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    I just got finished with this game or graphic adventure or whatever it's called. I really like it, but some things rubbed me the wrong way.

    Why was the frog sent away even though I gave him Crane's money in the previous adventure? I was under the impression that doing so would allow him to say. Why wasn't there an option to inform Snow White that I had given Toad money to stay? What happened after that? Is it that Toad still decided not to get the glamour, or is it that Snow White didn't give him the opportunity to? Is there even a way to prevent Toad from going to the farm?

    Something else strikes me as interesting: how there never really was definitive proof that the Crooked Man ordered George to kill those two women. Nerissa lied in order to get the Crooked Man convicted, isn't it possible George wasn't being completely honest either? Though there is still the event where Bloody Mary and the Tweedles attack Wolf at the end of episode 3 and took Ichabod. For that, we have pretty solid evidence of the Crooked Man's involvement. I was kind of annoyed they never really addressed that in court.

    Does anyone know how significantly your actions really influence previous storyline events? For example, when it says "they'll remember that". It is doing that constantly so I thought it must be something really important, but it seems like previous conversation choices are rarely referenced. In addition to that, some of the characters die shortly after it says they'll remember what happened.
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    They did that because if he wasn't sent away it would mess up the canon in the Fables comics. I still thought it was stupid though.
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    I guess I can understand that, I just find it odd that they would even give you the option of giving Frog the money if that were the case. I mean it pretty much just gives me the impression that what ultimately matters is what is going on in the comics and that your choices don't really have a huge impact one way or the other.
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    They can only do so much because they have to stick to the story and canon of the comics, the game is actually considered canon so it can't vary a whole lot

    There are ways to save some characters here and there and if they are kept around will change their demeanor towards you depending on your last actions with them though I wouldn't say there is a whole lot of variety. This is where that "illusion" of choice plays out
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    Something else I just thought of. What ever happened to the Tweedles? The last I saw of them was during the face off with the Crooked Man. One of them looked like he was in pretty bad shape after the fight but the other looked fine. They're still guilty of attempted murder, or at the very least, assaulting an officer, and evading arrest, multiple times. If anything there was way more evidence of their crimes than the pimp's or The Crooked Man's, since we actually saw it happen and there was the gunshots and all the witnesses. What ever happened to them? Why weren't they brought into court or held accountable? At the very least they could have provided testimony for or against The Crooked Man.

    Another redeeming point about the Crooked Man. He could have easily killed Bigby/Wolf on several occasions, but he didn't. That makes me think maybe he wasn't all bad, or maybe there is something we're missing. Similar to what happened when we first discovered Ichabod. He was guilty in the sense that he was involved, but he wasn't as guilty as we were originally lead to believe. It could even be that someone higher was pulling The Crooked Man's strings.
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    I haven't yet read anything on those characters in the comics but I would assume anyone else just got tossed in jail, I had killed one of the tweedles and Jersey got his ass beat pretty good, in the comics Snow White is pretty much running the show so it's up to her what happens
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    I can't really join the discussion since I haven't played since January when I beat the game. I took pictures of all my final choices. I think a few need to be edited still but I can post them all here if anybody is interested.
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    When he's about to leave for the farm, he asks Bigby about his buddy Colin which makes me think Mr. Toad refused to buy glamours on purpose because Colin wasn't being forced to.

    I ripped out Dum's throat when I had the chance, so he's dead for me. Dee got stabbed pretty bad, although it wasn't as bad as Georgie so I think he might be able to recover (plus he isn't marked as deceased on the choices screen). Catching The Crooked Man was the most important thing, so I think the rest of them will be dealt with later, they can't really hide now that nobody is protecting them.

    I think he just didn't want to kill a Sheriff unless he really had to. The Crooked Man probably is bad, but he believes what he is doing is right. Technically he didn't tell Georgie to kill those girls, he just said to "take care of it" knowing what Georgie would do.

    Here are my choices


    I'm still thinking about the ending. I'm not sure if this timeline works, but here is what I think happened:
    • Lily, Faith and Nerissa plan to escape the Pudding and Pie
    • Faith steals photo of Crane and Lily (glamoured as Snow)
    • Nerissa tells Georgie that faith stole the photo and their plan to escape
    • Georgie tells The Crooked Man who tells Georgie to "take care of it"
    • Georgie kills Faith in front of Nerissa
    • Crane goes to see Lily, Lily cancels her appointment with the Woodsman
    • Nerissa glamours herself as Faith and covers for Lily's appointment
    • Nerissa (as Faith) meets Bigby after the conflict with The Woodsman
    • She manipulates Bigby into caring for Faith
    • Nerissa places Faith's head where Bigby will find it
    • Crane asks Snow to cancel his massage with Vivan, goes to see Lily instead
    • Georgie finds out where Lily is from Vivian
    • Georgie kills Lily, takes her body to the river where TJ is swimming
    • Someone brings Lily's head to the Woodlands
    I'm still trying to figure out who brought Lily's head to the Woodlands and why they did it. I think Nerissa glamoured herself as Faith in order to get Bigby to care about her, because nobody would have cared about a dead prostitute enough to go as far as he did. Maybe Nerissa found Lily dead when she was looking for her to warn her about what happened to Faith, and also took the head to Bigby since he would try even harder to find the killer if he thought Snow was murdered.
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