Top 10 most agonizing methods of torture (View at your own risk)

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    **Disturbing content! Proceed at your own risk**

    In recent years, men have become more civilized. Only punishing after determining guilt, having the primary punishment be incarceration, and not punishing people for arbitrary reasons.

    It wasn't always like this though. Even thousands of years ago, people the government deemed criminals were subject to their mercy. Though the worst punishment and forms of torture were likely developed in the past thousand years, when men were more advanced.

    Please note that this contains disturbing content, and is not advised for the weak at heart. If you get disgusted easily you may not want to read this. Without further ado, the 10 most agonizing methods of torture man has ever conceived.

    10. The Rat.

    The victim was restrained on the floor, or a flat and horizontal service. A rat would be placed upon his chest, and covered with a metal container. The torturer began heating the container causing burns on the victims chest, but more importantly, it caused the rat to seek a way out, normally through the victims chest. The rat would burrow through the victims chest and intestines after a few hours, usually resulting in death.

    9. The Coffin


    The victim is placed inside of a coffin, just large enough for their body, and hung in public for several days. Leaving them at the mercy of the crowd who would often through rocks or other objects at the victim and ridicule them. After several days, animals would usually eat the victims alive.

    8. The Street Sweepers Daughter

    The victim is placed inside a device which compresses the victim's arms and legs, rendering them immobile. It can cause cramps, and restrict blood flow. While seemingly not as painful as other methods of torture, since this does not inflict any fatal injuries , the torture can be sustained for weeks, or even months, often times driving the victims insane.

    7. The pear of anguish

    This pear shaped object is inserted into the mouth for liars and blasphemers, the female genitalia for women who intentionally had a miscarriage, and the anus for homosexuals.

    The object could either expand slowly or quickly, at the torturer's discretion. Tearing, or expanding the victim's chosen orifice.

    6. The Wheel
    The victim is placed upon a large wagon wheel, with their limbs hanging off. The victim's arms and legs would be stuck repeatedly with a hammer as they revolved around the wheel. Since hits to the arms and legs were not fatal, the torture could last for hours or even days.

    5. Judas cradile

    The victim is tied above a pyramid like structure that is covered in oil. The victim can be slowly lowered onto the pyramid, with the point going into their anus. The victim's feet and legs were tied together, so moving one leg would move them both, increasing the pain.

    The torturer could lower the ropes, putting more weight on the pyramid, thus increasing the pain, or repeatedly drop the victim onto the pyramid.

    The torturer could raise the victim up and suspend the victim there for a day, in order to delay death and prolong suffering, or if they just wanted to take a break.

    4. The rack
    The victim's arms and legs are secured at separate ends of the table. Occasionally with spikes on the table. The table is slightly raised from the ground. The wheels on the table slowly roll, extending the victim's arms and legs.

    While the victim's cartilage, ligaments, and bones were snapped, it resulted in loud popping sounds. It could also permanently disable the victim's limbs and muscles after being stretched too far, rendering the arms and legs useless.

    The rack could be used quickly, or extend slowly for days. Sometimes, it was used so much that the victim's arms or legs would be ripped out of their sockets.

    3. The Iron Maiden

    The victim is placed in an iron coffin, with spikes carefully placed to avoid vital organs, in order to delay death and prolong the victim's suffering. The spikes would also block bleeding, which would usually prevent the victim from dying due to excessive blood loss.

    The coffin can be closed and open over and over, which drives the spike into the same wounds.

    Once the coffin is completely closed, it is pitch black inside, and the victim's screams can not be heard outside, nor can the victim hear anything from outside the coffin, making this psychological in addition to physical torture.

    2. Scaphism

    The victim is force fed large quantities of milk and honey. The victim has the milk and honey smeared on their groan, armpits, and possible other areas. The victim is then tied in a swamp, where insects begin to feast on the milk and honey on the victim. Often times the insects would go inside of the victim in order to obtain the milk and honey inside their stomach. Eventually breeding, laying eggs, on, and in the victim. The insects would also often time slowly eat the victim's flesh, muscle and fat while alive, from the inside.

    It could take days for the victim to die.

    1. Crocodile Tube
    The victim is placed inside of a tube with metal spikes. The tube covers the victims legs and shoulders, with only their feet and head sticking out. The tube is slowly compressed onto the victim, driving spikes into their body from all sides. A fire was lit under the tube, while the torturer gradually heated the tube up. Burning the feet, while also heating up the spikes around the rest of their body. The torturer would also often times mutilate the face and/or toes while this was going on.
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  2. tomhammer3

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    I just want to ask 2 questions...

    1. Why did you post this, it's giving me some ideas <.<

    2. Humans are sick creatures to do this to each other -.-... why would we do it in the first place?
  3. Seth

    Seth Fame Had An IV

    Now watch Saw. Thats cruel and agonizing.
  4. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    I thought it was interesting how sick and twisted the human mind could be. While I don't condone any of these activities, I thought people should be aware that it did happen. It also gives us something to compare ourselves to. I mean, America has the death sentence, but at least it's nothing like this.

    It was used for punishment to crimes. I suppose they thought it provided "justice", and served as a deterrent for other criminals.

    It was also used to extract information, like "Where did you hide the valuables you stole?" or "Who was your partner in crime?" or to get a confession.

    Some of the crimes that warranted these punishments included, blasphemy, rape, murder, treason, theft. Only around %1-%2 of criminals would be subject to prolonged torture, the rest would be incarcerated or sent away. Think of it like a substitute for the death sentence that we have now.
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  5. tomhammer3

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    well the first question was kind of a joke, but the second I did like your literal answer on.

    However what was that about not condoning any of these activities? *hides milk and honey behind back*.
  6. Kaix

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    Tom behave yourself, I refuse to bail you out of jail again. Next time it's you and big bill~ don't drop the soap...

    *ahem* Anyway... I think the old principals were actually good for criminals. It actually did scare off any thinking to do wrong. Also, for those of you that freak out over my comment about liking the methods, NO I'm not an evil sort of person,however if people do wrong they should be punished for their wrong doings.. not just given a slap on the wrist like today.. olden day discipline worked. If you don't believe me open a history book. Anyway... these methods are also uses in some times of war (even today but in secret) yet if it works then clearly nothing is wrong~ There is a fine line between mindless torture and "persuasive information gathering" in my opinion.
  7. Reggie

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    Torture, not a Suprise Discovery

    This is almost worse than the death sentence itself, because once you die from torture; you will not feel it, since you are dead. I am not surprised to see the type of punishments we could have received if we were still living in the modern or medieval days. People used to be punished for committing adultery. People would stone others because of this action. Jesus was once punished (I do not know why) through crucifixion (according to the Bible). We can thank God that we live in a world of death sentence instead of living pain. The punishments that Phsycical has listed seemed very strange in a way, because who would want to force someone to drink milk? In conclusion, I am not really surprised by what Phsycical has posted here.
  8. tomhammer3

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    Rofl big gil was a pretty nice guy... I feel sorry for him getting the sentence and all... and kaix, the rumors are true about the soap. God you can't hold onto those things to save ur frickin life!
  9. CaspeR

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    Saw was a let down for me,

    But yes phsycical as interesting enough as it is, why did you post it?

    Seems strange to me...
  10. Sykikal

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    Didn't I answer this question already?

  11. Air

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    I think this is very interesting but yes it is very disturbing. Now I have ideas xD. The Iron Maiden seems like the worst of all.
  12. CaspeR

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    Yea sorry I was just wondering when we started making threads to discuss about the psychological sickness of the human mind is all.
  13. Sykikal

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    We? Threads? It's just me, and it's just one thread.

    Since I decided to look this stuff up. It seemed interesting and I felt like I could make a good thread about it.
  14. tomhammer3

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    Well I personally thank you for it, these 50 pounds of milk and honey aren't going to eat themselves!

    Oh and uhhhh psych... if you suddenly get accused for a mass murder don't be surprised <.<

    Nah I'm just kidding... maybe... but still, it's good to keep these known tortures in mind, if we didn't remember our past then we would literally think that humans are perfect, probably some sort of supernatural being of some kind. I personally am already egotistical enough, and I'm not even afraid to admit it. The last thing I need is to think that my entire species is perfection. Imagine that kind of world, where everybody is "perfect."
    So much for a utopia, we wouldn't realize that it was a utopia, in fact my friend's dad once told me, "A paradise isn't a paradise without anything to compare it to." This was around 5 years ago, and it's stuck with me, because I thought that was one of the wisest things I have ever heard! This makes me realize that there is no true perfection, but you can get close as long as there is something much worse to compare to.
  15. iKyle

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    Damn, those would really hurt.

    I'm happy we are more cilvilized now.
  16. Fenrir

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    some of these are demented.
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  17. Sykikal

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    Only some of them are demented? Which ones aren't?
  18. Emp

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    Ouch these would hurt, I bet the Crocodile Tube will hurt the most if you experienced it.
  19. TheJuiceBox

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    I agree. I can't imagine the pain of the others, such as the Judas Cradile, or the Iron Maiden.. Or the rest of them... :stab:
  20. Vintage

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    Oh lordddddd.
    You showed me this before, and I was like.. Blech.
    Poor people. :<

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