Theories on the mysteries of Pokemon.

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    I'm sure we've all asked ourselves a lot of things during our playthroughs of the Pokemon games, things like "Why the hell does that not work?" or "How does that work?" or something like that. I'm here, and i've done alot of research, and I'm here to answer some of those questions with theories that make sense based on research and sheer common sense.

    Note: :raise: = Question, :%D = answer or theory.

    Q: How does Skitty breed with Wailord?

    A: Wailord's ancestors were closer to a cat than you believe, it was only recently when the National Aquiring of the Commonly Kind (NACK) Group, discovered that Wailord evolved from the skittous-felinous, also known as Skitty, and they've always been able to breed, however back then Skitty were always the dominant ones, so Wailord over time evolved into the huge masses of blubber that they are today, but sadly the tide of dominance has never changed.

    Q: If Magikarp suck so bad, why aren't they extinct?

    A: Because not enough annoying fisherman have caught them yet.

    :raise: Why is it that when you have an Everstone on a female Pokemon, that it has a 50% chance of passing the nature it has onto its offspring?

    :%D: Excellent question, Pokemon have incomplete DNA chains, unlike humans who can pass the traits they have to their offspring 100% of the time, Pokemon's DNA is so incomplete, that passing the traits onto their offspring is a mere 1 and 25 shot. However, an Everstone almost completes the DNA when a female Pokemon is holding it, turning that 1 and 25 chance into 1 and 2 chance.

    :raise::Ok, I understand the breeding thing, but how can a genderless Pokemon, such as Metagross, breed with a Ditto, something that is in no relation to it in any way?

    :%D: Another excellent question, Ditto is the only Pokemon in the entire world with a complete DNA chain, (yes, that includes Arceus), not only that, Ditto has the complete DNA chains for EVERY SINGLE POKEMON in the entire WORLD, excluding a select few of course. Ditto, during the breeding process, acts as the female when it transforms, making the formally genderless Pokemon think it is male and effectively make an egg.

    :raise:: About Latios and Latias, they have genders, but yet they can't breed, why is this?

    :%D: The answer is incredibely complicated but it actually makes sense. Studies from the NACK group based on a Latias the group recently captured, Latias is only 10 years old. Lacking the parts needed for reproduction.
    Latios on the other hand, cannot breed, because all Latios are male, if it is female, it is a Latias. If a male and a female pokemon breed, and the two pokemon are different, the offspring will be the equivalent of the female pokemon. However, studies also show, that Latios can live forever, but only one Latios and Latias exist, and they are brother and sister.

    :raise:: As you know, Tyranitar when it comes into play it creates a sandstorm. The sandstorm boosts Tyranitar's and other rock pokemon's special defence. Why the hell IS THIS?

    :%D: And the answer to the final question is this: Rock type pokemon use the sand to mask their prescense better, so they only get hit with half of the special attack on average. That is why Pokemon, by instinct, always attack other pokemon at close range in a sandstorm. Ground pokemon can do this as well, but not to a very good extent unless their cell structure was specifically designated to do so, like Garchomp and Gliscor.

    Ok, that's all for now guys.:P If you have any other questions that you want me to answer with my crazy ass theories, or just want to comment on what you think, please do so ^_^ LatiosUnit out.
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    Nice thread Latios. :)
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    Thanks ^_^ I was thinking of it all day during school, because i had nothing better to do, who works doing school anymore? :?:
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    I haven't really though about it but anyway nice job on it. You could be a Poke genius!
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    Thanks ^_^ :lol:, nice thread I got Pokemon: Diamond but it's boring now i've had it for a long time O.O Anyway peace. :stab:
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    Hey Latios i gots a question:

    Why cant cresselia be breed :D
  7. LatiosUnit

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    because Cresselia is ONLY female, females can't breed with females. it defies fisics.:%D
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    Ok, I do not understand this. You say Ditto acts as the female Pokemon, so why can it breed with male Pokemon then? And why would a male Pokemon make an egg, isn't that what the females do?

    Also, I have another important question. How is it that earthquake and roar can miss a substitute? All Earthquake is... is well the ground shaking. How can that possibly miss an immobile substitute doll? Same goes for Roar... how do you dodge a Roar?

    There's another question I have. How is it that Pokemon only "faint" and don't completely die from using Explosion. Think about this for a second: there is a powerful explosion resonating from inside the Pokemon that Knocks out just about any other Pokemon. I mean, if you're suicide bomber after you blow up you don't "faint".

    How does Metranome work? I mean, I know it "Tweaks the Pokemons mind", but how could any tweaking in the world allow a tub of lard like Snorlax to fly into the air? And why aren't there Pokemon that can tweak their brain into doing anything?

    How is it that so many Pokemon can use Thunderbolt? Where are they getting this eletricity from?

    Why is it that Earthquake does more damage than Stomp? Think about it: one you stomp down on the ground so hard that it creates an Earthquake. Two, you actually Stomp onto the Pokemon.

    How is it that an apple core (Leftovers) can last so long? After like two hundred turns shouldn't it be gone? Especially considering how a full berry is eaten in only one turn.

    Why are fighting moves Super effective on steel types? I mean, think of like a boxer vs a steel wall. Next consider how normal moves aren't very effective on steel types. So moves like Mega kick (Which have more power) isn't very effective against steel types, but moves like high jump kick (Which have less power) have more effect?
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    all incredible questions and i'll answer them to the best of my knowledge ^^
    number 1: i suppose ditto COULD supposedly transform into the male, however if it transforms into a female the offspring will have a better chance to have a more complete genetic chain.

    number 2: Earthquake yes, is the ground shaking, however, sometimes the earthquake hits the substitute, sending it up in the air, however the first quake hardly does anything, and while it's in the air it dodges the rest, although this is very rare. The similar goes for Roar, except if it fails, you obviously didnt scare it, you need to tell your pokemon to put FEELING into there roars and growls DAMMIT! :@

    number 3: Your misinterpretation of explosion and self destruct are highly recognized and i have a well prepared answer. Explosion and Self Destruct are caused by the nerves stimulating to such a degree that it causes a MASSIVE explosion, however the aftershock causes the user to faint, not the actual explosion. If the aftershock weren't there, Electrode's would have blown the planet up by now, but again, that would defy physics, it doesn't work.

    number 4: Metronome hypnotizes the user into thinking it can use any move it wants, however, the move is completely random. Scientists have tried to control metronome for YEARS, but to no avail. However, they believe it's random because most Pokemon minds are so small that they cannot comprehend the massive amounts of moves and techniques the mass of pokemon can learn. Therefore, they usually do the move that first comes into mind.

    number 5: Ok, think of this for a second, earthquakes are sometimes small yes, but a stomp could be just a stomp on the foot or something, in an earthquake sometimes the ground TEARS APART. and besides, what is it that usually causes the earthquakes? the FEET. so basically, stomp is a weaker earthquake, because it cannot cause an earthquake.

    I hope that helped ^_^ :%D
  10. Sykikal

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    But... Are you saying females can breed with "Female like" Dittos? I suppose then all that is necessary is to complete the DNA chain. Why is it that Ditto can't complete the DNA chain for Cressilia then (Since females can breed with females).

    That's creative... I suppose it's possible... but what about the Pokemon hiding behind the substitute? How does a substitute protect the Pokemon from that?

    ...Hm... Ok.. You gave an alternate reason why the Pokemon faint.... You still haven't explained why a "MASSIVE explosion" wouldn't even cause the Pokemon to faint.

    Uh... Kinda makes sense but... I mean I can see tapping into strength you didn't know you had under Hypnosis, but we're talking about things that are physically impossible, like a Snorlax flying... what's keeping it up there?

    Weaker sure... but even if you put less force into stopping something.. shouldn't it still have at least as much power since you're doing it right on the Pokemon? I mean, imagine if a Meteor smashes the earth that is so large it causes and Earthquake. Now imagine a weaker Meteor landing directly on you? Shouldn't stomp be more powerful despite the Pokemon using it in a bit weaker form?

    Hm... Kinda, but where is the answer to my electricity question?
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    OOPS! forgot. sorry.

    Lots of pokemon through the evolution process have discovered how to harness the magnetic poles the earth has, therefore harnessing it into electricity they can use to zap stuff. They mostly use it when hunting for food as a stunning mechanizm, such as with Nidoking and Gyarados.

    As for the Leftovers: Pokemon are capable of regurgitating their own food, and eat it again, making them think they keep eating more and more, but they need a base food supply. But something as small and miniscule as an apple core usually suffices.

    Ah yes, this question. The dreaded "OMFG This type combonation defies FISICS how does it work???@#!?one" question.
    Fighting Pokemon at birth are born of pure muscle, aside from a select few. (Hariyama, :lol:.) These Pokemon are capable of breaking through things like steel with relative ease. however, it comes at a cost sometimes. Sometimes in order for a fighting move to be effective on a steel type, the pokemon must sacrifice something in order to use it. Like with Focus Punch, Close Combat, and Mach Punch. Focus Punch you need to stay focused on the target, or it doesnt work, close combat you charge in and hit them as hard as you can, however if you fail to kill them you leave yourself open to get slaughtered because your defences will be lowered, and finally mach punch, where you NEED to run super fast in order for the punch to have enough momentum to do anything at all. So steel types ARE weak to fighting, thats true, but a well prepared steel type can handle a fighting type every single time.

    first one: if a pokemon is female, then the ditto becomes male, considering it can copy the attributes of any pokemon, however, tests have shown that somehow, cresselia and ditto are incapable breeders with eachotherwow,. they're trying to find out why but i think that Cresselia can somehow make copies of itself, and it knows that, so it finds no reason to breed.

    second one: the substitute has sound blockers if its strong enough.

    third one: wow, to be honest i dont actually have an answer to that one...:'( but i think my best guess is that it i just have no clue how.

    fourth one: a snorlax can accomplish anything, EVEN FLIGHT, if it eats enough refried beans. :cross:

    fifth: maybe. however, crevices in the earth sometimes form back together, crushing you. a Stomp however, causes you instant pain, which sometimes makes you flinch. but an earthquake can cause you severe pain that can effect you later, like a broken leg, or a concussion. i suppose a stomp could do that too, but unless if a tyranitar that had one too many beers decided to join a marching band, you should be fine.
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    Ahh Nice and organized thread :)

    But cant a boy breed with cresselia?
  13. LatiosUnit

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    there is no boy pokemon that is compatabley breedable with cresselia. the National Aquiring of the Commonly Kind (NACK) Group, have tried many different options with a cresselia they recently captured. but nothing has worked, yet.
  14. Seth

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    Just Wondering, How do you know all this?
  15. LatiosUnit

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    Let's just say...I have my sources. :?:
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    I have a question.

    First of all, why in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire do I have to bring along

    Relicanth and Wailord? And why the order? I know it says it on a rock or tablet

    under ground or something, but still, why?​
  17. Seth

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    Lol. Indeed it is a mystery.
  18. LatiosUnit

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    because, relicanths rock hard shell cannot break through all those doors in the hoenn region just by him alone, he needs extra push from wailord's tail. causing an earthquake big enough to break down those 3 doors to unlock Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.
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    Teh hiztory of teh pogeymanz

    My thoughts were that when all pokemon were created, Marriland tried to clone himself but he failed and it ended up being a snorlax instead of a clone. Then the snorlax ate all of marrilands twinkies and he was very sadface. One day snorlax let out a huge fart and then bidoof popped out, strangly enough, bidoof was in fact the ancestor of all pokemon and not mew, mew came later when bidoof tried to breed with his kitty named Fluffers. the bidoof lived inside the snorlax ever since his birth that fateful day when marriland cloned himself. so anywayz all the pokemon besides bidoof are just deformed bidoof and all the snorlax are just hosts that carry the bidoof until they are able to survive on their own living off the food snorlax eats. And that is my story of how pokemon came to be!:cross:
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    Wow, man. Thanks. :woop:

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