What time do you go to sleep?

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What time do you go to sleep? (Your timezone)

  1. I go to sleep very early, around 4:00-7:30 PM

  2. I go to sleep earlier than most 7:30-9:30 PM

  3. I go to sleep at a typical time 9:30-10:30 PM

  4. I go to sleep rather late 10:30-11:59 PM

  5. I go to sleep very late 12:00-2:00 AM

  6. I go to sleep extremely late 2:00-4:00 AM

  7. I go to sleep around the time some people get up 4:00-7:00 AM.

  8. I am pretty much nocturnal 7:00 AM-4:00 PM

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  9. I go to sleep multiple times during the day. (For example, taking naps)

  10. I stay awake for days at a time, or have no predictable sleeping pattern.

  1. bam

    bam Keep up the Streak!

    I have really bad insomnia, I sleep around 1-4am :\
  2. xdestineyx

    xdestineyx Inactive

    My sleeping times are a tad messed up. Lol. But "usually" I go to bed from 9-10pm.(;
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  3. SkyTehepicness

    SkyTehepicness Inactive

    My sleeping pattern is unpredictible hehe
  4. Snow

    Snow Dedicated Member

    I quite get annoyed as I'm usually just lying in bed for almost an hour trying to get some sleep. It's so much easier for my parents. :lol:
  5. Ryuka

    Ryuka Inactive

    I usually go to sleep at around 11:30 on school nights, and around 1 on the weekend.
  6. sk1l1erpwn8

    sk1l1erpwn8 Inactive

    Depends if I take naps or if I'm sick
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  7. Extreme

    Extreme Limit Breaker

    Usually I go to bed at 12:00. Except in weekends. On weekends god knows when I sleep xd. My longest time=5 am :lol:. I once slept at that time xd.
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  8. Cytus

    Cytus Inactive

    I usually sleep at 2-3AM.. then wake up at 7. Except the weekends of course.
  9. Fenrir

    Fenrir Luminary of the stars!!

    i rarely get a really good sleep and i dont have a good sleeping pattern
  10. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    i usually go to sleep around 10:00 in the week if i dont wake up and go to work my boss doesnt get mad but i lose a lot of money on the weekends or days we dont go to work i dont sleep at all i stay on my computer
  11. Reggie

    Reggie Limit Breaker

    Now that I have an Internship for this month,I have to sleep earlier.
  12. Robo

    Robo Inactive

    I usually go to bed at 10-12. I don't have a normal sleeping paddern.. I once pullled an all nighter on a school night rofl
  13. Mia

    Mia Inactive

    I usually go to sleep at 10:30-11:59 PM since I always wake up early everyday. Like if I sleep at 1 AM, I would wake up at 6. So I usually sleep at 11 and I wake up at either 4:30 or 6 AM.
  14. Fenrir

    Fenrir Luminary of the stars!!

    i have sleeping problems i cant sleep w/out waking up constently or not sleeping at all
  15. Element

    Element Inactive

    I used to be nocturnal pretty much.
    Then parents got po'd so now i just get like 3 hours of sleep a day.
  16. Emp

    Emp Inactive

    They change on how I'm feeling the day I go to sleep.
  17. Shiny Ablico

    Shiny Ablico Protector of the People

    I cannot say I have a time I choose to go to sleep, I base it on when I have to get up so I can get atleast 8 hours sleep. So I usually go to bed between 10:30-11:59pm.
  18. dale

    dale Inactive

    i got to sleep on weekdays on 8:30 and on weekdays until 10:30 in the morning:P
  19. Unleashed

    Unleashed Inactive

    I go to sleep at around 3:00am, although this seems late. Whenever I have to start classes the next day, I adjust my time to about 12:00am midnight, but when my class schedule switches from morning to nights, I can sleep a little later, around 3:00am as I said above. However, I sleep later in special occasions like 5:00am. It seems that I try to eliminate sleep and wake up later. My parents often get mad at me for staying up late, so I have to choose a reasonable time to sleep and not a time like 3:00am or 2:00am.
  20. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    Hmm, this topic go a lot a posts for me, if its vacation time (summer vacation) I sleep at 3 a.m. - 5 a.m. if its a weekend i'll sleep at 1 - 3 a.m. And if its a week day, I'll sleep around 10 p.m. - 12 a.m.

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