The war between xbox and play station

Discussion in 'Sony' started by matthewyoyo, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. matthewyoyo

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    Do you believe it will finally come to an end? With new games coming in and new features for multiplayer one feature stands out the most to me and thats cross console play. I know recently I have bought Call of duty ghost and one of the features is you and your friends go head to head with other clans and sometimes them clans are clans from xbox now I know your probably thinking that doesn't affect nothing that your system you use is better but think of the possibility's soon after we will actually have cross server play where you could have a whole lobby of xbox players and 1 ps player. Will this end the war over which one is best? I know if I went into a lobby and someone was camping or doing something that a noob would do no matter what console their on I would call them a noob or camper. In other words we would go on to a generation of who is the best gamer no matter the system. What are your thoughts about this though? What are your thoughts if Nintendo finally made a system that had the same feel as a controller that ps3 and xbox uses? Do you feel this will even happen where they all come together and make cross servers?
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    I sort of lost track of what you were saying as it seemed like you skipped points when you went from Nintendo controllers to Microsoft/Sony compatible lobbies, but no I don't think the lobbies would end the console debates (aka. "war").
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  3. matthewyoyo

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    Yeah I tend to jump all over the place when thinking of things. Bad habit. But basically like do you think that Nintendo will join in on the cross server experience like Microsoft and Sony has. Or do you think they will just keep as separate as they always are doing their own thing making Mario game's and other famous games Nintendo made?
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    I don't expect that to happen anytime soon. Nintendo has always been behind when it comes to online gameplay.
  5. Shadow

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    Since Nintendo is not directly even trying to compete anymore with Sony and MS I doubt they will. They'll just keep doing their own thing and Sony will keep trying to copy others while MS will do what they want while continuing a shitty service.
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    Having people on lobbies from different consoles will probably just start more ****. They'd be going on about how their platform in better and their side will win because of it. Though I don't think anybody who plays Call of Duty online and goes on about console supremacy should be accused of being intelligent.

    Just read this and remembered. The game Shadowrun is cross platform. There's an achievement called "Mine is the superior platform" for killing 100 people on the opposite.
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