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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vengvong, Dec 16, 2015.

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    Maybe I should've posted this at the beginning of the month instead of now, but oh well, better now than later I guess.

    Anyone interested in doing a VGI secret santa sort of thing? We all choose a Steam game (minimum $10?), and gift it to a randomly selected participating VGI pal. Guess I can host if enough people join, but if not enough people join, I could join myself and get someone else not participating to select the names for our gift-giving.

    Reply if you're interested.
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    This'll sound scroogeish but I sort of feel like if I can't give a gift that I put thought into specifically for another person there isn't that much of a point. I barely have time to play the games I buy for myself that cost $40-$60 so I don't think I'd spend a whole lot of time on a $10-$20 steam game someone else picked out for me.

    I can sort of see the point of giftcards/cash as a gift, but that seems a bit boring. Christmas has sort of lost its magic since now anytime I want something that costs less than $50 I just buy it. I don't wait around for Christmas to come to get it. It's nice if someone can come up with something interesting that I like that didn't occur to me to buy though. I sort of think it shouldn't be limited to just video games but I suppose we are dealing with the limitations of e-friendship.

    tl;dr: meh

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