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Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by Super Smash Bros. Fan, Oct 18, 2008.

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    And if the Wii Speak news (Which allow you to talk to other people online.) wasn't enough for you people, a Wii Speak Channel has been confirmed! In the Wii Speak Channel, you go to one of four rooms to chat with a person. They will look like Miis so you don't see their real life apperence. However you do need to exchange Friend Code (Call me crazy but I love the feature.) Lets hope all we need is a Wii Speak! Are you exicted or what? The Wii Speak Channel comes out November, 16, 2008 More information is to come.

    Here is a video which cover Wii Speak Channel


    P.S: Nintendo announced this on October, 2, 2008.
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    Sounds like a sort of Xbox type feature where you use the camera and headphones and private chat with someone.

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