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Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by Lavitz, Nov 30, 2015.

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    I still have a launch day copy of the first game in plastic wrap :unsure:
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    I have had it preordered on Amazon since Summer of last year. I was considering switching to digital version since I have an external hard drive for Wii U now but I guess I kinda like having a physical product. Especially with Nintendo where you can't login to other Wii U and redownload your games.
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    Thought I should upload a playthrough of a more current game and this was a good place to start. I'm on the fence about whether or not I should do commentary. I kind of like the videos with commentary more, it's just that in order to do it without there being either background noise from the game or sounds of me using the controller I have to record commentary postplay. Which means I have to spend 2-3 times as long editing/uploading the game than I do actually playing it. If anyone is actually interested, let me know and I might start doing commentary if I have time, if not I'll probably just upload the gameplay footage.

    Also playing the game currently. Hopefully you're not too upset with me Lavitz. :rolleyes:
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    I actually beat the game for real this time after a short break. Last week I was trying to beat the final boss, but accidentally chose to lower difficulty after dying 3 times, so I watched the ending and didn't save since I wanted to do it at the intended difficulty. It was kinda tough to do with lv30 skells, but I managed to barely beat it. I'm not in any real rush to do all the post-game stuff, so I'll probably be playing this for a while longer.

    How's everyone doing? Want to try multiplayer at some point?
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    I am playing it now since I have some time off for Christmas. I'm not too far but I made it to level 10 and got the follow ball/orb thing. I'd be up for playing some multiplayer. I don't know if there's a level cap or anything special I need to get started. I haven't tried it before.
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    Whatever you do, do not take Lin's Affinity Quest, titled "The Repair Job" until much later on.

    It's so much ass.

    I ended up unlocking a 4th tier class while waiting for this automated bullshit to end.

    It still hasn't ended
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    This is why I warned you about White Cometitite!
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    been goofing off while doing missions and affinity quests. been having a lot of fun! but some of the music in the game i can't get into..
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    Finally got the Ares 90 skell!


    I ended up farming all the items required, but I still needed to raise my miranium cap to 100k in order to craft it.

    Here is the set up that gives 102,600 Miranium cap. Requires 4 duplicators, Booster I, Booster II and 9 Storage probes.


    I tested it on a level 92 and killed it with one attack. It hits 3 times, usually for 600k+ damage each and I've even seen it go up to 1mil+ per hit.


    Also tested it on this lv72 Tyrant, and took out almost half its HP.

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    I'm still on chapter 4 because the main quest's enemies outlevel me too much. On the bright side it's a good thing that I made it to chapter 4. At least this is a leveling issue which I can eventually solve with enough time unlike the issue I had before where it involved locating places to plant probes.

    I'm looking for quests but haven't found any that I qualify for. I'm thinking I should just grind again but it's getting a bit boring because I'm already done it so much and the enemies seem to have somewhat of a level jump, eg. way under my level or way over. I'm probably just not looking closely enough. I'll probably find enemies in my level eventually. The game seems to have more of a learning curve than I expected so I'm still getting the hang of all the different features/abilities, etc. But I'm sure it'll be more fun once I have a better idea of how everything works.
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    Are you using the quest board? I'm pretty sure it has infinite quests
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    Nah, I think I remember you mentioning that but I never managed to find it.
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    It's right in front of the barracks. Teleport to Blade Concourse.
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    I just finished chapter six. and i got my first skell! i have most of noctilum/oblivia and primordia explored... don't feel safe exploring cauldros/sylvalum for the moment although there's a nice grinding spot for lower level characters.
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    Beat the game
    so i beat the main chapters and elma not being human surprised the hell out of me but the fact that the ship was destroyed already.... i kind of expected that. saw it coming from a mile away. what i really want to know is who was that black looking dude in the end of the game o:

    Picture for reference [​IMG]
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    I guess you missed all the hints :saitama: Lao gave a LOT of them. Also that part where she said they would be surprised when they seen her real body.

    It's funny, I seen Elma being an alien a mile away but the lifehold thing caught me by surprise.

    There will probably be a sequel, too many things left unanswered.
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    Made some progress. Though gotten to a bit of a wall. Seems like all the quests are a bit out of my level range. I'm on level 23 at the moment with my main character, Elmna, and Lin and 21 with L. I kind of miss the level balancing aspect of Xenoblade where all the characters stuck around the same level and I didn't have to level them up separately. Here are the quests I have at the moment along with the level of the enemy:

    Plucking Auravises level 35

    Hephaestus the absconder 25

    A friend in need 19

    Eliane the unmoved 28

    Taming Tectinsulas 28

    Ridill the arrogant 58

    Dieter the epicure 39

    In theory the "a friend in need" quest should be the easiest because the level of the foe is the lowest but it seems to be fairly difficult. Taming Tentinsulas seems to be the easiest one so far. I'm supposed to kill 7 monsters and I managed to get one. They have some odd body slam move and if I get lucky enough for them not to use it often I can win. It would probably be faster to just grind though.
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    Just finished chaper 11:

    AKA: This is the "Before the big huge plot twist at the end that this company loves to save and dump at the last minute" post: That explains why there's so many shitty people that are fucking things up around Mira, I was beginning to think this ship was hosting most of earths criminals or something. Course, the elite saving themselves and fucking everyone else over is EXACTLY what you would expect to happen in a more realistic setting in the case of escaping from a doomed planet. Is humanity worth keeping around if we only save the true parasites? In this circumstance the answer is yes because there ARE still good people mixed around in all the trash, and it was when he was reminded of that he changed his mind.

    Now that this has come to light, I won't be surprised if it turns out that the Ganglions initial attacks were provoked by the "elites" in some way, it would be typical for them to cause the planets doom in the first place and then escape it unscathed, leaving others to die for their fuck ups. It's how all wealthy people have always worked, screw everyone else over and make them die from their "AMBITIOUS" shit. That's why people rebel against their "rulers" so frequently and assassinations and all that fun stuff. But one thing I don't understand, if this was about humanitys survival, what the fuck is the point of 1%ers being the majority brought aboard when money is no longer a factor?

    Protip: ambition is often used as a substitute for the words "being a greedy asshole."

    Beat the the game/Chapter 12:
    They still love their end of the game plot twists and dumping nearly all of of the story at the last possible moments, I see. The "it's been trimmed for pseudo MMORPG" is really showing. I'm wondering now if Mira will turn out to be some sort of afterlife world seeing as Lao's alive too and back to normal, SOMEHOW. Seems like they really rushed the last chapter though as the pacing felt godawful. Sequel feels inevitable and can't say I'm satisfied with the ending as we've accomplished practically nothing thanks to the epilogue sequel cliffhanger being "LOL IT'S BEEN FUXXORED FROM THE START. YOU DIDN'T NEED TO BOTHER WITH THIS GAME AT ALL AND THE GANGLION WILL MOST LIKELY STILL EXIST IN THE NEXT GAME WITH A NEW LEADER." They could have easily saved that bit for the opening in the next game but that officially sticks "PART ONE" on this entire game. Goddamnit monolithsoft, I hate that .hack/golden sun/xenosaga/other games "parts of a game story stretched into several games by cramming it with filler and fetch quests" shit.

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