The Legacy of Blackland Series 1 Chapter 2

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    - The Legacy Of Blackland -

    - Chapter 2 - Broken Seal And The lost Cause -

    - Characters - Raynard Horenn , Ronan Wolfos, ?????, Syrus wolfos ( Age 16 ), Lunas Arcana -

    *Ronans Side*

    Ronan : Raynard ...where are we going ?
    Raynard : You will see soon my friend. Soon enough all of our problems will be solved with 1 simple ordeal.
    Ronan : Huh ? what do you mean By that ?
    Raynard : Dont worry Ronan, We will be back soon enough ...its just a little further.
    * As it feels like there walking aimlessly, the air has changed and the sky got darker than the blackest of nights and the moon gazed a purple glow *
    Raynard : Atlast, We are here Ronan.
    Ronan : Ugh..What is this place !? Its nothing i have ever seen in my life.
    Raynard : This is the Sanctum of Salvation. With in this place, all of our problems would be solved.
    Ronan : Alright, i trust you.
    * As they set foot within the Sanctum of Salvation, ronan had a bad feeling form the start. As if, somthing terrible was going to happen even if he was only doing his part...but even so..Ronan would do anything to save his people. *
    Raynard : Ronan, We are here. The Seal of Salvation its self looks more powerful than i though.
    Ronan : So, what do we do ?
    Raynard : My power alone cant open this seal, otherwise i would of just brought the power back to the tribe, but our savior can open this seal.
    Ronan : ......Alright.
    * Raynard stands back *
    Ronan : Well, here i go...

    * As Ronan use his power to open the seal, the seal its self slowly started to crack. as the last lock of the seal was broken, dark energy started to rush out the seal uncontrollably. It started to surround Ronan very quickly *

    Ronan : ..!? Raynard what is going on !?
    Raynard : .....Let it take you in. Let it devour you.
    Ronan : What !?
    Raynard : Isint it obvious Ronan ? I needed you to open this seal so i can reclaim power. I can care less about the people you want to save !.
    Ronan : Ugh ! Ill ge--
    * As the shadows surrounded Ronan...It completely devoured his very soul as he vanished within the darkness *
    Raynard : Now that thats over, its time to claim what is rightfully mines.
    * As Raynard walked towards the seal, somthing started to emerge from the shadows within the seal.*
    ????? : Are you the one that released this seal ?
    Raynard : Yes my servent...i am the one that released you from your prison.
    ????? : Servent ? Hmp..
    * As this character fully emerged from the shadows of the seal, He started walking towards Raynard with a straight look on his face *
    Raynard : Yes will obey me as Rayn---
    * ????? put his left hand through the right side of his chest *
    Omega : First of all mortal, You do not own me, But because your so generous, ill give you an option. Join me and help me destroy the gods them selves or i can sit here and shatter your very existence...the choice is yours.
    * Raynard had a choice to make. He craved power from the very start....would this change anything? as though..raynard didint have much time as he was deeply he uttered the words...*
    Raynard : Only if i can finish what i started..
    Omega : hmm...Granted...

    * Meanwile in the Makiu Village *

    Syrus : I wonder where dad is...we need to find Aron.
    *someone starts to walk in the village*
    Ronan : Syrus....
    Syrus : DAD !! where were you...Aron got kn--
    Ronan : Syrus we need to get you out of here.
    Syrus : But Ar--
    Ronan : Thats aware of what happened to Aron..but that can wait for alive is lets take what we need and get going.
    * Ronan walks in a shed *
    Syrus : What is going on, and how did he know what happened to Aron ?
    * As syrus packed a few things to take along to who knows where...he was a bit worried...he know somthing terrible has occured, but he couldint think of what was really going on at the time. *
    Ronan : Syrus...lets get going.
    Syrus : Can i ask why we got to leave our home behind ? Aron can still be out there.
    Ronan : ...
    * Syrus puts his head down *
    Ronan : Lets go...
    * Upon leaving the village , He trusted dis tribe to lunas arcana and set out on who knows where . crossing the seas to unknown lands, Scaling moutains to the highest depts, and going across the endless meadows. Now they finally rest in a place called the Undergo. *
    Ronan : We can rest here for now...
    Syrus : *pant* where are we ?
    Ronan : we are inside the Undergo, The underground city.
    Syrus : Ohh..
    Ronan : Come now.. we must get some rest . We will set out first thing tomarrow.
    Syrus : *sigh*
    Ronan : .....
    * As time went by, Syrus felt like Ronan has changed, but Ronan couldint tell him what was going to happen otherwise its syrus to take the fall for it. You will find out soon enough why *

    - Next day -

    * Syrus sits on a rock in the plains *
    Ronan : Syrus...
    Syrus : Ronan.
    Ronan : You called me Ronan ...
    Syrus : I am aware, i must know...and dont lie. why did we leave everything behind just like that. what is going on !?
    Ronan : If you want to know, Lets make it to kio. I promise i will explain everything when we get there.
    Syrus : Lets get moving then.

    * They traveled south to the Maku region of the gladiators all the way west to the land of Kio, Land of the brave. Syrus couldint wait to hear what ronan had to say, but to bad...he never got to hear what he wanted....*

    Ronan : we have made it to Kio.
    Syrus : Can you tell me now ?
    Ronan : Hold on, ...? Over there , we can talk there * as he points *
    * what he pointed to was a temple called the Hume, It was a sealed temple by the gods that should never be open unless permission otherwise ...but im sure Ronan had his reasons . *

    Ronan : Alright * Puts hand on seal and broke it almost instantly * Lets go inside...
    Syrus : Im right behind you.
    * As they walked deeper into the temple, Syrus gazed at the signs on the wall, explaining about the power of the Hume form , syrus didint know what that ment at the time...but he didint like the sound of that word they reached the end of the temple .....*

    Ronan : * Stops Walking * Syrus, Stand over there and hit that switch while i open this seal...
    Syrus : Um..sure.
    * Syrus walked over to this weird looking switch *
    * Ronan activates the seal of the Hume *
    Syrus : what does this do ?.....Dad...i cant move !.
    Ronan : i know Syrus...
    Syrus : !? ...what are you doing ?
    Ronan : Forgive me...but i cant let them find you...
    Syrus : who find me ? what are you talking about !?
    Ronan : In due time syrus...

    * Temple starts to fall apart from the energy being used *
    Syrus : DAD !! DONT LEAVE ME HERE !! * As Ronan starts to walk away *
    Ronan : Im sorry...i must go..
    Syrus : Wait but you never answered my question !!!
    Ronan : .....I must go now ..
    Syrus : !!!

    * As the temple completely colapses, Neither Syrus or Ronan was to be found *

    To Be Continued...:@
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    You and your cliffhangers, but other than that wonderful so far. Good plot and an already interesting array of characters, this will be a series worth waiting for.
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    this is wonderful and goot plot and story
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    Wow, it's starting to get intense. :P
    Great story.
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    Yes it is.

    Didn't Ronan get his soul devoured? How is he alive? :raise:
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    Wait and see...all will be revealed soon.

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