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Discussion in 'Veng's Randomness' started by vengvong, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Here I'll be posting what I want. Thing is, no links or videos/pictures, all text.

    Things to keep in mind:
    -All posts that are marked with [NSFW] are obviously NSFW.
    -All posts that aren't marked with [NSFW] aren't NSFW.
    -Above sentence doesn't apply to posts marked with [DISCUSSION]. Those will be unmarked, as the NSFW-ness of the thread can vary.

    I'd appreciate it if no one shitposts onto the discussion threads, as I'm looking for legitimate discussion
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2016
  2. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    Are you actually planning on doing one of these discussion threads?
  3. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    I did it with that pineapple flavoured popsicle discussion thread, but yeah, I do plan on making a discussion thread/
  4. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    Because you removed most of your gross out NSFW stuff I decided to add this back to the public forum listing for the time being. (It will appear on the private topic list and links to posts made here will show up in the chat).

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