Winter power review

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    Bad side: You need 32 of them to get all of the animations, ridiculous, I know. 42 said it was intended for members to assign theirs so that the chat would have all the animations. People are cheap, they won’t assign theirs. Also, flix is for the entire chat when assigned, but the smilies aren’t, the smilies are for yourself.

    Good side: You have some nice smilies, if you look at the animations, they’re actually pretty good, and the Christmas tree animation is outstanding, it looks nice, and it doesn’t lag if you don’t have a computer that runs windows 95. The other thing that comes into mind are the smilies, they’re nice, however I wouldn’t really use them after Christmas, except for (accident) and (icecube), they’re nice for avatars, or comedic purposes.You also get pawns, such as the Christmas tree pawn, and snowman pawn (Only for Christmas) if you have the hat power.

    In conclusion..the power is 500 xats, it’s not that bad, you get 24 smilies, most are pretty good. If you like the smilies, buy it, if you have a chat and you want the flix, buy it.

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