The Legacy of Blackland Series 1 Chapter 9

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    - The Legacy Of Blackland -

    - Chapter 9 - Truth to be told -

    - Characters : Syrus , Dregon , Ledgend , Lion Heart , Lance Herbald , Hell Soul, Vough, Avril, Zome-dariair.

    - From the last chapter -

    It seems before the battle has begun, Demon soul was wiped out with out even trying from Omega, But who is omega ? and why was he released my Raynard.
    As for our mysterious duo Lionheart and Lance Herbald, what are there intentions with syrus and how do they know who he is before they even meet ?
    Somthing tell's me that this may not be a friendly encounter.


    * As they arrive in the city of the sea, its to late to ship out on boat, so they decide to rest here. *

    * Later that night *

    Syrus : ...* I wonder where this journey will takee us, and if i will go back to normal or not. *
    Ledgend : Your still up ?
    Syrus : Ledgend !?
    Ledgend : I been wondering, i know your scent and blood is that of a wolf, mind explaining that ?
    Syrus : I was turned into a human by the powers of the Hume Temple.
    Ledgend : How ?
    Syrus : ....
    Ledgend : You dont have to answer that, but i want to know. where are you from ?
    Syrus : Im from the Makiu region.
    Ledgend : ...That name , sound's farmiliar.
    Syrus : Do you know the name Ronan, ring any bell's ?
    Ledgend : Not at all, but why does it feel like, we have met ...
    Syrus : !?
    Ledgend : Hopefully this all will be solved in time.
    Syrus : I hope so.
    Ledgend : Alright, Lets get some rest .
    Syrus : Yeah.

    * As syrus starts to walk away, he turns around as if he sence somthing rather odd, as if he was being watched. *

    Syrus : Hm...Maybe its just me...* Walk's into the inn *

    **** The Next Morning ****

    Dregon : Wake up guys !
    Syrus : Huh ? what is it ?
    Dregon : If we sleep to long, We will miss the boat ...and i dont think we want to miss that now do we ?
    Ledgend : ZZzzzzzz....
    Syrus : Right, um ledgend ?
    Ledgend : ZzzzZZZzzzzz....
    Dregon : Make's no difference, I can carry him...Its like having a dog around.
    Ledgend : What did you just say !?
    Syrus : !?
    Dregon : Errr, You woke ?
    Ledgend : Did you just call me , a dog ?
    Villager : Boat is leaving in a few minutes, be prepaired as we set off .
    Dregon : Oh, thats our call. * Leaves inn in a hurry *
    Syrus : .....
    Ledgend : I cant belive he said that .
    Syrus : We shouled get moving to.
    Ledgend : Yeah...

    * As they prepair to set off into the open blue, they spot some one farmilliar in the crowd of people *

    Dregon : Syrus...
    Syrus : Hm ?
    Dregon : You see that guy over there ? The one wearing that grey cloak ?
    Syrus : Yes, Reminds me of-
    Ledgend : Hell Soul's Cloak, Let's go get him !
    Syrus : Bad ideal.
    Dregon & Ledgend : What ? Why ?
    Syrus : Look at all the people around us, fighting now would put them all in danger.
    Dregon : You have a point.
    Ledgend : Grrrr, now what...
    Syrus : I'd say we get on that boat.

    * When they all got on th boat, They see the same shadowy figure yet again *

    Dregon : Hey Syrus, do you think we are being followed ?
    Syrus : Seems that way, but i think somthing bad is going to happen soon.
    Ledgend : I agree, what are they planning ?
    Villager : And were off !

    * Boat starts moving *

    Dregon : Hey Syrus .
    Syrus : ?
    Dregon : What do you think is going to be at Maikai when we get there ?
    Syrus : I am not sure , i hope i can find some useful info.

    * As the boat starts to enter the maikai region, Ledgend starts to think about syrus more and more, about who he is and why he feel like he knows him...*

    Villager : We have arrived to the Maikai Region, Please make your way south to the town of Horion.
    Dregon : We arrived !
    Ledgend : I guess we should make our way to Horion to see what we can find.
    Syrus : ....
    Dregon & Ledgend : ?
    Syrus : Hm...

    * Boat takes off and they are the only ones there *

    Dregon : Syrus ?
    Ledgend : someone's here.

    * Syrus turn's around and blocked the random sword attack aiming at him.

    ???? : Good timing.
    Syrus : Eh !?
    Dregon & Ledgend : Syrus !?
    ???? : Im not here to fight, but was merely testing you.
    Syrus : Testing me !?
    ???? : I know who you are, that form does not make you any different.
    Dregon, Ledgend & Syrus : What !?
    Syrus : what do you mean you know who i am !?
    ???? : I apologize, My name is Lion Heart, and i know who you are Syrus Wolfos.
    Syrus : !?
    Lion Heart : It seem's to me your the son of Ronan, am i right ?
    Syrus : Do you know where he is !?
    Lion Heart : ...* If i did id kill him *...No , not that i know of.
    Dregon : Is somthing wrong ?
    Lion Heart : My trouble's are none of your consern.
    Ledgend : Well Excuse me did come and attack syrus, and if not , why are you here ?
    Syrus : He does have a point.
    Lion Heart : Before i answer that, Why are you human ?
    Syrus : Not even i know why.
    Dregon : Yeah, i foundhim this way by the Temple of Hume.
    Ledgend : and his scent is still that of a wolves, thats how i found out.
    Lion Heart : Hm...
    Ledgend : what ?
    Lion Heart : You arent your normal size either.
    Syrus : !?
    Dregon : What do you mean ?
    Lion Heart : Ledgend has a curse placed on him, it can be easily removed to return him back.
    Ledgend : Huh ? Really ?
    Lion Heart : Yes, Now to answer your question Dregon, im here for Syrus .
    Syrus : What ?
    Lion Heart : There is many thing's you should know about what is going on here and why are you being targeted by dark forces.
    Dregon : Eh..
    Lion Heart : This isint the time to talk about it, a friend of mine should be arriving soon.
    Ledgend : What should we do till then ?
    Syrus : I say we make our way to Horion first then discuss what to do next.
    Lion Heart : Let's get moving...

    **** At that time - In the Kio region in Vyse's Castle ****

    Vyse : What should i do, should i really go after Dregon and his friend's ? ...If i dont, im as good as gone. What should i do !?
    ???? : You never changed Vyse.
    Vyse : Lance !?
    Lance Herbald : Right, So it seems you have been threatened, and your falling into it pretty well.
    Vyse : But i--
    Lance Herbald : He was going to turn you into a demon am i right ? Basically forcing you to kill them, so either way you have no choice.
    Vyse : Eh...
    Lance Herbald : Come with me, only till Vough is out of the picture. Say what you need to say to the people and let's meet up in Horion ok ?
    Vyse : Yes, I will make haste.

    * Vyse Leaves the main room *

    Lance Herbald : I wonder if Lion Heart made it to Syrus, Its pretty obvious they want syrus to be on there side and use his dark power's for them selves.
    My question is, what does the demon god Omega, have to do with this...the only thing that can even break his seal is a God. so how did it Break ? I guess time will tell.

    **** Later in the city of Horion ****

    Syrus : So Lion Heart, What should we do first, We came here looking for Hell Soul, He needs to---
    Lion Heart : That isint a good ideal.
    Dregon : What !? Why ? He needs to pay for what he have done.
    Ledgend : And for the ones he killed.
    Lion Heart : You all arent strong enough.
    Dregon, Ledgend & Syrus : !?
    Lion Heart : You all would be killed, do you honestly think you can take them ?
    Dregon : Them ?
    Lion Heart : Hell Soul , isint your only target at this point, Avril and zome are other targets in this aswell. they call them selves the sages of Omega.
    Dregon : Omega ?
    Ledgend : Who is Omega ?
    Syrus : Omega is the Demon god of the world named Blackland.
    Dregon & Ledgend : !?
    Syrus : If i had to take a guess, The Makiu tribe was near the gate to Blackland , am i right Lion Heart ?
    Lion Heart : ....
    Syrus : You also mentioned they are after my power, As far as i seen, i have no power of the sort.
    Lion Heart : First things first, Lets get you and Ledgend back to your original form's, That will show you what you need to know.
    Syrus : I still dont follow, and how do i get out of this human form ?
    Lion Heart : That is a bit more difficult then ledgend's, but not impossible.
    Syrus : I see.
    Lion Heart : ...He is here.

    * Everyone Walks outside *

    Lance Herbald : It's nice to see you Lion Heart.
    Vyse : Same with you Dregon and Syrus.
    Dregon : Vyse ? what are you doing here?
    Lance Herbald : He is being Targeted by King Vough, So he needed time off.
    Syrus : So Vough is with them.
    Lance Herbald : Yes, But there will be no help from no one intact with him getthing through this.
    Syrus : I still dont understand, what do i have to do with any of this.
    Lance Herbald : The demon gods seal was released.
    Dregon : We know that , But what does this even mean ?
    Lance Herbald : The Demon god's Seal can only be opened by another god.
    Ledgend : Another god ?
    Syrus : Who can it be ?
    Lion Heart : Syrus, your the son of a god.
    Syrus : Im, the son of a god !?
    Ledgend : Wow that's amazing !
    Syrus : That means Ronan is ...
    Lion Heart : The wolf God.
    Dregon : Does this mean Ronan opened Omega's seal !?
    Lance Herbald : That seem's to be the case.
    Syrus : This cant be !? Ronan Released the demon's on the makiu region and got Aron killed !?
    Lance & Lion Heart : ....
    Dregon : Im sorry Syrus ...
    Ledgend : EH..!?
    Syrus : * Look's confused *I cant belive this, I wont belive this !

    * Syrus runs off *

    Dregon : Syrus ! Wait !
    Lion Heart : Let him go, he need's some time alone.
    Lance Herbald : He will be ok.
    Ledgend : This must be hard for him right now.
    Dregon : I cant even imagine.
    Lance Herbald : Ill go talk to him.
    Lion Heart : Are you sure ?
    Lance Herbald : Atleast to calm him down, He seems really out of it.
    Dregon : If it would help...go for it.
    Lance Herbald : Lion Heart, Tell them everything you must, ima go see syrus, i will be back soon.

    ( As lance wonder around in Horion's Forest looking for syrus, He was thinking about if syrus would continue going after Hell Soul or give up knowing his father cause so much death and chaos )

    *** Lance Catches up with syrus seeing him sint by a tree ***

    Lance Herbald : Syrus, are you ok ?
    Syrus : Lance...
    Lance Herbald : I know its alot to take in but, if you really want to make sure of this matter, lets find your father and get some question's asked.
    Syrus : Do, ...You really think he did it ?
    Lance Herbald : Im not sure honestly, but if we find him, we can sort this out.
    Syrus : I guess you are right.
    Lance Herbald : First, We must get you back to your normal form.
    Syrus : How do we do that ?
    Lance Herbald : Im sure Lion Heart has somthing planned, He is a Bishop you see .
    Syrus : A Bishop ?
    Lance Herbald : Yes, He is very good with light magic and healing art's.
    Syrus : But how does he even know me like that ?
    Lance Herbald : ...
    Lion Heart : Because my father was friend's with your father.
    Lance Herbald : Lion Heart !?
    Syrus : Wait, so you knew somthing was going to happen.
    Lion Heart : No, but some how, i knew the seal was going to open, but him oppening it isint really likely but he is the only one around that has the
    Powers to. Maybe it was forced open.
    Syrus : There must be more behind this.
    Lance Herbald : That's why we are here,is to get to the bottom of this.
    Lion Heart : From Horion, I think we should visit my hometown, it's off the coast of horion to the west. We can take a special ship to get there.
    Syrus : what is the name of this place ?
    Lion Heart : Sorulen, Land of the holy.
    Syrus : what are we to find there ?
    Lion Heart : A cure perhap's , maybe even a way to get you back to your original form.
    Syrus : Really ?
    Lion Heart : Then after that, we find Hell Soul.
    Syrus : Well, I guess we should head back, they would start to worry if i dont return.
    Lance Herbald : Yeah.

    ( As the head back to the village, Syrus started to gain trust toward's the lion and his Centuar companion, but is it really possible to get syrus back to
    his normal state ? )

    *** Omega's Castle ***

    Zome : Why are we here again ?
    Hell Soul : what if he isint Syrus Wolfos.
    Avril : Does that honestly matter ?
    Hell Soul : No, But what if we are wasting time ?
    Zome : One way to find out.
    Hell Soul : How ?
    Zome : Let's test his power deeply...
    Avril : That isint a bad ideal.
    Zome : Hell Soul, go do some damadge to the kid, see if anyting happen's, oh and dont fail this time.
    Hell Soul : Grrr, DONT WORRY ABOUT ME !
    Avril : Why dont you use that slime beast against him .
    Hell soul : Not a bad ideal, I can give that a shot.
    Zome : Good, Now lets get to work shall we.
    Hell soul : But what are you two going to do ?
    Avril : Im looking for Ronan.
    Zome : And im making sure Vough stays in line, but he didint obviously didn't.
    Avril : So what are you going to do about him ?
    Zome : I think we used him enough, let's be off, i may aswell rif him from this world.
    Hell Soul : alright, im off. * Teleports to Horion *
    Avril : Finish him zome if you must * Fades away *
    Zome : ...* Teleports to Bevel *

    **** In Bevel's castle. ****

    Vough : I knew Vyse would escape, what am i going to tell Zome and the rest of them.
    zome : You dont got to say a word ...
    Vough : * turns around swiftly * Zome !?
    Zome : You have done well for what you did, but you failed to much to even be of use again.
    Vough : Zomedariair, out of all pe--
    Zome : What did you just call me ?
    Vough : Like it matter's sage.
    Zome : I see.
    Vough : * Readies a electric pulse * Out of my sight !
    Zome : ...

    * Vough's right arm fell off with a slash from Zomes Scythe *

    Vough : Gaahhh !!
    Zome : I have no further use of you, but maybe i can use you for somthing more.
    Vough : * kneel's * Gah ! what are you going to do !?
    Zome : I will let Egata do the talking .
    Vough : NO ! Anything but that !? Gaaaahhh !!

    **** At that moment in Horion ****

    Syrus : It's getting late.
    Lion Heart : Hm.
    Lance Herbald : Syrus, why dont you get some rest, i need to speak to Lion Heart.
    Syrus : Sure, Later.

    * Syrus leaves Lion Heart and Lance Herbald *

    Lance Herbald : So what do you think ?
    Lion Heart : About what ?
    Lance Herbald : Do you think Syrus will make it ?
    Lion Heart : Now ? No, but soon he will be able to handle his own.
    Lance Herbald : And what of Ron ?
    Lion Heart : Ron, ...I honestly dont know what to say...his power is not normal and i am not sure where it came from.
    Lance Herbald : Hopefully we dont run into him so early.
    Lion Heart : He will get what's coming to him, thats a promise.
    Lance Herbald : Well anyway's, We should get some rest too.
    Lion Heart : Yes, your right, hopefully thing's get better from here.
    Lance Herbald : Hm..

    End Of Chapter...
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