Theories on the mysteries of Pokemon.

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    enough said.:cross:
  2. Gogeta

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    got loads of questions...

    how can rock pokemon fight on open water?
    how does something like magikarp transform into garyrados?
    how can surf be used in a desert?
    why is the master ball only a prototype in the red/blue games but STILL isn't for sell even in diamond/pearl?
    why can't you just walk around a tree instead of cutting it down?
    why do you have ot use surf to get across water ,but when you get into a fight you can use that pokemon in the fight,what do you do while it's fighting?
  3. Super Smash Bros. Fan

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    Did you know that in the Pokemon anime the Pokemon were on a asteroids to Earth? Now thats strange!
  4. LatiosUnit

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    1. Usually when you fight pokemon out on open water you're surfing on top of something, they fight on top of that.

    2. In Japanese mythology Karps were mythical beings that transformed into great leviathins. or something to that extent.

    3. Cactus water.

    4. Because the Master ball is so expensive not even shops can buy it to afford to sell it to paying customers.

    5. Because that would make the game too easy.

    6. It battles other stuff while you're still on top of it, like blastoise can still use its hydro cannons while you're on it.
  5. Nack

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    As a representative of NACK, I can and will explain why explosion causes a pokemon to faint instead of causing their death.

    Pokemon that are able to explode have an outer layer of neurons on top of their normal skin/bodily structure. As the Professer stated, these are what causes the Pokemon to aspolode.

    So they can explode... wouldn't this kill yourself? No, for one simple reason. Phsy is thinking the explosion comes from INSIDE the pokemon but in reality the whole thing is external.

    The neuronic plating, so to speak, is built to force the explosion out. This causes the blast to have little effect on the user itself. As added protection, the neuronic plates absorb the fiery effects of the explosion (but ONLY from their own neuronic explosion; apparently explosions and self-destructs are like fingerprints - each pokemon has a different kind).

    Okay, so they don't get hurt, but why do they faint? It's because doing this move requires intense energy and concentration... so much the user faints.

    [From NACK research data; copyright 2007]
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    yeah, what nack said ^_^
  7. Seth

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    Lol @ Curtis
  8. Super Smash Bros. Fan

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    Good explanation Nack on why Pokemons don't die and only faint from explosion. I wonder why our Pokemon we have in the games never die?
  9. Seth

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    They probably would after ages :lol:.
  10. Gogeta

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    okay i got some more come your mom buys stuff with your money? does a pokeflute wake up a snorlax?
    3.why don't moves like guiltine not kill the enemy pokemon?
    4. :@ <------wtf's his problem? can pokemon fly in the wild, but when you catch them , you have to use an hm to make them be able to fly again? come everytime you surf ,no matter which pokemon you use , it always seem like your riding a blastoise/lapras/wailmer? did blastoise get cannons stuck in his back?
  11. LatiosUnit

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    1. How does a stay at home mom expect to make money?

    2. *goes up to snorlax's ear* PEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

    3. Ask a NACK employee, i'm not sure.

    4. He's angry at the world and the epitomy of doom it has become.

    5. Pokeballs give pokemon short term memory loss, and HMs are the only cure.

    6. You'd rather ride on a Feebas?

    7. Why? Do you not like the cannons? THEY'RE AWESOME. That's how.
  12. Gogeta

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    1.what happened at the old chatue that caused the ghost of humans to inhabit it? are new pokemon made if diffrent species of pokemon (with the exeption of ditto) can't breed?
    3.why are don't moves like surf hit the trainer too? does a move like fake tears work against pokemon like mewtwo? should i celebrate my 60th post? (this is my 60th post)
  13. Sykikal

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    Bringing back this thread

    How can a Pidgey fly you across the country?

    Why do some of the adults who have been training their whole lives have Pokemon under level 30?

    How can Mr.mime be female?

    Why didn?t eggs and baby Pokemon exist in the Kanto region?

    How do Voltorb and Magnimite eat?

    Why do so few of the people in the game lock their houses?

    Why does no one call the police on you, or at least get mad for breaking into their house?

    Why do evil organizations give up their plans after losing a Pokemon battle?

    Why can?t I seem to find a human hospital?

    How can Pokemon Centers stay in business since they have all that high tech equipment, a staff, and don?t charge any money?

    How can Doduo fly?

    Why is it that Darkrai, Arcues, Groundon, and all Pokemon obey their trainers if the trainer is their original one?

    Why don?t Pokemon ever rebel and attack their trainer?

    How can one Blastiose produce enough water to fill a swimming pool from it?s body?

    If Charmander dies after it?s flame goes out, how can it survive Surf, or other water attacks?

    Why are there no taxes in Pokemon? Who is paying the Police officers? Who is making the roads?

    Why do parents allow their 10 year old children to go out in the wild to catch Pokemon that could easily kill them? How do Pokeballs get transported into the PCs? How can Pokemon live inside the computer, or Pokeballs?
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    Testin' me eh? alright, i got this. It's a challenge! BUT I SHALL ACCEPT IT :@

    1. Pidgey's eat alot of Caterpies, Caterpies contain protein, but certain Caterpies contain the harmless steroid known as "nackrofeeliack". That greatly raises their strength.

    2. Because they were too busy training their other teams to get their asses kicked time and again by people like us.

    3. I honestly don't know that myself, but it's freaking hilarious. :lol:

    4. In the pokemon bible you can find at your nearest library, it clearly states: "On year 2, Arceus said: let there be EGGS!" So in the next game, we got eggs and babies.

    5. They don't, they just charge themselves with the natural electromagnetism our world creates.

    6. They've been robbed so many times by those Team Rocket goons that they just don't care anymore.

    7. see answer for number 6.

    8. Have you ever gotten 6-0d? Well it feels like **** lemme tell ya. I'm not certain that's the reason though, but it makes sense.

    9. Because they didn't know humans could GET sick. I mean, in the games do you EVER see yourself get sick? Exactly.

    10. Secret underground slavery services pays them oodles of cash for any spare Joy's.

    11. It forms its wings into a temporary jetpack-like thing.

    12. Do you know how boring it is to sit in a volcano your entire life? They do it because they're bored out of their head.

    13. "I'm going to kill you! I hate you so much! :@" "...Charizard, return."

    14. Kind of like photosynthesis, except it turns the sun's rays into water, all water types can do that, that's why fire doesn't really effect them, at all.

    15. Ask nack. I got nothing.

    16. "On the 3rd year, Arceus said: let there be PAVEMENT!" and so then there was pavement, and no one bothered to disagree with it. No one pays the police because they never actually DO anything.

    17. "Ok mom! i'm going out on my pokemon adventure for a really long time!"
    "Ok dear! Have fun!" ":P Woot, i get peace."

    18. MAGIC.

    19. Computers = Internet = Can stay occupied for years.
    Pokeballs = They have checkers.
    :P that was freakin' hard, probably my longest post ever.
  15. Yukinari

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    1.Why do i hate ash?
    2.Why was misty gone forever?
    3.Why is Piplup great?
    4.Why do Team Galactic sound like idiots?
    5.Needs more Meowth
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    how the HECK does a silver feather/rainbow feather attract a FREAKIN lugia/ho-oh?

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