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    15/03/16 -

    My dream took place at my school campus. Basically there was a ravage male lion running loose (who was massive), and it was bloodthirsty.

    There were 3 "exterminators" to try and kill the lion, and I was one of them. We all wielded blades similar to Ryuuko Matoi's scissor blade. Our blades were probably inspired by both her scissorblade and Mirai Kuriyama's blood sword.


    We were all located inside a bus at the edge of our campus. The lion either chose not to attack the bus, or didn't think of it. We all took turns in attempting to kill the lion. I devised some dumb strategy where I'd put little effort, another person would put moderate effort, and the last person would put their most effort. With that, I was the first to try and kill this lion.

    I tried attacking the lion for I don't remember how long, but I ended up chickening out to survive.

    The dream then cuts off and continues at a later part of my sleep.

    Here, I'm watching from just outside the school entrance, and the second exterminator was up for attacking. She managed to land a few hits, but all with little effect.

    The second exterminator afterwards came up with a plan. She waited for the lion to charge, and when he did, she sliced RIGHT into the jaw. Like, it split his jaws into two. At that, I was thinking to myself "holy shit". The lion retreats for a bit in pain, then chases her down again, this time acting out of anger for the split jaw (very angry).

    He chased her in my direction, where I opened the door and stayed inside the school, watching her through the door. She tried to open the door to get into the school to escape the lion, but it ended up being locked. She begged for my help, but I didn't open the door in fear of the lion entering. She screamed, banging on the door, as the lion ran into her.

    Just as the lion attacked, I woke up. Crazy dream to start the morning.
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  2. vengvong

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    15/03/24 - Today I had a short and simple dream.

    It started with me being on VGI. I was looking at Syk's profile, and I noticed that he unfollowed everyone.

    It somehow progressed to Syk and I being on a Skype call. We were small talking and discussing Haotsu. Syk all of a sudden asks me, "What would you do if VGI had a baseball bat and smashed your waifu?". That somehow woke me up.
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    my dream log:

    3/22/16: can't remember a thing

    3/23/16: still can't remember a thing

    3/24/16: i still don't remember anything what the hell
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    I either really have a dream that I vividly remember for whatever reason and I use that, or I make my dream log as soon as I wake up, that's when you remember most of your dreams.
  5. vengvong

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    For the past few days I've been having a dream where whenever I move my jaw, my teeth clashed into each other and it would make a really loud sound. I'm not sure at all why I'm getting it, because I've read from quite a few places that weird dreams symbolize your emotions or something.
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    I had a 7hr sleep this afternoon, and I had a really weird dream. Someone brought their pet mouse into my bedroom (which had 2 floors in my dream, connected by ladder), and let it go loose. I was using a flashlight to find it because it was dark, and because I kept hearing its movement. I kept finding baby mice that it birthed around my room. Gross.

    I think this dream was influenced by this filthy frank video
  7. vengvong

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    I fell asleep early last night and had some weird dreams.

    My first dream had me walking in a new park I've never seen with a good friend of mine. On the way, we saw one of the students at my school telling a teacher that I smoked weed.

    please note that I've never smoked weed, ever

    Second dream was a continuation of the first dream. I was at school, and I went to my classroom. When I walked in, I saw that same teacher (the one that was told I smoked weed) telling my other teacher that I smoked weed. I kept denying that I smoked weed. My teacher kept insisting that I smoked weed, and said I needed to get a drug test. I was so mad because even though I knew I was gonna pass the drug test, I thought it was super incriminating. Thinking about it post-dream, this part made no sense because my teacher knows that some of my friends/her students smokes weed sometimes, and she doesn't care. She gives the typical "wait until you're 18!" lecture sometimes, but she doesn't snitch or get mad or anything.

    This may have been a separate dream, but it also took place at school. I went to class (different students were in my classes because it was a dream). I brought a very large pack of those Asian jello cups to class, and I was just eating a ton of it. My friend was sitting beside me and kept asking to have some jello cups. He had a bag of candy, so I said I'd trade him. I asked for one of his big candies, but he was like "I'll give you 6 kisses" (the chocolate). I said no, and he left. I slurped up a few more cups (it was sort of a personal challenge to eat as many jello cups as I could). I read the package for the jello cups, and it said on the label that they were 200 calories per cup and I was like oh shit because I ate so many cups lol, and there was a disclaimer that mentioned

    "If you start convulsing, clench your hands and your feet."

    At this point, I think I realized that I was dreaming and none of that was real. I looked to my right and saw this kid at school that I absolutely hated. I spat jello all over him, and he started looking around and was like "WHO WAS THAT?"

    I woke up a bit after that, and all I can think is wtf

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