What is your best sport?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Courage, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Courage

    Courage Inactive

    There are so much sports, so I was wondering if every one would just leave a comment about what sport he likes the best. I like soccer and the best player I like on it are:

    1- Leonel Messi

    2- Ricardo Kaka

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  2. Nix

    Nix Inactive

    Let me correct you on something its called "soccer" not football. I thought you were referring on american football.
    Please get your sports right.
    K thanks bye.
  3. rajusohi1

    rajusohi1 Inactive

    Mostly I prefer "Cricket" and I have fond of watch every cricket match.
  4. WnE

    WnE Inactive

    I pick that North American Football because i play for my school and i love watching the NFL and Ncaa football.

    Favorite players are:
    1. Tom Brady
    2. Drew Brees
    3. Clay Matthews
  5. Tasha

    Tasha Inactive

    I'm not the great at sports really. But my favorite to watch would have to be hockey, just because of the possibility of there being a fight. ;3
  6. Extreme

    Extreme Limit Breaker

    my favourite sports:Football,rugby,Hurling(i am sure no one knows about it)

    Favourite football player:Ronaldo
  7. Shadow 2

    Shadow 2 Inactive

    My favourite type of sport is Football.

    And my favourite football players are:

    1-David Beckham.

    2-George Best.

  8. bunker

    bunker Inactive

    In INDIA we guys play Cricket so i like it :)
  9. Connerion

    Connerion Inactive

    I simply love Football:)
    I've been playing it for years, now. Njoy watching it too.
    Also, i want to share that I get all my sports clothing etc. from Overstock at good discounts.
  10. Air

    Air Loading...

    I love football aswell.
    To me it just depends on the season. Football, baseball, and basketball are typically 3 tiems of the year so I'll watch either.
  11. Billybob

    Billybob Inactive

    I'm a golf man.. Yeah I know, not very likely that a Video gamer golfs but hey what can I say?
  12. Byxord

    Byxord Inactive

    My best sport would probaly be basket ball.
    if gaming was a sport, that would be my best spost
  13. jorgea

    jorgea Inactive

    I also like soccer

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