The Legacy of Blackland Series 1 Chapter 1

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    - chapter 1 - The Plot Of Illness And The False Trap - *Characters - Ronan Raynard Syrus Arcane Hahdo* * Enemies - skellmanion - shady character *

    * In the region of Makiu near the northern west side of the forest , lived a tribe of wolves , which few was effected by a strange illness and dying off 1...after another...Ronan , the leader of the makiu tribe worried about what was yet to come , this was only the beginning of the end *
    Ronan : Raynard ...Why is this happening to my people...What did i do to deserve such a thing , Did i anger the gods ?
    Raynard : Im not sure , But we need to do somthing about this before its to late. Im not sure what, But we must do somthing Ronan.
    Ronan : .....Im thinking..i dont have much time. I fear for Syrus and Aron.

    * As the days went by , more and more of the tribe start decaying from the region its self , things were getting dark and despirate , Ronan was runnin out of options . then one day .... *
    Ronan : * What am i going to do .... i must get syrus and Aron out of here * Hm..?
    Raynard : Found you , I think i found a way to rid this illness of our tribe.
    Ronan : What !? Really !?
    Raynard : Yes , we must make haste .
    Ronan : What about Syrus and Aron ?
    Raynard : They will be fine, now come...we must go.
    Ronan : Eh..Fine...

    * Meanwile in the Makiu Moutains, Syrus and his brother Aron are training in the moutains. nothing was excpected at the time , until now *
    Aron : Come on Syrus , were almost there.
    Syrus : .....
    Aron : I will leave you behind , Step it up .
    Syrus : Im coming .
    Aron : Not fast enough , were almost there...this isint training for nothing. Now come on before we be late.
    Aron : Hm..?
    * Syrus stops walking *
    Syrus : There is somthing here.
    Aron : What are you talking about ? Theres nothing he--
    Syrus : Look ! Isint that Hahdo !?
    * Hahdo is faced down on the ground *
    Aron : come on lets go...
    * As they rushed to the body and turned it over , it was deep gashes across the chest , Hahdo ..was dead..*
    Syrus : .....* starts looking around*.
    Aron : Im not sure how this happened , But i have a bad feeling about this , We should get out of here.
    Syrus : Aron ...
    Aron : Yes syrus ?
    Syrus : Theres somthing in that cave...its..looking at us .
    Aron : Where ?
    * As Aron turned around , a giant skeleton Scorpion like creature comes out the cave with blood on its claws *
    * aron and Syrus dodged as the beast rushed towards them *
    Aron : Syrus run !!
    Syrus : I wont leave you behind...its to dangerous...
    Aron : Ugh..
    * Aron tried to hold off the beast with all his might , the skellmanion turned its attention to syrus , as if syrus was its primary target. *
    * The skellmanion threw Aron aside and rushed for syrus , Aron got back up to defend syrus. Aron unleashed his Gravity might abilities sending himself
    and the skellmanion off the moutain . as they fell off Aron grabbed the ledge as fast as he could , syrus grabbed his hand. *
    Syrus : Hang on !! I cant let you die like this !.
    Aron : If you dont let go , we both will fall.
    * As syrus tried to pull Aron up from the cliffs , A strange character appeared behind syrus *
    ????? : Your coming with me ...Syrus.
    Syrus : !
    * As Aron got up from the cliffs to see this strange character , the strange character wasted no time going after syrus. Quickly aron pushed Syrus out the way and took the hit for Syrus Grabbing on to this strange character then drifting off the moutain , both aron and this strange character dissapeared *
    Syrus : * looks off the cliff * Aron !! i must hurry back to the village...I must find my brother !!.
    *as Syrus rushed back to the village and told the other members of the tribe , they sent out Seekers to find aron. Hours after , not even his scent was found...its like he dissapeared off the face of the Earth...*

    End of chapter 1
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    Interesting story, I've been wondering what this "blackland" you were referring to was for a while now. I wonder who the person who kidnapped Syrus was.
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    I envy you. Whenever I try to put thoughts to paper, It never comes out the way I feel it should.

    I'm looking forward the next chapter.
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    me too im looking forward to the next one
    keep going

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