The Last Of Us Review.

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    The Last Of Us is a Post-Apocalyptic game set across America, You play as a survivor named Joel and are faced with the dull task In which you are required to take a 13-year-old survivor on an epic Journey nationwide, each day is a hope of surviving this brutal journey, In the last of us, You will use an assortment of weapons such as handguns, shotguns, and Molotov cocktail's. Ammo can be very scarce so in the game you will find yourself using other weapons such as pipes. wood planks, and baseball bats. In this journey you will find infected victims, as well as survivors. The last us was a very great game and I enjoyed the fact that at the beginning of the game your relationship with Ellie was very awkward, and later in the game you begin to see your relationship grow, the last of us is an amazing game, and definitely a great game.
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    I agree. The Last of Us is a phenomenal game. This review seems to be lacking in some form, if you're still around and would like to perhaps talk this over, send me a Convo!

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