The Legacy of Blackland Series 1 (Prologue)

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    - The Legacy of Blackland - Prologue -

    Once the world of Bervera , Peaceful land of the angels surrounded by light and enternal happiness....became the very end of our existence . One after another as light starts to fade...darkness was starting to take its place...till the clouds was black and the dawn was darker...the world of Bervera had lived no longer...The gods at a struggle with the darkness at bay...the shadows cleared the light as they made there way...The gods were weak by the darkness at hand....soon it will cover all of the land..
    As these words i speak may be the truth....behind it likes the shadows of Bervera dies and ill dissapear....this world will live surrounded in the gods fled and the planet died...for everyone else there was no where to i say these words...please know them may live for a bit to tell...

    As the shadows dwell with in...light its self will find its path to salvation..
    If the light becomes darkness...then turns into shadows..
    That is devoured by even darker shadows to create a world with out light..
    That is how Blackland formed...The world of Demons..

    Its been 5 Years...what is bounded for me now ?
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    Awesome Omega... The words are so fluent and flowing. Lots of detail.

    This is officially gonna be my first subscribed section. ;).
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    Thanks for the compliment Casper..more will be coming soon.
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    awesome story omega
    keep going with the stories

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