what is your favorite sport?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by atnatewosd, Dec 24, 2009.


what is you favorite sport?

  1. Basketball

    7 vote(s)
  2. Soccer

    0 vote(s)
  3. football

    5 vote(s)
  4. hokey

    3 vote(s)
  5. Baseball

    0 vote(s)
  6. track and field

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  1. atnatewosd

    atnatewosd Inactive

    oh so you gym teacher dont tell you what sport your playing?
  2. Demetrius

    Demetrius Keep up the Streak!

    Flagg football :lol:!... Thats for kids...
  3. atnatewosd

    atnatewosd Inactive

    ya thats what i used to play in my gym class when i was in middle school.
  4. Demetrius

    Demetrius Keep up the Streak!

    Middle school?.. That should be elementary
  5. atnatewosd

    atnatewosd Inactive

    :lol: thats what i said when the gym teacher told us that.
  6. Demetrius

    Demetrius Keep up the Streak!

    Hahaha, you have a weird school
  7. atnatewosd

    atnatewosd Inactive

    it is weird, but it is fun.:lol:
  8. Emp

    Emp Inactive

    When I used to play flag football it was pretty fun
  9. Demetrius

    Demetrius Keep up the Streak!

    Ive never played flag :l... well not that i kno of
  10. atnatewosd

    atnatewosd Inactive

    my team was the beast, we were undefeated.:woop:
  11. dani

    dani Inactive

    middle school and elementary are the same for us. ;3
  12. atnatewosd

    atnatewosd Inactive

    so your school goes from kinder garden to 8th gread?
  13. dani

    dani Inactive

    wut do you mean my school? imma junior kthx. and i suppose youll ask wut a junior is so here ya go. its 11th grade.

    anyways. we have primary school. elementary school. junior high. and high school.

    primary school - kindergarten - 2nd.
    elementary - 3rd - 6th.
    junior high - 7th and 8th.
    high school - 9th - 12th.

    but junior high and high school is the same school. :s so :|
  14. atnatewosd

    atnatewosd Inactive

    oh cool, mine is like this
    elementary school kindergarden-5th
    middle school 6th to 8th
    high school 9th to 12th
  15. Justin101

    Justin101 Inactive

    Favorite Sport.

    And our district is Elementary school, Kindergarten - 5th grade. Middle school, 6th - 8th. High School, 9th - 12th.
  16. atnatewosd

    atnatewosd Inactive

    yours is the same as mine, do you play football in midde school and high school or just high school?
  17. Justin101

    Justin101 Inactive


    Middle School, and High School.
  18. atnatewosd

    atnatewosd Inactive

    are you serious, you guys are luckey we dont get to play football in middle school.
  19. zSpade

    zSpade Inactive

    Basketball and Soccer Mostly :)
  20. CaspeR

    CaspeR Inactive

    Cricket! and basket ball.(b/c im about 6'2) and badmington.

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