what exaclty is a clan? and what happense when you join one?

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    :cross:umm, the title says it all!:lol:
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    I think your brain explodes...

    Then again these are questions about VGI help. Please stay on topic.
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    A clan is like a group, or orginization of online gamers. Playing/fighting together group for a common goal. Often times groups will want you to put some type of identifying mark in your screen name, to identify yourself as a part of that group. Like if it was "Great gaming clan" they might want you to put "Ggc" in your username.

    It may also involve "clan wars", which are members of one clan playing in competitive matches (Or whatever the competitions in the game is called, wars, brawls, battles, etc.) against the members of another group.

    I would say a clan is in many ways simular to a club.

    When you join one, they might expect you to participate in some clan war/match, and put something there to identify yourself as a member of their group.
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