Which is better: Runescape or World of Warcraft?

Discussion in 'Flash, Java, Mobile games' started by dale, May 26, 2010.

  1. dale

    dale Inactive

    which is better runescape or world of warcraft
  2. Extreme

    Extreme Limit Breaker

    i will say world of warcraft:?:
  3. Loyolity1

    Loyolity1 Inactive

    in this conclusion i dont really know because i love runescape but everyone loves world of warcraft ive never actually played that so i cant concurr which is better in my opinion rs is better but its not that i hate world of warcraft it looks REALLY fun but ive never played it so yeah and ive played rs a LONG time and gotten really use to it and kno im like in love with it xD im on every day so yeah :P rs is my #1 :D
  4. Kaix

    Kaix Inactive

    WoW.. just because most people consider Runescape a "child's game".. not that WoW can't be considered the same but comparing the two WoW is much more detailed, has better graphics and an overall better player enjoyment rate. Only draw-back being that you have to pay for WoW. But, it would seem more worth it. I say WoW.
  5. krackers

    krackers Inactive

    None of those games. Not even WoW. I just don't find those type of gaming facinating. (In my opinion)
  6. Kawaii

    Kawaii Inactive

    I would say, Both are same in a way. It's just, Runescape is Online, and Free. Wow has REALLY good graphics, but it is harder to level and get around and such.

    They are pretty much on the same level in my opinion.

    (Free Trade and Wilderness are coming back; FTW.)
  7. Lavitz

    Lavitz Inactive Staff Member

    They're both online.

    No it doesn't
  8. Nix

    Nix Inactive

    World of warcarft I would say because they had wolf pets and they were awesome.
  9. Tasha

    Tasha Inactive

    My mom plays WoW. My little brother used to play Runescape. I'd say that WoW is WAY better. The combat system is better, graphics are better, the community is BY FAR better, and the world is way bigger; there's so much more to explore and do.

    Not to say that every Runescape player is stupid, but from what I've seen from my brother playing it back then, I could say that truthfully.

    "hey u want 2 come train wit me?"
    "Sure, I guess."
    "ok folo me"
    *kills him in the wilderness*
    "u r a *insert F word here* retard LOL"

    First thing I saw that happened when I was watching my bro.
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  10. Kawaii

    Kawaii Inactive

    You have to download WoW. Runescape, You don't download.

    And yeah, It's way better than Runescape.
  11. Jonathan

    Jonathan Inactive

    Well, I've played runescape for 5 years and never once went on WoW, so I can't vote WoW, but I don't vote for RuneScape either, because Jagex have mainly turned into money addicts, they make updates to get players to play and they try to make every feature members only so new players can pay to enjoy the game, and the game isn't really enjoyable, I've done many quests, and those are the only things keeping me entertained along with the Seasonal Events, all the prices have dropped horribly because of the flooding with botters and Jagex seems to care less since nothing is done about the botting the game is just ruined. I remember back when I first bought my whip at 4m. That was great money back then, now people sell whips for 500K. Worse, barrows sets are each 5m and under. They used to be over 10m something is wrong I don't like RuneScape anymore.
  12. Rikamaru

    Rikamaru Inactive

    In my opinion, WoW has a better combat system, so I'd go with WoW even though there's nothing really wrong with Runescape.

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