The Legacy of Blackland Series 1 Chapter 8

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    - The Legacy Of Blackland -

    - Chapter 8 - Dark Sage's Plot -

    - Characters : Avril, Zome, Hell Soul, Ranard, Omega**, Vough, Demon Soul, ??????.

    - From the last chapter -

    ?????? : I think i may have found who i am looking for.
    Zome : you think so ?
    ?????? : Im very sure, but just to be sure, lets keep an eye on them, right Hell soul ?
    Hell Soul : ......
    ?????? : Ha ha ha ha !!
    Hell soul : I wont lose to them, not like last time.
    Zome : We will see to that, right Avril ?
    Avril : Indeed we shall...

    ******* Current *******

    ( In a dark place faw away at this time, Where wind's howl and lightning is silent, with in the Castle of Rando )

    Omega : Are you telling me, you forced the Wolf god to open the seal in my tomb ?
    Raynard : Yes, it was the only way to break the seal that binded you.
    Omega : ....
    Raynard : Hm..?
    Avril : So you think your all special now ?
    Zome : Just because you release our master ?
    Hell Soul : hm..
    Omega : Enough ...
    Avril,Hell Soul and Zome : !?
    Omega : You know what need's to be you not ?
    Avril : Yes sire, Im waiting a response from lord Vough.
    Zome : He failed to many times, should we take matter's into our own hand's ?
    Omega : That isint needed.
    Zome : !?
    Omega : Let's wait and see what he can do.

    * Some sage walks in the room *

    Omega : ...
    ???? : Well, it seems that Vough is pathetic.
    Zome : Well, Well. If it isint the failed magician.
    ???? : Well, if it isint the underlizard zome.
    Zome : SAY THAT AG--
    Avril : Enough ! what Brings you here Demon soul .
    Demon Soul : Well, I wanted to see if things failed or not, no crime against that now is there ?
    Omega : ...
    Demon Soul : And the lord sigh's, How amusing.
    Hell soul : Watch yourself sage.
    Demon soul : Ha ha ha, dont tell me you all follow him ? How do you even know that's the REAL Omega ?
    Omega : Hmp.
    Zome : I suggest you leave.
    Demon soul : And what if i dont ? Your going to kill me ? Watch as i take down your so called " Demon God ". My power will prove that he isint the one. NOW

    Hell Soul : I wont move, you will die by my ha---
    Omega : Move...
    Avril, Zome and Hell Soul : What !?
    Omega : If he wants to die, then so be it.
    Demon soul : Big words coming from a beast , Ha ha ha !
    Omega : ....
    Avril : * Is this a good ideal ? *

    ******** Event VS *********

    *** Omega - RK* ***
    Stamina: *
    Att : *
    Def : *
    Speed : *
    Magic : *
    Resist : *
    RK : *


    *** Hell Soul - RK7 ***
    Stamina: SS
    Att : A
    Def : A
    Speed : SS
    Magic : SS
    Resist : SS
    RK : RK7


    Hell soul : * This is bad *
    Demon Soul : HA HA HA, Fools...
    Omega : Make your move.
    Demon Soul : So eager to die, arent we ? Ill make that wish come true.
    Omega : ....
    Avril : Sire, you dont have to listen to this no--
    Omega : * Glares at Avril*
    Avril : * Eh...i better stay our of this*
    Demon Soul : I unleash my unlimited power ! - Cast Point Blank Shining Flare -

    * The shadows enveloped Omega exploding with a feirce rage *

    Demon Soul : See how weak he was !? PATHETIC !
    Omega : I see.
    Demon Soul : What !? That should have killed you instantly !
    Omega : Instantly ? You were, hoping to kill me, instantly ?
    Demon Soul : Eh..
    Omega : This, ...Is instantly.
    Demon soul : Wh---

    * With out a second thought, Omega put his fist through Demon soul's head...he was infact, dead. after word's , Demon soul's body turned into ash, as the

    black flame's release from Omega's hand. *

    Avril : * I could'int see him move !*
    Hell soul : * That, what was that !? *
    zome : * Trembles *
    Omega : You three... make sure things are going according to plan, ...understand ?
    Avril : Yes sire.
    Hell Soul : Yes !
    Zome : Eh...Ofcourse.
    Omega : Hm.. * Vanishes out of the castle *
    Avril : .....
    Hell soul : So what do we do now ?
    Zome : We wait ...

    *** Meanwhile in Kio ***

    Vough : Vyse, its nice to see you.
    Vyse : what ? What are you doing here ?
    Vough : somthing i should of done a while back, like your family.
    Vyse : what are you doing ?
    Vough : he he he. From now on, you do as i say or you meet the same fate your family did.
    Vyse : ?
    Vough : Oh ? I did'int tell you ? Well let me shed some light here. your family was turned into demon's by Egata, right ?
    Vyse : Yes...Wait ! you was the one who --
    Vough : That's right.
    Vyse : But why ?
    Vough : It's all in the god's plan...dont you see ?
    Vyse : Fool, what have you done, and what of the people of your kingdom ?
    Vough : That does not matter. Once we have what we needed, this kingdom is going under fire !
    Vyse : !?
    Vough : Now then, I want ledgend killed, do i make my self clear ?
    Vyse : Ledgend ?
    Vough : Ledgend is somthing that must be destroyed. He is a all white wolf traveling to Maikai...i want him dead.
    Vyse : Im not sure who that is , but ill do it, just leave my people out of this !
    Vough : Do as i say and everything will be fin, Ok ?
    Vyse : Ugh...

    *** Part's Unknown ***

    Lion Heart : Somthing is happening to this world, and i dont know why. I can sence somthing in the far north in the Makiu region that is causing
    somthing to spill into the world. what could this be ?
    ????? : Do you want me to check it out ?
    Lion Heart : No, Let's stay put untill they arrive at Maikai.
    ????? : I see.
    Lion Heart : Lance, there is one thing you can do.
    Lance herbald : What is that ?
    Lion Heart : When you get there, Stay with him.
    Lance herbald : You mean syrus right ?
    Lion Heart : Hmm.. * Nod's *
    Lance Herbald : And your brother ?
    Lion Heart : Dont worry about him, let's just make sure syrus is safe.

    - End of chapter -
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    Wow, decent I I probably want the next chapter more then I've ever wanted the other chapters right now xD.

    I have a hunch that I want proven :3.
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    Legancy of Blackland

    Interesting chapter. Ogmea was strong killing Demon Soul with one punch in the head. Anyway, would read more.
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    Pretty impressive work from Omega. :P
    I can't wait for the next character, it's getting so intense.:woop:
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    your talented dude...waiting for the next chapter:woop:
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    Fantastic chapter, with some spelling errors, but nice :).

    Keep up the good work.

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