What are your gaming habits?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lavitz, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Lavitz

    Lavitz Inactive

    We all have habits in gaming, whether they're good or bad. Here are some of mine:
    - If a bullet is missing I always reload
    - I always reload after killing an enemy and it sometimes gets me killed
    - I save twice just in case
    - Multiple Save files
    - Spamming A or X when someone is talking and this happens:

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  2. CaspeR

    CaspeR Inactive

    THIS! Words cannot express...

    Game breaking glitches have sent me down the path of multiple and frequent paranoia saves.
    I dislike leaving missions/quests halfway through completion, so generally i'll try get to a break in the action before I embark on a side quest type thing.
  3. Gino

    Gino Inactive

    I also spam the A button..
    I always kill my allies if possible..and I try to make them suffer heheh
    When I freak out I shoot at all directions..
    And I always make fun of Bosses or Strong enemies such as Witches(left for dead) Hunters(Halo) etc and get killed for it..

    That's just a few I can think of..XD
  4. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    • I Spam Buttons and ignore conversations.
    • I Turn The Volume Off to listen to music and put on subtitles.
    • When I get pissed I smash stuff.
    • In RPG's I collect EVERY item, weather or not I need it. I Sell Whatever extra no matter if I need the money.
    • I Keep Cool Or useful and meaningful items for no Particular reason.
    • I Save A LOT!
    • I Play Games Until I Finish Them. (The Moment I Get Them that's all I play until its complete)
    • I Go For 100% on everything I Can POSSIBLY do.
    • In Shooter's I Reload every time there is nobody in sight.
    • I never Use The Brakes or drift in racing games.
    • If Something That's A Good Challenge But Pisses me off, I'll keep re-trying it until i beat it.

    I'm stuck in super meat boy because I'm waiting to get an arcade stick. Once I get one and unlock "the Guy" I'll move on.
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  5. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    I never really thought about it. I suppose I have a habit of persistence with a single strategy or tactic. If I find something like a move, item, combination, etc. that works I'll keep using it over and over.

    Sometimes even if it stops working, or a situation comes up where it won't work as well.

    An example is, lets say there is a fighting game, and there is a move that I find works well, like the spinning kick. I'll probably just keep using that kick over and over, even if it isn't working so well anymore. Also, if there is a strategy like rushing in or just mashing buttons that works well during the single player mode, I'll have trouble adapting that for the online mode.
  6. Lavitz

    Lavitz Inactive

    I hope you don't do that against other people...
  7. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    I probably do. I don't remember any specific examples offhand. It has come back to cost me sometimes, but I usually get the idea eventually if I keep losing due to it, and it is just a game. What do you care what I do against other people?
  8. Byxord

    Byxord Inactive

    -read everything unless i read it already or is boring, then spam the buttons:stab:
    -ignore healing team mates because I need the items/mp more.:@
    -save every chance i get:woop:
  9. dani

    dani Inactive

    >.> hate that stupid owl.

    and am not sure wut i do. o.o XD
  10. Seth

    Seth Fame Had An IV

    Shooting games I reload constantly.
    Pokemon games I always heal.
    Games where you pick up health, I'll restore my health until it's full and then pick it up.
    If I find bullets for a gun I'll waste other bullets to replenish my ammo for a certain gun.
    I mash the hell out of buttons for fighting or a QTE.
    Save multiple times.
    If there is a part where I can get a trophy I'll create a new save file and come back to it later.
  11. TheResistance

    TheResistance Inactive

    I save at the beginning of new missions and normally at the end.

    In some first person shooters I would reload after firing one or two bullets, but I stopped that habit.

    I like to go back to a mission if I have the time which I have already beaten in the most efficient way possible and try to beat it in the longer,slower more challenging way possible. This more so applies to real time strategy games.
  12. Henry

    Henry Inactive

    In shooters I really reload A LOT!!! I'm serious ithink i do it even on my sleep

    In strategies if I sent an army they are not coming back even if I win they stay where the war is...

    quick fighting games like DBZ budokai are a horrible weakness to me...
    I always charge and use specials...
    close to what physical does...
    I also save a lot!!!
  13. Kronos

    Kronos Inactive

    Reloading constantly

    Not using brakes enough in racing games

    Always being offensive and never defensive
  14. Courage

    Courage Inactive

    In shooting games I always like changing weapons.
    I always press A button in games like Halo 3 to jump.
  15. Emporium

    Emporium Inactive

    Reloading EVERY TIME after killing an enemy.
  16. olivialee

    olivialee Inactive

    I hope you don't do that against other people

    I hope you don't do that against other people
  17. Outerspace

    Outerspace Plebian

    Crouch jump whenever possible
    look in the sky to see if the creators put enough though to add birds
    Love exploring the out of bounds (one of the reasons halo is one of my favorite games of all time)
    when a mission is over shoot into sky for no reason
    talk to everyone possible
    walk into every building and harm the people inside (throwing all the vases in ocarina of time)
    again, exploring out of bounds or places that people dont usually go
  18. MaSaCrE

    MaSaCrE Inactive

    Amen to that!
  19. lilybush

    lilybush Inactive

    I like drinking coffee when gaming, i know it's not a good habit especially night, but i cannot quit. :(
  20. Shadow

    Shadow ಠ_ಠ

    I too reload often in games.

    I like to mess around and explore when I first start a game to get the hang of things and see the limitations of a game (this is usually the stage I end up finding glitches and bugs)

    I'm fascinated by intricate or cute smaller objects in games, for example an ipad or iphone model in a game or a motherboard

    I like looking at everything and finding ways to mess up the game or cause glitches

    If a game has the ability to crouch and jump I test for the added ability of a crouch-jump

    I rarely get mad at a game, more frustrated in which case I'll just silently curse to myself and try again till I decide to take a break.

    I tend to laugh over my failures in games and have a hard time taking things seriously when playing a multiplayer game with my cousin

    If I'm playing a game on Steam I always like to look up guides and tips for the game to see what there is such as "The Secret" for Payday 2

    I never like reading controls of a game unless they're really out of the ordinary like Risk of Rain. I like learning them in game as I go.

    I have a hard time not stealing in games that allow me to do so

    I don't tend to keep things around in RPG's for no reason, my OCD has a lot of influence over that but in a TES game I tend to hoard potatoes and cheese since it's my favorite food.

    I tend to notice really odd or out of place textures in a game, like if birds are flying in the sky and they look really fake it breaks the immersion for me since I know how a game is made and I'm constantly on the look out for things that make it apparent to me that it's just a game.

    In games that don't have an autosave I think I rarely save unless I can remember to do so and or it's a really important part of the game
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