife Inactive

    Nintendo 64 :woop: Zelda ftw.
  8. dani

    dani Inactive

    mine would have to be the gamecube. XDDDDDDDDddd

    and ya. zelda ftw. :3
  9. Night

    Night Inactive

    Good ol' gamecube :stab: I still have mine in the garage Lol. I replaced it with the wii since gamecube games work with the wii.
  10. Super Smash Bros. Fan

    Super Smash Bros. Fan My first forum...

    I really enjoy the Wii and all, but my favorite system has to be the Nintendo 64. That system brought me into video games and I have been a huge fan of it ever since.
  11. Night

    Night Inactive

    Do you still play the Nintendo 64??
  12. Nack

    Nack Inactive

    I mean seriously, what the hell.
  13. Super Smash Bros. Fan

    Super Smash Bros. Fan My first forum...

    Mine broked unfourtunently and I wished it never did.
  14. Night

    Night Inactive

    LOL So did mine. I just threw it away...
  15. Arceus493

    Arceus493 Inactive

    My fav is PC, because I haven't any game system except PC :'(
  16. KDUDE

    KDUDE Inactive

    My N64 still is working Lol. My favorite system overall is the Playstation 3.
  17. Digit

    Digit Inactive

    I had an Xbox 360 for over a year now, I'm hoping I can get a ps3 today.
  18. Focuse

    Focuse Inactive

    Xbox 360

    Xbox 360 is the best system of all time.
  19. Billybob

    Billybob Inactive

    I like the wii cause it looks cool. I think the reason people dont like the wii, is because they just dont like nintendo. GIVE IT A TRY D:< :@
  20. Nitro

    Nitro Inactive

    My Nintendo 64 still lives but only 1 game lived with it
    Overall I think I like the wii better
    Wii Fit :lol:

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