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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by The Gamer, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. The Gamer

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    I posted this on VGI in 2008 -- I was making a prediction about video games "in a decade" -- which would be 2018. So how close did I come?

    What do you guys think the future of video games will be? They've progressed from simple games like Pong and Pac Man to games with complex story lines and realistic 3-D characters and scenes. What's the next step?
    I'm thinking that in a decade video games will employ complete virtual reality. Put on goggles and a few sensors, sit or stand in a booth, and you'll have the complete sensation that you're in another world. You'll be able to play the game against the computer or against opponents on the Internet. Perhaps the game will control robots in distant locations, and you'll be able to run through a jungle by remote control.
    Any other predictions?
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  2. Lavitz

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    hi sykikal
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  3. Sykikal

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    hi lavitz
    We have HTC Vive and Oculus Rift , which are VR, but probably not as advanced as what you had in mind. I googled it to see they'd been used for anything like that and it looks like there are a few test robots but it's not very widespread/used for gaming yet.

    Movies like Avatar have explored that concept, but we're not there yet. Playing against people on the internet/computer was around since before 2008.
  4. The Gamer

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    Thanks. I can't wait for robot VR games.
    By the way Lavitz, I'm not Sykikal if that's what you were implying. I can barely spell Sykikal. But I do know him personally.

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