The Legacy of Blackland Series 1 Chapter 10

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    - The Legacy Of Blackland -

    - Chapter 10 - Devastation Between Blackland -

    - Characters : Syrus , Dregon , Ledgend , Lion Heart , Lance Herbald , Hell Soul, Slime beast, *** Ron Radbitto *** ,

    - From the last chapter -

    **** In Bevel's castle. ****

    Vough : I knew Vyse would escape, what am i going to tell Zome and the rest of them.
    zome : You dont got to say a word ...
    Vough : * turns around swiftly * Zome !?
    Zome : You have done well for what you did, but you failed to much to even be of use again.
    Vough : Zomedariair, out of all pe--
    Zome : What did you just call me ?
    Vough : Like it matter's sage.
    Zome : I see.
    Vough : * Readies a electric pulse * Out of my sight !
    Zome : ...

    * Vough's right arm fell off with a slash from Zomes Scythe *

    Vough : Gaahhh !!
    Zome : I have no further use of you, but maybe i can use you for somthing more.
    Vough : * kneel's * Gah ! what are you going to do !?
    Zome : I will let Egata do the talking .
    Vough : NO ! Anything but that !? Gaaaahhh !!

    **** At that moment in Horion ****

    Syrus : It's getting late.
    Lion Heart : Hm.
    Lance Herbald : Syrus, why dont you get some rest, i need to speak to Lion Heart.
    Syrus : Sure, Later.

    * Syrus leaves Lion Heart and Lance Herbald *

    Lance Herbald : So what do you think ?
    Lion Heart : About what ?
    Lance Herbald : Do you think Syrus will make it ?
    Lion Heart : Now ? No, but soon he will be able to handle his own.
    Lance Herbald : And what of Ron ?
    Lion Heart : Ron, ...I honestly dont know what to say...his power is not normal and i am not sure where it came from.
    Lance Herbald : Hopefully we dont run into him so early.
    Lion Heart : He will get what's coming to him, thats a promise.
    Lance Herbald : Well anyway's, We should get some rest too.
    Lion Heart : Yes, your right, hopefully thing's get better from here.
    Lance Herbald : Hm..
    ???? : Better !?
    Lance Herbald : Ron !?
    Lion Heart : RON !
    Ron : Well, if it isint the lion and his horsey.
    Lance Herbald : Grrr, shut up !
    Ron : Oh come on now, I knew you guy's for how long ?
    Lion Heart : Eh..* what should i do ? This isint the right time to be facing him *
    Ron : Somthing Wrong ?
    Lion Heart : why are you here ?
    Ron : To have a little fun ofcourse.
    ???? : what is this ?
    Lance, Lion Heart & Ron : Hm ?
    Hell Soul : Ron Radbitto is it ?
    Ron : Hmp.
    Hell Soul : whats with you ?
    Ron : I have nothing to deal with you or the pathetic god you worship.
    Lance and Lion Heart : * wow , thats really, surprising. *
    Hell Soul : How Dare you talk down to us like that, He would dest--
    Ron : I will give you 10 second's to remove yourself from my sight.
    Hell Soul : And if i dont ?
    Ron : * Gives a deep glare at hell soul and ball's his fist up. *
    Hell Soul : Hm...

    ****** Event VS ******

    Name : Ron Rad-bitto
    Element: Holy, Dark
    Weapon : El-Blitzer * Tome *
    Class : Bishop
    Species: Rabbit
    Alighment : Unknown
    Stamina: ?
    Att : ?
    Def : ?
    Speed : ?
    Magic : ?
    Resist : ?
    RK : RK ?
    Ability: Point blank - Can cast spells with out chant or tome point blank.
    Extra info : Thing is he dont need tomes or staffs but why do he carry an El-Blitzer tome ?

    Name : Hell soul ( V2 )
    Element: Dark, Demon
    Weapon : Eruhen ( Sword )
    Class : Sage
    Species: Dark Dragon
    Alighment : Evil
    Stamina: B
    Att : B+
    Def : B-
    Speed : B
    Magic : A-
    Resist : A-
    RK : RK 5
    Ability: Void Pulse, Devour's an entire area and pulses it out into a flare.
    Extra Info : N/a


    Ron : Last chance.
    Lion Heart : What are you planning Hell Soul !?
    Hell Soul : Please, this is a complete waste of time.
    Ron : Your right, so ill waste no time...

    * Hell Soul Starts to bleed slowly *

    Hell Soul : * wipes forehead * what !? what is this ? Why am i bleeding !?
    Ron : It's funny Lion Heart, Only you know how to counter this ...
    Lion Heart : Eh...
    Lance Herbald : what should we do ?
    Lion Heart : As of now, it isint our fight.

    * Ron's Eye's Starts to glow *

    Ron : You disgust me, Devour, Intsepta...

    * Hell Soul's body starts to colapse under his own pressure *

    Hell Soul : Graaaa !! AAHHhhh!!
    Ron : If you had enough, i will consider to release you.
    Hell Soul : * start's to cough blood * Ugh..
    Ron : This " God " you worship Drachma, is it worth it ?
    Hell Soul : You know my name !?
    Ron : I know alot of thing's, but that doesint matter, Lion Heart.
    Lion Heart : Huh ?
    Ron : Im done with him, do what you will, im leaving.

    ********* Battle Over *********

    Lion Heart : Wait ! I want to know, where have you been and why have you become this way ?
    Ron : ...
    Lion Heart : And on top of that, how do you have suck power !?
    Ron : Soon , Time will fall in place and things will be revealed, Syrus is your key to finding this out.
    Lance Herbald : Syrus !?
    Lion Heart : What does Syrus got to do with this !?
    Hell soul : ... * colapses *
    Ron : Well, now that he is out cold, Syrus Wolfos was born differently.
    Lance Herbald : What do you mean ?
    Ron : If you didint know, Ronan is the wolf god.
    Lion Heart : Yes that was pointed out, he also opened the seal in the Makiu Region to release Omega.
    Ron : Wrong.
    Lance and Lion Heart : He did'nt ?
    Ron : The seal was slowly oppening, Raynard got hasty and put the plague on the makiu region, caused ronan's tribe to die off slowly.
    But on top of that, that driven Ronan to belive that he would do anything to save his tribe, no matter the risk.
    Beliving Raynard's lies and slander and false info about the Seal of omega, he used his power to open the seal, but considering the seal was opened to begin with, It's possible to assume that Raynard wasint Raynard.
    Lion Heart : Who did you think it was ?
    Ron : My guess, it had to be another god...
    Lance Herbald : Is it anyone we ran into recently ? Vough, maybe Vyse ?
    Ron : No, but i would live to help you, but i refuse to.
    Lion Heart : Eh..
    Lance Herbald : Ron...

    * Ron Start's to walk away *

    Ron : Oh, By the way.
    Lion Heart : Hm ?
    Ron : His real name is Zygo, Zygo Omega, Its pretty obvious that the current omega isint the right one...That is actually his son, Negral. dont take him to lightly ok Lion Heart ?
    Lion Heart : Why are you telling us this ?
    Ron : I cant explain right now, I need to meet up with Spencer.
    Lance Herbald : Spencer ?
    Ron : I must Head off, till next time Lion Heart.

    * Ron Fade's away *

    Lion Heart : He is gone, now what.
    Lance Herbald : Let's return, but what i dont know, he still didint tell us whatwas with syrus.
    Lion Heart : I know what he ment.
    Lance Herbald : You did ?
    Lion Heart : Let's get Syrus back to his original form, that will answer our question's.
    Lance Herbald : And Hell Soul ?
    Lion Heart : He isint a threat to us honestly, let's leave him, we have other things more important.
    Lance Herbald : Alrighty then, Let's move.

    ***** Currently in Horion *****

    Syrus : Dregon, Ledgend, I returned.
    Dregon : Syrus ? You ok ?
    Syrus : Im Fine, Dregon i want to know, out of all the time i been out, what has changed ?
    Dregon : If your saying from when the seal was first opened, Many thing's changed. I noticed the change in the planet's air and its feel. it seems to me like not that one area of this planet was affected, it feel's like the whole world has fallen under darkness.
    Syrus : Darkness !?
    Ledgend : Now that you mention it, between thoes 2 months, i dont remember a thing.
    Dregon : You dont ?
    Ledgend : Not at all, i wonder why , or rather what has happened aswell.
    Syrus : what about you Dregon ?
    Dregon : Well, as you know from vyse's story, demon's , monster's, creature's have appeared over the land very slowly. I dont think there is any way to prevent this tragedy that has fallen over this planet.
    Ledgend : I senced somthing in the distant, it isint normal.
    Dregon : Let's go check it out.
    Syrus : I think its coming from south of here, let's head out.

    * As they started to head south, they reached an open field *

    Ledgend : It' here but i dont see anything ...
    Syrus : Hold on, ...there .

    * Syrus point's at the ground a few feet infront of them *

    Dregon : It's a Orange spot in the grass, What could that be ?

    * The orange spot start's to morph into a slime creature *

    Syrus : What is this !?
    slime beast : I ...WiLl dEvoUr YoU !

    To Be Continued...
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    This chapter was more interesting, and a random slime creature at the end.

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    Awesome yet again! :woop:
    The slime creature is mentioned in chapter 9...
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    i missed 9 and other chapters i am totally confused now:@

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