The Legacy of Blackland Series 1 Chapter 5

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    - The Legacy Of Blackland -

    - Chapter 5 - Hell Soul's Plan - Part 1 -

    - Characters - Syrus , Dregon , Hell Soul , ???????, Vyse .

    - From the last chapter -

    * Vyse told Dregon and Syrus the kingdoms secret and the history of Drachma Gustav, the more they learned of this secret the more things fell into place.

    this was going to be the start of a disaster or the fall of the kingdom its self *


    * As they pre-pair for the quest yet to come, Syrus started thinking about ronan, and if he was ever going to go back to his original form again. This was

    the start of a new era and the beginning of a new chapter .

    Dregon : Alright Syrus, are you ready ?
    Syrus : Sorta, A bit tired.
    Dregon : Oh come on, you will be fine.
    Syrus : *sigh* alright.

    * As they prepair for this trip, they encounter someone outside the door. *

    Vyse : So you both are going south am i right ?
    Dregon : Yeah, Were going to bevel to see if syrus can find anything.
    Vyse : Ah yes, Syrus i almost forgot. I found this pendent by the ruins of the Hume temple.
    Syrus : A pendent ? * fathers necklace perhaps ? *

    * As syrus gazed at the pendent, He noticed the marking's on it, it was defedently Ronan's Pendent . *

    Syrus : Im taking this with me. Dregon, we best get going.
    Dregon : Right !
    Vyse: Ha ha, good, Have a safe trip to Bevel.
    Dregon : We will.

    * As they wondered out side the gates of the Kio Kingdom, Syrus began to wonder what would he find south of kio. will he meet Ronan there , and why Hell Soul

    was after Syrus. As they head south for 10 Hours straight, they make it to a rest point in the middle section between kio and Bevel. *

    Dregon : He he...we traveld a long way, right Syrus ?
    Syrus : Do you want to rest ?
    Dregon : Kinda , its getting dark. there is also a Restore Area up ahead for long travels such as this.
    Syrus : Lets stop there.

    * As soon as they reached the Restore Area, the first thing Dregon did was fell to sleep, syrus how ever stayed up. *

    Syrus : I wonder what is going on out there, and what happend to the makiu region, and why did Ronan turn me human.
    None of this makes sence at all, But i feel as if somthing bad is happening and i dont even know it.
    For the most part, Why am i being targeted by these...demons.

    * Hears an Explosion in the distant *

    Syrus : What !? What was that ? hmm...Dregon is still asleep, what should i do ? Hmm...I can handle this.

    * While Syrus heads towards the explosion, He starts to sence somthing rather odd. As he arrived to the area covered in fire,. he spots a farmilliar

    character, it was none other than Drachma Gustav, Hellsoul *

    Hell Soul : Ah, Syrus. You came to save whats left have we ?
    Syrus : What are you doing Drachma !?
    Hell Soul : DONT CALL ME BY THAT NAME ! * Fire's a pitch black flare at syrus *
    Syrus : * Dodged in time * What was that ?
    Hell Soul : You will die here, theres no need for you to exist.
    Syrus : what are you talking about, why are you even after me ?
    Hell Soul : It wouldint matter if your dead .

    *** BOSS FIGHT # 2 : Hell Soul - RK? ***
    Stamina: ?
    Att : ?
    Def : ?
    Speed : ?
    Magic : ?
    Resist : ?
    RK : RK?


    Syrus : Why are you doing this Drachma ?
    Hell Soul : ...why are you keep calling me that.
    Syrus : Vyse told me what happened, so what happened ?
    Hell Soul : Like you would understand !
    Syrus : Eh, * looks like i have no choice but to fight him off, i need to be quick , there might be people left that i can still save from the fire's.*
    Hell Soul : Now die, rid this world of your very existence !
    Syrus : I cant die here, not now. * Draws blade *
    Hell Soul : Stalling are we ? Let me help you out ...* Fires a shocking black orb at syrus *
    Syrus : * dodges * Ugh, tell me, what do you all want with me !?
    Hell Soul : We dont know if its even really you, but we must make sure.
    Syrus : We ?
    Hell Soul : * Fires another black shocking orb * hmp.
    Syrus : * shifts left and goes for the strike *
    Hell Soul : * Teleports behind syrus and spews a fire ball *
    Syrus : * Get directly hit by the fire ball and hits the ground *
    Hell Soul : Why dont you just give up, theres no way you can defete me.
    Syrus : Grrr, * stands up * i told you , i wont die here !
    Hell Soul : Your gonna wish you had die. * starts charging dark energy *
    Syrus : Here it comes !

    * Somthing starts running behind Hell Soul *

    Hell Soul : It ends here .... huh ?

    * Somthing jumps at hell soul and tears part of his arm off. *

    Hell Soul : Graaa !!!
    Syrus : what was that !?
    ?????? : You killed master Kien, You will pay for that !

    * It was a pure white wolf with blue eyes *

    ?????? : Try me sage !
    Syrus : * i better help, at this point, its my only chance to defete Hell Soul, and to make things more weird, that wolf is talking. *
    Hell Soul : GRAAA !! * Cast a point blank Shadow Pulse *

    * ?????? and Syrus gets Knock back to the trees *

    Hell Soul : You both wont leave here alive, DO YOU HEAR ME !!
    Syrus : * what can i do * Ugh.
    ?????? : * starts to glow blue *
    Syrus : Hm !?
    Hell soul : * prepairs to fire *
    ?????? : * A blast of chilling cold air radiates from ??????'s Body *

    * The Footing around Hell Soul freezes *

    Hell Soul : What !? I cant move !
    ?????? : You, go now !
    Syrus : Uh, Right !

    * When syrus went for the strike with his sword, Hell soul was still unable to move , knowing this, Hell soul took a big slash across his chest and fell to

    the ground as the ice break *

    Hell Soul : Ugh...You, will pay ! * Teleports away *
    Syrus : * pant * that was a pain ...! the villager's !
    ?????? : Dont bother.
    Syrus : Wait, what ?
    ?????? : Hell Soul, took there lives without a second thought.
    Syrus : Why would he do that...
    ?????? : i also lost my master, Kien in the fire's, I could'int save him.
    Syrus : I-Im sorry.
    ?????? : .....we cant stay here he might come back.
    Syrus : I know a place where we can go.
    ?????? : Lead the way.

    * Traveled back up north to Dregon's location. *

    Syrus : Seem's Safe for now. The names Syrus.
    Ledgend : The names Ledgend, you seem weird to me...
    Syrus : Weird ?

    * Dregon snoring *

    Syrus : .... err k, anyways how do i seem --

    * Dregon snoring louder *

    Syrus : DREGON !!
    Dregon : Bwah ! huh , somthing wrong !?
    Syrus : Well, now that you put it that way.

    * Syrus explained the events of there encounter with Hell Soul and the cast off village *

    Dregon : WHY DID'INT YOU WAKE ME !?
    Syrus : You seemed tired, and besides i had help from ledgend.
    Dregon : Oh ? It's a Wolf.
    Ledgend : Nice to meet you to...
    Dregon : You can talk !?
    Ledgend : Your acting like you never seen a wolf talk before .
    Dregon : Errr...
    Syrus : Moving on, what is weird about me ?
    Ledgend : You are a human, yet you are not.
    Syrus : Go on .
    Dregon : Wait what ?
    Ledgend : I can smell your blood and i can smell your scent, it's as if you are a wolf but your not.
    Syrus : * look's at dregon *
    Dregon : Ok, now i belive you.
    Syrus : So what do we do now.
    Dregon : I'd say we still go to Bevel.
    Ledgend : .....
    Syrus : Somthing wrong ?
    Ledgend : Vough, there is somthing odd about him.
    Syrus : You got that feeling to.
    Dregon : Im sure its nothing right ?
    Syrus : Lets hope so.

    * End Of Chapter *
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    The Legacy of Black land

    This story is very interesting, Ogma. I wish the chapter was a bit longer, and hope that Syrus can defeat Hell Soul. I wonder why would Hell Soul try to kill him? I mean, he felt that it was not really him. I suppose that I must find out when you get to chapter six.

    Keep up with the good work. I enjoyed reading chapters 1-5. :cross:
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    Yay chapter 5, each time it just keeps opening up more and more and then leaves me hanging.
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    Nice! They keep getting better and better.
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    omg i guess i was too late reading did i miss it..i will read your 5 and 6 today..:tard:
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    What is BlackLand?. Kinda' game? or something?.
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    Omfg. You have no clue on how to do anything, you flood the chat, post in the wrong sections, admit you're 12 years old, asking random questions. And then speak Filipino saying "You're not a gift.", so much fail.

    Omega Syrus has been making like a mini-series of these stories.
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    I can't wait until you release Chapter 7+, I have to read Chapter 6 now, I can't wait!

    You're pro!

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