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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Sykikal, May 14, 2015.

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    Herbert calls you Phyzikal
    When you guys are talking about Destiny, you keep talking about the DLC before you mention the game, assuming everybody knows what the DLC is for.

    Welcum to the Herbert talks podcast, I'll be your interviewer Sykikal.

    Still saying SPTAT-oon. That's annoying as fuck!

    MO-bile. If you're gonna keep talking like this, I'm not gonna listen.
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  4. Sykikal

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    He sort of addressed that at the start. I'm trying to get him to stop. At least I got him to pronounce my name for the intro.
    Well I think we mentioned it's for Destiny, and I think we went over that a bit in previous podcasts. Do you think we should introduce the game more each time? eg.How it's a shooter game from Bungie/Activision/the makers of Halo?

    You mean I'm not talking enough?

    Again I don't know what you mean/how I'm supposed to pronounce it. You mean I am saying spat? Like "he spat at me". Can you tell me the second point on it?

    You mean you're not interested in mobile and think we shouldn't use as much time on it?
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    Aren't you trying to sound professional? Random people aren't going to know you had a different spelling of your name that people mispronounced.

    You said Bungie followed by the name of the DLC so fast, i thought Bungie was part of the DLC. You then proceeded to talk about it naming the DLC but not mentioning the game for a while. You coulda said "Bungies XX DLC for Destiny."

    You talk a bit but it mostly sounds like a partially 2-sided interview.

    The way I hear every single other person pronounce it, and it makes sense is Spla-toon. You put so much extra emphasis on Splat and it gets annoying.

    Same thing as Splatoon, except with mobile. You said it like Mow-Bile where Herbert just said mobile. Without all the extra emphasis.
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    Ah, you're right my bad. I should have mentioned Destiny sooner. I thought I did but instead I called it Bungie's Taken King DLC. Thanks for pointing that out.
    Uh.. one sided is where you have a lot of focus/bias towards one side, never really heard the term two sided before, wouldn't it mean that both sides are addressed? Not sure I really understand the term here.

    Seems really minor to me but okay, I'll try to pronounce it differently.

    So the issue is I put too much emphasis on the "mo" part? Again seems kind of minor to me, but okay. No promises with it, it's hard to think about details like that when I'm in the middle of a conversation but I'll try to work on it.
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    Yup. Who else would it be?

    I wasn't sure how else to word it. It sounds kind like you're asking him questions but you're both talking, he just is more.
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    I'm all caught up now, the podcast is improving with each episode. I think you and Pointy are great together and you can keep a conversation going very easily, and the topics are good.
  9. Sykikal

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    Great, glad to hear it. With only HaxAras's feedback I was worried we were doing a bad job. Don't get me wrong, constructive criticism helps me improve so I'm glad to have that too but it's nice to hear something positive every once in a while.
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    Ass kissing does nothing to help you improve.
  11. Sykikal

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    You can compliment someone without it being "ass kissing", and yeah, I know I get that. I specifically said constructive criticism helps me improve, I'm not opposed to getting it. It was just nice to hear something positive in addition to that. Not saying I would, but a lot of people can lose motivation to do a task if everything is negative.

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    You want a sandwich?

    Your podcast is too long. I tend to get bored a while before the end.
    It's slightly interesting.
    You have really annoying speaking habits.
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    Close enough I guess :XD:
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    Not Sykikal sounds really quiet and in the first few mins I groaned after hearing Fizzy. Maybe this podcast isn't for me.
  17. Sykikal

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    Sorry to hear that. Anyway, tried to fix some of the problems you talked about.. I increased Pointy's volume and tried to get him to call me "Sykikal" (called me "fizzy" once then called me Sy"click"al for the rest of the show, it's an improvement). Also tried my best to pronounce "Splatoon", and "Mobile". Not saying it'll be perfect but I think it it's getting a bit better with each episode.

    Sixth episode is up, for the first time we have a special guest, Numb.


    Edit: I uploaded this to YouTube so vengvong can watch
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  19. Shadow

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    So I listened to it. I don't really listen to podcasts unless it's something I'm interested in like video game lore or debates that I can zone out and listen to.

    The only issues I have are as follows:

    The intro I like but seems a bit too long. You say "lets get right into it and then it's 25 seconds later till you start talking.

    Also what's the song?

    The interrupting bothered me a little but you're probably using skype so I don't know it can really be fixed. Maybe using teamspeak or something.

    The podcast seems to just be opinions. It's "news" in the sense that you're talking about how you feel about recent things but everyone has opinions, it's not really a reason to listen to the podcast. Opinion pieces only work when it's someone people know/like and you guys aren't big enough for people to know and care about, no offense. This is why I don't read game reviews, I don't care about someone else's opinion on something unless I want it.
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    Ah, Lavitz edited this one. I didn't really notice it at first but I think he may have used the long version. It starts about 5 seconds later than most of the podcasts do. All of the other intros are a bit shorter (except for the first episode which doesn't really have much of an intro).

    Maybe, could you give me some examples? It is hard for me to remember offhand if the interrupting was intentional or not without hearing the part it took place in. I think HaxAras mentioned that earlier it was too much like an interview format where I asked a question and then pointy gave his answer to it so I was trying to give it a bit more back and forth but I may have gone too far in the other direction.

    Thanks for the feedback. This was actually the least amount of news stories compared to any of the other podcasts. We had a few others planned but we got into talking about the NX and such and it took up more time than we expected. I had to leave and I guess Lavitz didn't want to pick up the rest of it later on in the day. If you have the time/interest and you're looking for more news based stuff I think our third episode, the E3 one had the most.

    Although at it's core it's still an opinion show. The concept is that we spend 30 seconds or maybe a minute introducing a news section and then we spend a few minutes talking about our opinion on it before moving onto the next news section.

    Are you saying we should focus more on "just giving the facts" and less on opinion? I sort of feel like there are thousands of other sources to get the news, and the podcast tends to go up a few days after the stories anyway. If it doesn't have our opinion, there won't be much unique about it.

    Not that I'm very familiar with the exact process of going viral, but isn't that the progression of everyone that eventually gets big? They start off small by giving their opinion, people like it, share it, etc. then they eventually get big/cared about? It just seems like a Catch-22 if you're saying we shouldn't focus on giving our opinion until we get big but the only way to get big is to give our opinion.

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