The Legacy of Blackland Series 1 Chapter 6

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    - The Legacy Of Blackland -

    - Chapter 6 - Vough and Bevel -

    - Characters : Syrus , Dregon , Ledgend , Vough , ??????.

    - From the last chapter -

    * After the encounter with Hell Soul, Dregon started to think a bit about bevel and what he was going to find. As for Syrus, all he could think about is what

    does he have to do with what happened in the makiu region and why he was being targeted, with the help of ledgend proving his status, will this mean Hell

    soul will be back to finish the job ? *


    Dregon : * Yawn * Morning already ? sheesh.
    Ledgend : Your Traveling to bevel, am i right ?
    Syrus : Yes, I want to see if i can find anything there.
    Ledgend : what are you looking for ?
    Syrus : A person, that has some questions to answer.
    Dregon : Well lets get going, Were almost there.
    Syrus and Ledgend : Right !

    * Syrus, Ledgend and Dregon started traveling down the south road to Bevel *

    Syrus : Oh, i forgot to mention, thank you for last night ledgend.
    Ledgend : No problem, I wish i could of been more of help, considering my body is a bit smaller then useual.
    Dregon : Smaller ?
    Ledgend : Yes, My memory is still a little fuzzy, but i dont even know how i got this way.
    Dregon : * What have i got myself into *
    Syrus : Did you say somthing just now ?
    Dregon : HUH ?, Just thinking,
    Syrus : Hm.
    Ledgend : Over there.

    * See's buildings in the distant *

    Ledgend : Could it be Bevel ?
    Syrus : One way to find out, Lets go.

    * As they reached the gate of Bevel, all they could see was a vast town flooded with people. *

    Syrus : So where do we start ?
    Dregon : You two go look around, I am going to the castle to see Vough.
    Syrus : Alright, Ill be there in a few.

    * Dregon Walk's away *

    Ledgend : Who are you looking for, Maybe i can help.
    Syrus : A wolf named Ronan.
    Ledgend : That name sounds weird to me now that you mention it.
    Syrus : You know him !?
    Ledgend : Im not sure, but that name rings a bell.
    Syrus : Alright lets start looking.
    Ledgend : Im on it.

    * As they search around Bevel square, they seen a whole bunch of different type of characters but none match that of Ronan's *

    Syrus : Nothing.
    Ledgend : Same, i see nothing. so what do we do now ?
    Syrus : I dont know, i guess we see what dregon is up to.

    * when they reached the castle gates, the guards let them in without question. *

    Ledgend : Im starting not to like this at all.
    Syrus : I agree.

    * Entered the throne room *

    Dregon : Oh ? you guys made it.
    Syrus : Yeah.
    Dregon : So did you find anything ?
    Syrus : Not at all.
    Ledgend : We searched every inch of this town.

    * Vough enters the room *

    Vough : Well hello there, i see you made it to my humble town. Im hoping your trip was a safe one ?
    Dregon : I guess you can say that .
    Syrus : .....
    Ledgend : .....
    Vough : I herd a small village on the way was attacked, Do you know anything about that ?
    Syrus : Not at all, We must of just missed it.
    Dregon and Ledgend : !?
    Vough : I see. Did you happen to run into trouble on the way?
    Syrus : Trouble ?
    Ledgend : * whisper's * Syrus what are you doing ?
    Dregon : * whats going on *
    Vough : Im not sure, i mean the village was attack, i though you may have had trouble on your way here.
    Syrus : Not at all.
    Vough : Interesting.
    Dregon : Interesting ?
    Syrus : Interesting how a village can be slaughtered in a single night .
    Ledgend : !
    Dregon : Err..
    Syrus : Vough who are you fooling, Im well aware that you knew.
    Vough : Oh ?
    Syrus : Im also well aware you know Drachma aswell.
    Dregon and Ledgend : what !?
    Vough : Why would i know such thing's, I have nothing to do with Hell Soul.
    Syrus : Weird cause i never mentioned Hell soul.
    Vough : !
    Dregon : Vough what is going on here !?

    * Vough Starts to thing *

    Vough : * There on to me, I must do somthing. *
    Dregon : Vough ?
    Vough : Very well then. Hell Soul has been a trouble for a while now.
    Ledgend : .....
    Syrus : Hm.
    Vough : But you must belive me when i say, i have nothing to do with him.
    Syrus : Do you know where we can find him ?
    Vough : what ? why ?
    Ledgend : He is going to pay for slaughtering that village .
    Vough : So he was the one who did that ?
    Syrus and Dregon : Yes.
    Vough : Well that tells me alot.
    Ledgend : I am from that village , i should know.
    Vough : what is your name ?
    Ledgend : Ledgend, why ?
    Vough : Hm, I have a favor to ask you three.
    Syrus, Dregon and Ledgend : ?
    Vough : Ill tell you where Hell Soul is, if you can go to the eastern cavern and bring me some Serti Ore.
    Syrus : Um, Correct me if i am wrong but, arent your guards supposed to do that ?
    Vough : There to scared, They say that 2 Monster are in there .
    Syrus : * Demons maybe *
    Dregon : I guess we have no choice for now.
    Ledgend : .....
    Vough : Alright, Its settled.
    Syrus : Let's get going.

    * As they start to leave, Vough gave a weird glare to Ledgend as he walked away. *
    * Outside castle *

    Dregon : Well, Nice call on that Syrus.
    Syrus : I knew he was hiding somthing.
    Ledgend : .....
    Dregon : Well, if we get this Serti Ore we can find Hell Soul.
    Syrus : Somthing seems odd.
    Dregon : ?
    Syrus : why would he need ore ?
    Ledgend : .....
    Syrus : Somthing wrong ?
    Ledgend : Vough , somthing isint right.
    Dregon : huh ?
    Ledgend : He tried to prye us for info that he already knew, what he really wanted to know is was hell Soul trying to kill us.
    Dregon : Wait, you cant just assume that ...Right Syrus ? ...syrus ?
    Syrus : That makes sence. He already knew who hell soul was even when i never mentioned him. He could be with hell soul, but there is only 1 true way
    to find out.
    Dregon : And that is ?
    Ledgend : Going to that cave vough mentioned, its our only way of truly finding out.
    Dregon : But what if its a trap ?
    Syrus : Thats the point, If it is a trap, we have all the info we need.
    Dregon : Why does it sound like im going to regret this.
    Syrus : Let's get going.

    * While they travel to the eastern cavern, Bevel Cave, They stubled upon two soldiers blocking the entrance *

    Syrus : Let us through.
    Soldier 1 : We cannot do that .
    Dregon : We have been ordered by King Vough to enter this cavern.
    Soldier 2 : Hm, I guess so .
    Ledgend : Alright lets get this stupid ore and get out of here.

    * As they ventured deep into the Cavern, they spot somthing up ahead. *

    Ledgend : There. I see somthing.
    Dregon : ALRIGHT !! Serti ore, i hope.
    Syrus : Let's hurry then.

    * As they spot a shine in the distance, all they could do was hope its the ore they seek .*

    Dregon : ITS ORE !!
    Ledgend : Yes.
    Syrus : Let's Grab it and go.
    Dregon : * Draw's Sword and slashes at the ore to break it off the wall *

    * A chunk of ore hits the ground *

    Dregon : * Pick's up the ore * that was easy.
    ??????? : ROOOAAARRR !!!
    Syrus and Ledgend : What was that ?
    ??????? : WHY ARE YOU HEAR !!
    Syrus : This isint good.
    Ledgend : I can't tell if they are with Vough .
    ??????? : VOUGH !?
    Dregon : You know--
    ??????? : VOUGH SENT YOU, YOU MUST DIE !!
    Grendal : I am Grendal.
    Granemoar : And im Granemoar.
    Grendal and Granemoar : We will kill you all !
    Ledgend : Here they come !

    To Be continued...
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