What Multiplayer Games Do you Have/Play?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Shadow, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Shadow

    Shadow ಠ_ಠ

    I have a few multiplayer games on PC such as Payday 2 and Killing Floor which I've really been into lately. Any multiplayer games you guys play? Maybe we can set up a game sometime.

    I've played Dota 2 a few times but MOBA's aren't really my kind of game. I do enjoy games like Civ V though. Also some other really good early release games that have multiplayer are Dead Linger and Space Engineers. I also play some flash games on an off like Dead Frontier, I really like zombie games as you can tell. Perhaps someone can even setup a Minecraft server we could play on.

    Just trying to get more people to play together instead of chess every once in a while since we're all gamers, it might be more fun. :up:
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  2. Outerspace

    Outerspace Plebian

    Tetris Arena
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  3. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    Anything with Mystery Dungeon in the name. Now that I think about it, besides my Galactic Magnate account and no longer active Club Pogo account I have nothing else. Multiplayer games really aren't my thing.
  4. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member


    Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Dark Souls 1, almost all of Command and Conquer games, Terraria, Worms Reloaded, Worms Revolution, Sanctum 2, Sanctum, Alien Swarm, Total War: SHOGUN 2, DC Universe, Dead Space, Smite, League of Legends, Swat 4, Diablo 2, Counterstrike: Go

    PlayStation 3
    Borderlands 2
    Portal 2
    PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royal
    Dead Space 3
    Call of Duty Black Ops 2
    Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn (Cross platform with PS4 and PC)

    Pokemon X, Luigi's Mansion 2, Street Fighter 4, Monster Hunter 4

    PlayStation 4
    Grand Theft Auto 5

    Wii U
    Mario Kart 8
    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

    Wii (Nintendo's servers no longer online)
    Super Smash Bros Brawl
    Mario Kart
    Pokemon Battle Revolution

    I have a few Xbox 360 games but I don't have Xbox Live Gold and I have no plans on renewing so it's kind of pointless to list those.
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  5. Shiny Ablico

    Shiny Ablico Protector of the People

    L4D2, Minecraft, looking to adopt more. Now I have a PC that can handle it.

    Xbox 360:
    Dark Souls 1
    Dark Souls 2
    Borderlands 2
    Halo CE, 3, Reach, ODST, 4
    (Considerably more but I cannot remember)

    Wii U:
    Mario Kart 8 (Shortly)


    Pokemon X
    Luigi's Mansion 2

    I have more but I do not remember them sorry. Feel free to ask though.

  6. torture

    torture Junior Gamer

    I mainly play all of the Call of Duty's for Xbox 360.
    I do have a few games on Steam, but I currently don't play them.
  7. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    As of the past week, I've been playing Awesomenauts, Left 4 Dead 2, and Mario Kart 8 with friends.
  8. Shiny Ablico

    Shiny Ablico Protector of the People

    I guess I should also include Clash of Clans.. I play that a fair bit.
  9. Knagg

    Knagg Destroyer of Opinions

    I've dabbled in most free games on PC, as well as having a few of my own from Steam and such. Some of those that I consider worthy of my attention are the following:

    • League of Legends
    • Dragon Nest
    • Neverwinter
    • Left4Dead/2
    • Dragon Age
    • Guild Wars 2
    • Resident Evil
    • Dead Island
    • Mass Effect 3
    • Star Wars: The Old Republic
    • Kingdoms of Amalar
    • Pokemon Showdown
    • Tomb Raider
    • Quite a few of others
  10. BoldHeart

    BoldHeart Loading...

    Wii u:
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    Ninja Gaiden 3: Raizors Edge
    Orochi Warriors 3 ( maybe )

    Kid Icarus Uprising
    Mario Kart 7
    Mario Tennis Open

    Dungeon Fighter Online:
    ( W.I.P. )

    Arcade Final Burn Alpha:

    This emulator allows you to play all
    Super Nintendo Roms with online play

    Allows you to play
    Rockman Battle Network 6 Falzar
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  11. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Team fortress 2, Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and Pokémon X and Y. Those are the only ones I can think off of the top of my head.
  12. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    Have you actually tried these? I have lots of lag with actual officially supported online games sometimes. I am skeptical that unofficial emulators could really be that good in terms of online connectivity.
  13. BoldHeart

    BoldHeart Loading...

    i sure have. totally lag free. i use to play them all the time with my old isp. but with my new isp, i have trouble accessing dmz mode. when i set dmz mode on, it doesnt get saved and i cant host servers anymore so its a thing of the past. i guess we could use hamachi. but really, these emulators work great. zsnes really doesnt require much while vba link requires a bit of speed. but i tweaked vba link to be very fluent and lag free
  14. Pineapplease

    Pineapplease Gamer

    oh boy... here we go in order of frequency:
    Super smash bros. (project M and 3ds/wiiu)
    Halo wars (occasionally, not as often as I used to)
    Persona 4 Ultimax and ArenaB
    orderlands (2 and the pre sequel.)
    Killing floor
    Civilization: Beyond Earth
    DayZ (standalone because it's all I got)
    Pokemon (4th gen and 6th gen. usually doubles)
    Town Of Salem
    Starcraft II
    Chivalry: Medieval warfare
    Double Action: Boogaloo
  15. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    Didn't Nintendo shut off Wii servers?
  16. BoldHeart

    BoldHeart Loading...

    private servers
  17. Pineapplease

    Pineapplease Gamer

    yeah, but there's sites that dedicated some servers to it. The PM community plays on those, and the 3DS ones for smash are running just fine.
  18. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    How do they run compare to Nintendo's servers? Are they about the same in terms of lag?
  19. Pineapplease

    Pineapplease Gamer

    Well like all servers it depends on where the hosts and the people connecting are. Ping is just kind of a thing whether we like it or not. But there is less of them and they're in more isolated areas, so it makes sense that they'd be a little bit worse off in comparison to a company as large as nintendo.

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