The Legacy of Blackland Series 1 Chapter 4

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    - The Legacy Of Blackland -

    - Chapter 4 - Kingdom's Secret -

    - Characters : Syrus , Dregon , Vyse , Hell soul .

    - From the last chapter -

    * Dregon and Syrus met a person called hell soul in the Kio cance along with the bandit Kuraz that was transformed into a demon by the monsterous Egata, after ridding the demon of the cave , the only option here is not telling Vyse about the things that has happened here to prevent the Kingdom from going insane . what is instored for Syrus and Dregon ? *


    * Dregon and syrus traveled back north to the Kingdom of Kio, when they arrived in town , Vyse awaited them. This obviously wasint going to be good coming back with no bandit. At this point, they can and must only tell Vyse. *

    Vyse : Im going to assume your mission went well but , wheres kuraz ?
    Syrus : ...* looks away *
    Dregon : Well, Lets just say he isint alive.
    Vyse : You killed him ? Did he attack you ?
    Syrus : Dregon.
    Dregon : I know syrus i know, Vyse lets go some where away from the villagers.
    Vyse : This must be urgent i see. Lets go in the castle and discuss this matter.

    * As they walk into the castle syrus began to wonder if this had anything to do with him, and how hell soul knew thier names , somthing tells him that this isint going to be good at all *
    * In the castle lounge *

    Vyse : whats going on ?
    Syrus : we encountered something at the Kio caves Vyse.
    Dregon : Yeah.
    Vyse : And that is ?
    Syrus : We ran into some one names Hell Soul in the Kio caves with Kuraz.
    Vyse : ...Hell Soul.
    Dregon : Yes , He summones some kind of demon and turned kuraz into some monster that i never seen before. If im correct, Hell soul mentioned something about demon's.
    Syrus : So when Hell Soul turned Kuraz into a demon , we had no choice but to take him out.
    Vyse : Seems your telling me Kuraz turned into a demon.
    Dregon : Sounds about right.
    Vyse : And you did kill him you say ?
    Syrus : Yes...Is that a problem ?
    Vyse : One last question if you dont mind, do you happen to know the name of the demon Hell Soul summoned that turned Kuraz into a Demon ?
    Dregon : I think Hell soul said somthing like , Egata or something.
    Vyse : !
    Syrus : You know somthing, ... dont you.
    Dregon : ?
    Vyse : Well i guess its better to tell you then the rest of my men, Hell Souls real name is Drachma Gustav, a sage of the Kio region.
    Syrus and Dregon : What ?
    Vyse : * Turns his back to Dregon and Syrus * about two months back, Drachma senced a disturbence in the northern region of makiu .
    Dregon : * Makiu ? Isint that the village and region syrus is from !? *
    Vyse : Drachma him self went to check it out , seeing how powerful as a sage he was. I assumed he has no problem with this matter, but when he returned, he seemed, twisted and his scales turned black. I had no choice but to run him from our kingdom of Kio before he took us all down. as for Egata, That demon took my wife from me...she was, turned into a monster, a demon if you will. killed our only son ...i...i had to kill her.
    Syrus : ....
    Dregon : * wow...thats rough *
    Vyse : If i ever got the chance to repay Hell soul for his deeds, i would gladly do so.
    Syrus : Vyse, How did he know Me and Dregons name.
    Vyse : What ?
    Dregon : Thats right, when we saw Hell Soul for the first time, he uttered our names.
    Syrus : One more thing , to both of you.
    Vyse and Dregon : Hm ?
    Syrus : First of all, Vyse you said this happened to Hell Soul two months ago right ?
    Vyse : Yes , why ?
    Syrus : Dregon , How long was i out cold for ?
    Dregon : Two mon-- Wait a second.
    Syrus : This all seemed as if it was linked, Ronan took me from the Makiu region cause somethign was happening, what ever happened there must of been what was destroying our village and turned hell Soul into what he is.
    Vyse : correct me if im wrong, But arent you a human ? The Makiu region is a wolven tribe.
    Dregon : Errr , About that.

    * Syrus explained to Vyse about the events of the makiu region and why he had to leave including how and why he is here now. *

    Vyse : This is bad indeed. If what you said is true, they might be after you.
    Syrus : Eh.
    Dregon : That would make sence .
    Syrus : They ?
    Vyse : Im sure Hell soul isint the only one who knows of you, i think your father tried to turn you human to keep you hidden. But by doing so , Most of your powers are sealed.
    Syrus : Ugh.
    Vyse : * Turns back around * We need to figure out a plan, but for now , all we can do is wait.
    Dregon : Agreed.
    Vyse : You to, go back and get some rest . We are getting a very important visit tomarrow and i want you both to be there ok ?
    Syrus and Dregon : Alright.
    Dregon : Syrus lets get some rest ok ?
    Syrus : * Thinking *
    Dregon : Syrus ? You ok ?
    Syrus : Thinking , sorry. Lets get going.
    Vyse : Alright, speak of this to no one ok ?
    Syrus and Dregon : Agreed.

    * Later on that night Syrus and Dregon thought about the events that recently happened. Neither of them was sure of what was going on but syrus has a hunch it had somthing to do with the makiu region. what ever it was it couldint be helped now. *

    * The next morning *

    Syrus : Still tired ...
    Dregon : Oh come on, wake up.
    Syrus : * Puts head down * Eh, fine.
    Dregon : Good ,he he...
    Syrus : * Yawn *
    Dregon : I hear some thing outside ...Maybe we got up just in time .
    Syrus : Maybe...
    Dregon : You dont talk much do you ?
    Syrus : * Makes a blunt grin * ...
    Dregon : He he im joking alright * Wrong thing to say to a wolf *
    Dregon : Alright lets go outside to see whats going on .
    Syrus : ...
    Dregon : Err, right .

    * As they head out side , they see a group of unknown soldiers and a strange character with a crown. *

    Vyse : Ah Dregon , Syrus , You both made it just in time. Id like to introduce to you Vough , King Vough.
    Vough : Ah its very nice to meet you both, Vyse tells me your mission to the Kio caves was a sucsess.
    Dregon : Yes , you can say that.
    Vyse : * Cough *
    Syrus : It was nothing we could'int handle.
    Dregon : heh * makes a weird grin *.
    Vough : Very good, Id expect good from Kio's best.
    Syrus and Dregon : Kio's Best ?
    Vyse : I must admit , You two show amazing progress.
    Syrus : Thank You.
    Vough : Well i must take my leave now, I need to return to Bevel .
    Dregon : Bevel ?
    Vyse : Yes , Bevel is South West of here, You should go there some time.
    Dregon : Ill consider it.
    Vough : Bye for now .

    * Vough and Vyse walks away *

    Dregon : Well he have alot of time on our hands, What do we do now ...
    Syrus : I dont know , * Yawn *
    Dregon : Oh no, your not going back to sleep .
    Syrus : ?
    Dregon : I say lets go to Bevel.
    Syrus : Huh ? Now ?
    Dregon : Why not, We might find somthing useful there.
    Syrus : Alright , ill go. * maybe i will fins somthing , but i dont really think i will . Also theres somthing about Vough i dont like, its as if we met before. *
    Dregon : lets prepair, We will leave in a few .
    Syrus : Alright.

    - End Of Chapter 4 -
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