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    Has anyone who has a PS4 played this yet or watched a Let's Play? It's a really good and quite long. The choices in the game actually matter, it's not like you make a choice and it really didn't matter in the end. It's modeled after what would be like a teenage horror flick but the twists and story is actually really good quality as well as the graphics, character modeling and acting.

    I would really love to play the game myself but unfortunately I had to watch a LP of it.
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    Normally I just wouldn't respond when I didn't have anything constructive to say, but I felt like at least someone should respond to this.

    In general, I'm not all that into horror games, partly because the difficulty curve is too high (eg. Silent Hill). I sort of enjoyed Left 4 Dead, but I more saw that as an FPS game with zombies in the mix. It remotely interests me but probably not enough to actually pick it up.
  3. Shadow

    Shadow ಠ_ಠ

    This game is pretty linear, nowhere to get lost like in Silent Hill. You should watch a video or two and see if it's something you'd like, even if you don't pick it up, it's worth a watch
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    the game looks great, definitely something im interested in getting in the future.
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  5. Seth

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    It's one of those games that'll be $20 in a few weeks, so when it hits a decent sale I might pick it up. I've heard decent things about it
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    I watched a LP of it and it's really mediocre.

    None of the characters were likable- In The Walking Dead, there were a few that were actually likable (Lee, Kenny, etc), and those that weren't likable were pretty much designed to be not likable, so it didn't matter. Here, everyone is just every generic B movie horror character who you could barely give a shit about. (Cabin Fever, etc)

    Second, the choices really don't matter. All it changes is who lives or who dies in the course of the plot, but you essentially get the same ending no matter what choices you make. And if I recall correctly, two of the characters can't die until nearly the very end of the game. For something that advertises itself as something where "choices matter," it matters about as much as The Walking Dead.

    And that twist half-way into the game is just genuinely awful. Not only was the identity of You Know Who was just painfully obvious, but addition of Mr. Exposition and everything that revolves around the guy just makes it even worse.

    While it's all subjective in the end, all the praises people give this game are completely invalid because they're also present in The Walking Dead in nearly the exact same manner, but people give the latter a lot of shit because they think the choices don't matter there. It's basically TWD with worse characters.
  7. Shadow

    Shadow ಠ_ಠ

    It was supposed to be like that, never seen a teenage horror movie from like the 80s/90s? The characters were similar to how they would have been cast then and how teenagers would have been

    In the end it is still just a video game, you "control" who lives and who dies because butterfly effect, there are so so many hours of extra scenes in the game. What would make a choice matter to you in a game?

    I can't tell which of two people you're talking about here

    Uh no


    No, they're not invalidated because another game does a similar formula. It just means people like it.

    I played TWD and while I loved it, it didn't do it in the same manner that Until Dawn did, not nearly. You were just rushed through a story and had to make split second choices without any help. The story was amazing and that's what the game was praised for, seriously people loved TWD game, I never saw anything negative said about it (but I don't go looking either) Until Dawn felt like a proper "movie game" the animations were really good despite being creepy and weird at times, they were modeled after the voice actors. The small actions you made had an effect on the game and the game told you when it did but you have no idea until later when that will come into play or even how. The game gave you totems as "hints" to what can happen if you continue with your path. The game world looked and sounded great. TWD while also really nice, didn't have much atmosphere with the cell shaded style they took and not a lot of people like cell shaded games or can even necessarily take them as seriously.

    Until Dawn and TWD did something similar in two very different styles and people like them for different reasons.

    So are you one of the people then that gave TWD shit for having choices that didn't "really" matter? I mean in a game world you have to ask yourself, what would make a decision really matter to you? To me it's simply losing a character, them not being there later, not being able to use them again, my goal in a survival game such as those would be to keep as many people as I can alive and in Until Dawn you can kill just about everyone. All 8 of the main characters (being the teenagers) can die.

    You didn't mention this but as far as the main enemy of the game, I loved it. I loved the concept of it before the game came out but it was rarely explored and they did a fantastic job with it.

    I can't stand humanoid things having jerky movements or crawling so it worked well for me

    Maybe like Hax with Bioshock, this just wasn't your kind of game.
  8. Marly

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    I don't like the idea of "It's supposed to be like that." Sure, maybe it was supposed to be a reference or callback or whatever you want to label it. But it doesn't make them good or well-written. They're still unlikable and bratty, so it's hard to care for what happens to them. And if you're not getting attached to the characters in any shape or form, positively or negatively, then the characters are poorly written and the story is poorly constructed.

    Branching paths, basically- Think of it like this: You're on a train, and Until Dawn is an equivalent to just a linear ride with some people getting off randomly in the set stations in-between your starting point and your destination. Whereas by my definition of choices mattering, it would be a train actually going to different stations every trip and taking in and out different passengers. While I'm not saying that this is a mandatory thing, when a game advertises itself as "GAME WHERE YOUR CHOICES MATTER WITH LOTS OF ENDINGS", then it should do its job properly.

    Psycho's identity turning out to be Josh is what I'm referring to. That was just completely obvious, and even Markiplier points out how shady Josh was from the start. The literal twist was that the most obvious suspect WAS the suspect.

    Secondly, Mr. Exposition is The Stranger. And for someone who was supposedly experienced in hunting Wendigos for so long, including the most powerful one, he sure got wrecked easily after serving his purpose.

    Except that's not why I claimed it was invalidated.

    I'm not sure how characters being modeled after the voice actors and totems being hints matter. UD does pull a lot of bullshit moments where even if you think you made the right choices through totems, you'd get fucked. (Again, using Markiplier and his last choice as an example-) But yes, UD outclasses TWD in terms of technical aspects- It looks better, plays better, etc. I'd say the atmosphere was about the same, since I find even 2D RPG Maker horror games to be scary if it's done right- So graphic quality doesn't matter much to me in terms of setting an atmosphere as much as what's actually happening in the game. But what's important here is the story and the characters, isn't it?

    No, I liked TWD. I never minded its "irrelevant" choices because the story was good, and the characters were good. It's that I notice a lot of people who shit on TWD for its lack of actual choices praise Until Dawn for supposedly having a lot of "choices" when it's just as irrelevant. And the fact that you think of it that way is the problem- You're only trying to keep the characters alive out of sense of accomplishment of having them alive, not because you give a shit about any of them. That's a terrible way to tell a story, and TWD outclasses UD by miles in that department. And again, since story is a core factor of both TWD and UD, TWD is overall significantly better.

    Wendigos' designs were about the only decent thing about the series.

    And no, it's not that it's "not my kind of game"- If this game had a well written story with likable characters like TWD, then this would surpass TWD. Unfortunately, it doesn't make any good use of its potential and just fails horribly while being stacked with undeserving praises built from hype alone.

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