The Legacy of Blackland Series 1 Chapter 3

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    - The Legacy Of Blackland -

    - Chapter 3 - Lost Memories Of The Wolf -

    - characters : Syrus , Dregon , Vyse , Hell soul , Bandit Kuraz.

    - From the last chapter -

    * Temple starts to fall apart from the energy being used *
    Syrus : DAD !! DONT LEAVE ME HERE !! * As Ronan starts to walk away *
    Ronan : Im sorry...i must go..
    Syrus : Wait but you never answered my question !!!
    Ronan : .....I must go now ..
    Syrus : !!!

    * As the temple completely colapses, Neither Syrus or Ronan was to be found *


    * When the temple colapsed , the land of Kio was in a uproar rushing to the fallen temple to find out what has happened.
    all that remained was the peices of the temple and a body under rubble. they brought the body back to kio and searched the remaining peices of the temple.
    Nothing else was yet to be found. 2 Dreadful Months went by since the Temple of Hume colapsed. what has happened to Syrus and Ronan ? *

    Dregon : Ugh...Its been 2 months he has been asleep. How can he be asleep that long is he alive !?
    ??? :
    Dregon : !
    ??? : Wha~ where am i ?
    Dregon : Ah your finnaly awake...and to answer your question , your in my home town of kio. Nice to meet you err..
    ??? : Oh you was the one that saved me ?
    Dregon : Yes...mind telling me your name ?
    Syrus : The names Syrus...Syrus wolfos.
    Dregon : ?
    Syrus : what ?
    Dregon : Err..No offense to you but...why do you have the name of a wolf ?
    Syrus : What are you talking about...i am a wolf.
    Dregon : Err mustive hit your head pretty hard in that temple huh.
    Syrus : Hey ! what are you talking about ?
    Dregon : Well im saying you dont look like a wolf to me ...
    Syrus : What are ~ ... ! * Im...a human ? But how ? *
    Dregon : Is somthing wrong ?
    Syrus : Did you bring anyone else back with you ?
    Dregon : you was the only body that was found when the temple colapsed.
    Syrus : I must go...
    Dregon : Hold on now...just wait a moment ...what is going ?
    Syrus : You wouldint belive me...
    Dregon : Did you even try explaining yourself ?
    Syrus : ...

    * Syrus explained everything that leaded up to this point...from his clan dying off towards his travels to the Temple of the hume. Dregon wasint 100 percent sure on everything syrus said but ..he knew syrus wasint making this up. *

    Syrus : im here...and you said i been out for 2 months.
    Dregon : Yeah.
    Syrus : I must say you do have a point, How am i still alive.
    Dregon : Besides the point. This is alot to take in you know , but i know this isint somthing made up out of no where.
    Dregon : well there nothing to be done as of now. As for you , I think you should stay in Kio for now .
    Syrus : For now i dont have much of a choice.

    * So for now , Syrus resided in the city fo Kio knowing there was nothing to be done until he had some kind of lead. he trained with Dregon and the Knights of Kio to become more useful to his abilities and others, now syrus will get his first mission with dregon. Nothin normal i assure you. *

    Dregon : Syrus , are you ready to meet Lord Vyse ?
    Syrus : Oh ? Yes...sorry about that, I had alot on my mind. Lets get moving.
    Dregon : Right.

    * Both of them walk out side *

    Dregon : Ah, there he is. Lord vyse .
    Vyse : Dregon , Syrus , nice to see you here. Are you ready for your mission to the Kio caves ?
    Syrus and Dregon : Yes sir.
    Vyse : task is to go south so kio caves and see if the bandit kuraz is there... Understood ?
    Dregon : Yes lord vyse.
    Syrus : .....
    Vyse :
    Syrus : Im sorry if i offended not used to the whole lord thing.
    Vyse : Pay it no mind for two must get going.
    Dregon : Alright , Lets go Syrus.

    * As they start to walk out the village , Dregon began to wonder more and more about syrus'es story...about the Temple of the Hume and his clan that was dying syrus only knew ..he had to leave the village for unknown reasons...*

    Dregon : hm..
    Syrus : * Looks at dregon * Is somthing wrong ?
    Dregon : Just thinking .
    Syrus : I see...According to this map provided with out task...we are close to the Kio Caves.
    Dregon : Get Ready , We dont know what were up against.
    Syrus : * My powers are not to be shown to others father said...i wonder what he ment by that...*
    Dregon : Day ready ?
    Syrus : Oh !, right...Lets move.
    Dregon : * Glares at Syrus * You ok ?
    Syrus : Im fine...
    Dregon : Alright Then.

    * As they venture into the bandits cave also known as the kio caves, they find somthing very interesting on there way *

    Dregon : Kuraz ...where are you !? show your self ?
    Syrus : Look !

    * A bunch of stolen goods and gold found all over the central part of the cave. *

    Dregon : so this is where he staches all of the stolen goods.
    Syrus : We should return these ...but now id say we go farther in.
    Dregon : Really ? Eh...Errr ok i guess *Dregon starts to shake a little*
    Syrus : Somthing wrong ?
    Dregon : Nope ! nothing at all !
    Syrus : afraid of very dark caves ?
    Dregon : Nope not at all * trembles *
    Syrus : So let me get this been a Elite knight for how long ? and -
    Dregon : I get it i get it..ahh..lets keep going.
    Syrus : ...If you say do.
    Dregon : Bah..

    * As they ventured deeper into the cave, a light starts to appear...Can it be Kuraz ? *

    Dregon : Ah Light..finnaly * looks relived *
    Syrus : * Shakes head * Lets hurry.
    Dregon : Got it !
    Dregon : Kuraz ! There you are !
    Kuraz : .....
    Dregon : give it up, you have no where to run ! So -
    Syrus : Dregon !
    Dregon : Ugh ..Err What is it.
    Syrus : Somthing here is not right...
    Kuraz : ......
    Syrus : Kuraz ?
    Kuraz : R-Run...Run !
    Dregon : What !?
    Syrus : ?
    ??? : Nice to meet you here...
    Syrus and Dregon : !!! * Turns around quickly *
    ??? : Well if it isint Dregon and Syrus.
    Syrus : How do you know us ?
    Hell soul : The names Hell Soul...Nice to meet you both...especially you Syrus...
    Syrus : why me ? who are you !?
    Kuraz : Ugh...Run..Please...
    Dregon : Kuraz ... Hell Soul, Whats going on here !?
    Hell Soul : Having a little fun is all , now then, Lets start.
    * Syrus and Dregon Prepairs *
    Kuraz : Ugh..
    *Hell soul teleports over to Kuraz and grabs him*
    Kuraz : Let go of me Demon...
    Dregon : Demon !?
    Hell soul : Heh..

    * As Hell soul held on to Kuraz, A portal start to open. As Dregon and Syrus Stared into the darkness, a thick slime start to spill out of the hole. What could it be ? as the hole opened wide, a blob like substance came out of the portal. *

    Dregon : What the hell is that !?
    Syrus : !? * Syrus starts to feel weird * what is this power !?
    Hell Soul : * so this is this really Syrus * Now then.

    * Hell soul picked up Kuraz and threw him into the blob *

    Hell soul : Meet my friend Egata ...
    Syrus and Dregon : Egata !?
    Hell soul : Yes, Egata is basically a demon factory if you will...
    Syrus : What !?
    Hell soul : Right, anything egata touched or devoures thats living turns into a demon. To bad it affects the weak only, Otherwise id target you two.
    Syrus : Eh..

    * Kuraz screams in pain *
    Dregon : Stop, this madness !
    Hell soul : Heh, its a bit to late for that now is it ?

    * As Kuraz felt pain within the demon egata, his body was being torn from his souls and replaced with the darkness at hand , turning him into a demon *

    Hell soul : heh..ill leave this to you , until we meet again, if your still alive . Ha ha ha !!! * dissapears into the portal *
    Syrus : Wait !
    Dregon : Syrus ?
    Syrus : what ?
    * Dregon points behind syrus *
    * A huge demon emerges from egata *
    Syrus : Ku-Kuraz !?
    Dregon : Ugh !
    Demon Kuraz : RRROOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
    Syrus and Dregon : Ehh...
    Dregon : We cant let this leave the caves, it would put the people in Kio in danger.
    Syrus : I agree, Lets deal with this first.

    *** BOSS FIGHT # 1 : Demon Kuraz - RK1 ***

    Demon Kuraz : Grrrrr!!
    Dregon : Alright ..
    Syrus : !

    * Syrus runs up to Kuraz and goes for the strike *
    * Kuraz blocked in time and deflected syrus into the wall *

    Dregon : Ugh , Take this ! * Dregons swords starts to glow * Go ! Dragon Flare !!

    * Kuras'es body got torn up by the flames of Dragon Flare *

    Dregon : Syrus are you ok ?
    Syrus : Ugh Yeah...
    Dregon : Do you know any magic ?
    Syrus : Not that i know of.
    Dregon : Just be careful ok ?
    Syrus : Yeah.
    Demon Kuraz : GRAAAAAAAHHH!!!

    * Kuraz starts charging up a blast *

    Dregon : !?
    Syrus : ....?

    * Kuraz Fires a black stream of energy at Syrus and Dregon *
    * Both of them take the hit flying towards the wall *

    Dregon : What was that !?
    Syrus : Ugh...
    Dregon : Hang in the--
    * Syrus Stands up *
    Syrus : * Sorry dad but i cant die here * Unleash - Yabann no Uberos !
    * Syrus'es sword starts charging *
    Syrus : Ill finish this ! Tear him apart, Uberos !

    * nothing happened *

    Dregon : Your joking right ?
    Syrus : * Thats right, im a human using wolf skills , this is bad.

    * Kuraz knocks syrus out the way and heads for dregon *

    Dregon : Syrus !
    Demon Kuraz : * breathes deeply * * Raised hand about to attack Dregon *
    Dregon : Eh !

    * As a swift glare of light passed, Kuraz'es arm fell off *

    Dregon : !
    Syrus : Dregon finish him !
    Dregon : Err uh, yeah right !
    Dregon : Go ! Dragon Flare !!!

    * Dregon fires another Dragon Flare at Kuraz *

    Demon Kuraz : Graaaa !!!

    * As kuraz falls , he disperses into ashes *

    Dregon : Ugh ...that was close. what was that you did there ?
    Syrus : I guess its all i can do for now while im human. Its a technique called Sheer Fang, It seems to work well against monsters but i didint think it would work on somthing like this.
    Dregon : Well it saved us just in time...
    Syrus : How are we gonna explain this to Vyse.
    Dregon : We dont.
    Syrus : What ?
    Dregon : Think about it for a second, if i were to tell Vyse, it might throw the kingdom in a uproar.
    Syrus : You have a point, So what do we do.
    Dregon : I say we find this Hell soul character and get a few answers...
    Syrus : Agreed . * Still, i never seen him before but he knows me and dregon, what is going on !? *
    Dregon : Lets get out of here before more start to appear .
    Syrus : Alright.

    ---End of Chapter 3---
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    Haha awesome, loved reading it as usual and I liked that you wrote a longer chapter.

    Keep it up looking forward to the next chapter. :3
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    wow--your sooo talented

    waiting for ch-4:woop:
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    The story is interesting. Did you write this story? If so, you're talented and I hope to see chapter 4 of the story.
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    :Y Wow this is just amazing.
    You're a great story writer, I love it, honestly, there are only very few series that I actually like.

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