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    Wow that's cool. Looks like Morrowind?

    Arena includes all those areas and Battlespire was on a plane of Oblivion in a single multi-level dungeon, so it wouldn't show up here

    There are some mods that add a place where you go do pit fighting or other stuff like archery. One mod I have is called The Cutting Room Floor that basically adds in some quests and NPC's that were cut from the game, I wish that was included.

    I have somewhat of a story to tell I guess.

    I have a camping mod that allows me to make campfires and set up a bedroll or a tent. Goes along great with my hunting mod, anyway I decided to set up camp near the shrine of Talos from here


    After a couple in game hours of foraging for supplies, I managed to set up the campfire, then realized that I needed more supplies in order to craft tinder and kindling for the fire to last more than an hour. Finally after doing all that and getting a nice roaring fire, it starts to rain and puts the fire out in like 2 minutes. My guess is Talos didn't want me camping there, I was ready to download a mod just so I could piss on his shrine.

    Anyway, here's some more images thus far.

    Comparison of Skyrim Vanilla (dull as fuck) and my vibrant Vividian ENB


    He has an eyepatch in this one

    Outside Windhelm and decided to set up camp (snow puts out fires aswell so didn't make one)

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    Yeah, pretty sure it's Morrowind.

    I seriously hate how they write in the game books and on the wiki. Makes it so fucking confusing.
    I thoght Arena was but didn't know for sure. Isn't The Elder Scrolls: Online as well? For some reason I didn't know about Redguard and Battlespire until recently when I started talking with you here. I knew the N-guage games but still can't remember their names.
    It's not really the pit fighting, it's finding out about something that could have been but never was. I did a quest on Solstheim and helped some Nords. I looked up one of their names and she was supposed to be a pit fighter. I noticed the others with here were as well.

    That, is so fucking hilarious. Fuck Talos! The top shot, the flowers still look like they're modded. The bottom, being in that tent looks so awesome. I wish there were more ways to interact with the world.

    Mods I want.
    World Map in full 3D
    Clear fucking clouds from the map.
    - The standard map is garbage. You can't really make anything out and there's stupidass fucking clouds in the way.

    Realistic bodies
    Nudity (No Dignity)
    -When I kill people and take everything they own. I want EVERYTHING! I murder people just because in Skyrim sometimes. Why would I leave them with their dignity. I also want realistic bodies. There's no way in hell beggars have that much meat on the bones and Nobles are that skinny. Blacksmiths should also be hulking beasts because they're constantly pounding metal at the forge.
    I once saw people in a comments section saying that Khajiit women should have 6 pairs of tits and Argonians shouldn't have any for realism.

    Pathways outlined
    - There's some awesome mod that outlines all the pathways and roads. That would help so fucking much! I try to walk everywhere. I constantly kill stuff and get over-encumbered and walking takes forever. When I'm trying to sell huge quantities of stuff, walking to Riften is near impossible because the east side of the map is a clusterfuck!

    Realistic Clouds & Water
    - I like clouds. The water looks ok but it's constantly glitching.

    Nicer looking cities
    - I once saw a mod for a nicer looking Whiterun. The cities are all so fucking dull and bland and nothing really sets most apart. Morthal has a terrible layout and Dwemer buildings. Solitude is huge. Riften has the waterways. I don't even bother with cesspools like Falkreath and Morthal. They usually just have a smith, maybe a potions maker or general store and an inn. Riverwood is OK but the Smith died twice in my PT and I have a soft spot in my heart for Shors Stone. Winterhold is so fucking terrible, I forget it exists. I've only been there a few times and it was always/mostly for College stuff. (Went there a short time ago to get to the College to sell stuff. I was over-encumbered.)

    More child races
    Kill Children/Everybody
    - I swear children were changed with an update. I remember them talking so much shit. Everybody should be killable. I also think other races need more representation.

    - I just wanna be able to fish. Is that a damn crime?

    Kicking (Hopefully)
    - I loved kicking stuff in Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Elements

    Chop people up like Fallout (Hopefully)
    - I can chop heads off, sometimes. Why can't I cut people up into tiny bits and drop them places? It was possible in Fallout 3, why not Skyrim?

    Pick up more stuff
    - Seriously! Can pick up a body, wearing armor..... Sometimes. Sometimes can't pick up a nude body but it's usually easier. Could barely move a skeleton a few feet. Could pick up the ass end of a boar, and then it would randomly fall. Somebody fix that shit!
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    Over 100 posts? Holy smokes, you two sure do like Elder Scrolls.
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    The Elder Scrolls series is one of my favorite of all time.
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    I have "HD flowers" So like this [​IMG]

    Lot of mods for that

    I have that

    Plus some mods to make the map just paper

    Mods for that

    Yup, mods for that

    See previous link for the map


    So far I've seen Khajiit and argonian kids, not even sure about elves or orcs and there is a killable children mod

    "Art of fishing" removes the ability to catch fish by hand though



    Not sure about this one but I do know that it's based on their weight so if they have a bunch of stuff, loot them first and they'll be lighter.

    TES is something I know a lot about and enjoy talking about because it's an RPG, so every playthrough is different with people. Even though right now it's just been Hax and I, we're both passionate about the game.

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    Splotch. aahahahahhahahaha

    What do you mean by somewhat? Can you only chop off certain body parts or use certain weapons?

    I usually just loot everything they own before I move them. Seriously, I can pick up a guy wearing an entire suit of armor, above my head. Can't pick up a fucking skeleton! With my armor on, I have 808 carry weight. Can't pick up a skeleton. Maybe I should get a logic mod. Force Skyrim to make sense.

    I want to play Morrowind really bad but I have 2 reasons for not doing it. 1 is I want to climb to the top of The Elder Stats leaderboards with my current Skyrim char. I was gonna start a new char but I was already at 32 with 253 hours.

    The second has to do with my 360's. I have Burnout 3: Takedown on my old 360 and couldn't transfer it to my new one even though it's mostly complete. I do NOT want to start it over. I'm going to try to move all my stuff to a 2 TB HDD so I can use my games on either 360. I don't want to start Morrowind in case I have to start the game over again. It would just be a pain in the ass to restart the game on my old 360 and I made a new save on my current one. I'm gonna see what happens when I do the move.

    The thread would be nicer with more people. But, as Shat and I have shown, we don't need anymore people for this to be a great thread. I love the Elder Scrolls series and talking about it. So many games, so much lore that goes deeper than probably any other series I've ever seen. The more you play these games, the more you have to talk about. You could be playing different games and still have plenty to talk about and share.

    We also play different characters so it's really interesting to see the game through different perspectives.
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    Not exactly bits and pieces but more than vanilla

    Logic is not Skyrim, or hell TES's strong point

    I don't know many other games that has lore as deep as TES

    Speaking of underrepresented races btw, got a mod that makes some of the skeletons beast races. Everything caters to humans, this is what we call privilege.
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    That's more than I was expecting. I was just thinking arms, legs, head. Didn't really expect to be able to cut torso's in half.

    Yeah, but that's why we love it. You can do whatever the hell you want. Feel like killing an entire town? Juming up a mountain? Riding a horse up a 90 degree angle? Yep. TES has you covered.

    Dragon Age has a decent amount of Lore but TES goes so much deeper and has such a head start on it. I think they put way more effort into their lore than they do the game itself. I was thinking of how much of a nightmare it must be to make sure all the lore lines up right. Make sure people and things who are supposed to exist in a time, are actually there. Must be a maddening job.

    Thanks for posting that here. That's awesome. Further proof of how lazy Bethesda is. I feel like they should take mods like this and implement them into future games. That or ask fans for suggestions for things like this, give modders previews of shit like the map to see what they think and would change.
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    Actually, they don't :P

    ESO screws all that up, for example the Aldmeri Dominion shouldn't exist at the time of ESO, also since ESO is so far back in time, nothing you do or that happens is reflected in the games so far.

    There is a lot of talk of non-canon but sometimes things are created just to prove that there is no official canon for TES, and even your own theories are as valid as the next.

    Or let modders take a tiny cut of the profits and just charge for the DLC/mod Kappa
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    I dunno, seems like for the most part it works. I think they make it up as they go along, update and change the lore as they go to make everything work to some degree. Like how they created Dragon Breaks to make the multiple endings of Daggerfall all canon.

    Which has shown to just be a terrible idea. You also mentioned what a pain in the ass it is to make sure all the mods work together and continue to have support. It would be best if Bethesda took the best things that modders made, that made sense and implemented them. I was reading on the USEP Wiki that there was some kind of Skyrim creation contest or some shit. Took a week and people were left to decide things to implement into the games.
    Flaming Horse: Arvak
    Spears: (Shoulda brought back all the old weapon types) Reikling spears (Dragonborn)

    Sadly, I can't remember the others and it was kinda shitty that some of the good ones weren't implemented.
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    I know there is a mod for spears (I have some in my game from an immersive weapons mod) and I know there is another mod called weapons of the third era
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    This is what I was referring to.

    I postponed killing them so I could get a shot with the blood on their face. It wasn't that clear but it's hard to take action shots on legendary when the recording software is seconds behind.

    Found where the Skall went. Guess it's time to do the main quest. Goddamn.

    Can't think of anything clever or funny.

    This son of a whore was hard to take down!

    A real pirates map. Awesome!

    Using blood and souls to extend your life. So a combination of Necromancy and Vampirism? Need to look into his.

    I need to find whoever did this and marry them.

    You got what you deserved. If I can't tame you and keep you as a pet, you don't get to live.

    This is only a few thousand. I wonder what my 2.4 mil would look like.

    When I die, I want my money split 4 ways. Ysolda, Teldryn Sero, Lucia and Sophie. My possessions can go to my friends, Lydia and my other housecarls.

    Something about the one in the back's face. I just like this.

    Shot that annoying bastard down and it's still flying. (Lakeview Manor)

    Please, take whatever you want. Just don't hurt anybody.

    It's been an incredibly long time. I don't even know. In game maybe 2-3 years. Game time well over 200 hours.

    Remnants of some ancient battle. I almost remember it. Maybe I'm just making it up in my head but this room seems familliar.

    I dismissed him. Still might again. Constantly standing in my way, attacked me for no reason several times, keeps marking items I tell him to loot as stolen, killed me a couple times, getting in my way repeatedly, won't go where I tell him to. Re-recruited him because Solstheim is kicking my ass.

    Effects of drinking a TON of alcohol. The screen went entirely White but I couldn't get it.

    "This is probably as far as I'll ever get on this boat."


    What the hell?

    What I feared has cum to pass. Why the hell does that sound so fucking familiar to me?
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    Part 2. Didn't want to but that stupid fucking picture limit. I though it was 30.
    If you're gonna piss on the floor and blame it on the stupid dog, at least do it when nobody is around!

    It's so stupid, it can't open a door but it's mastered floating.

    She really hated that dog. Why are the animals looking at me?

    "I've never seen Mjoll this upset about anything before." Maybe if you weren't so fucking dumb, she wouldn't constantly be mad at you.

    Bethesda, you lazy bastards.
    Accidentally stole something from Ghrelka. It's so fuckin stupid/annoying how all her stuff is piled around her and it makes it harder to talk to her. My dumbass companions of course had to start fighting. I went to the Pawned Prawn and pulled out my shield. Teldryn Sero killed them all. I dumped them down there with that Milk-Drinkers wife.
    The ghost of a guard that was killed?

    Is she a vampire?

    Don't act like you don't like it. For only 50 gold, this can be yours.

    Everything went really weird around Riften for some reason.

    He refused to drop his shield. Not like it did him any good.

    Killed by your own trap. That's what you get for being an asshoe.

    A werebear that was already nude. Killcam shot.

    I've got company on my boat.

    That pose in that armor is so badass.

    Good fucking god, this was satisfying.

    I'm so sorry. I'll never pickpocket you again!

    Killcam on some asshole.

    There's something incredibly strange about this guy. Tried to kill him and had a caption until he was essential.

    Scrolled up and saw this. Laughed so fuckin hard.

    I find it so hard to remember all the different types of elves. I was just reading the wiki and remembered the Ayleids were elves. These are the ones I know of/remember.

    Chimer/Dunmer ( Dark Elves)
    Dwemer (Deep Elves/Deep Folk)
    Falmer (Snow Elves/The Betrayed)
    Maromer (Water Elves/Fish Elves)
    Altmer (High Elves/Douchebags)
    Bosmer (wood Elves)
    Ayleid (Wild Elves)

    Then there's the Aldmer, which I think are the ancestors to the elves.
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    PC TermAKA
    AldmerFirst Folk or Elder Folk
    Altmer Cultured People or High Elves or Salache
    AyleidsWild Elves or Heartland High Elves
    Bosmer Wood Elves or Boiche or Tree-Sap people
    Chimer People of the North or Changed Ones/Folk or Velothi
    Dunmer Dark Elves or Moriche
    Dwemer People of the Deep or Deep-Elves or Deep Folk or Dwarves
    Falmer Snow Elves or Ice Elves or The Betrayed
    Maormer Sea Elves or Tropical Elves or Fish Elves
    Orsimer Orcs or Pariah Folk
    Sinistral Mer Lefthanded Elves

    Might help you

    Pretty interesting

    I decided to join the College of Winterhold and learn a little bit of magic. Alteration, more specifically paralysis because I fucking love seeing people paralyzed it's hilarious, but also telekinesis and water breathing. However for roleplay purposes, he doesn't actually use magic (but knows how to)

    I really enjoyed exploring the snow area around Winterhold. I got a new ENB so it looks great imo.

    Was attacked by cultists out of nowhere and decided to leave them without their dignity. I then proceeded to toss them one by one down the mountain.

    The sunsets are really nice

    "Detect Life" Go home you're drunk


    Beautiful moons

    Think I've been trolled...

    Never been there but cleared it? Damn I'm good


    Does it look like any of us are having fun?!

    Finish it out with a selfie

    Also I managed to pick up The Infernal City from the library, super excited to read it

    Found this posted by someone else who was playing ESO, regarding the Aldmeri Dominion. Speaking of which, once I get the game I'm likely to choose the Dominion for the Khajiit/Bosmer and for my alt account, the Ebonheart pact for the Dunmer.


    Not sure how they got that bit of TES info but okay..

    Racial Flowchart

    And I think you'll really appreciate this
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    I always forget the Orcs are Mer.

    Woman after my heart.

    A Khajiit stole credit for something they didn't do? Nobody was surprised.

    Khajiit cosplay.

    I can only see the flowchart and Imgur gallery when I click reply. It's like a thread Easter egg or some shit.

    I wanted to reply but didn't even know how to begin to reply to such an awesome post as #114. I decided to go on a crafting spree, details under the picture.

    Saw this online and just found it funny as hell.

    LV: 113
    Play Time 407:08:28

    LV: 123
    Play Time: 409:45:08

    Last time I sold stuff I got my Speechcraft from 15 to 96. I don't think I had 1/4 the amount of stuff I have now.

    Stats pre-update. (I hadn't updated in a day or two but these are close.

    Stats Post-update

    I still need to sell stuff and see where that gets me. Surprisingly, my exponential stat increase didn't change my Elder Stats score much but it made a significant mark in game.

    I thought of another mod that would be nice.
    Carriages that travel in real time, actually transport other people and can be gotten on and off at will as well as carriages actually crossing Skyrim.

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    Sorry, I changed the flowchart to a black on white version. I don't know if you actually got to see the gallary but it was a homemade Argonian hood and mask


    Now make a Khajiit one please? With a similar hood.

    I need to work more on grinding, I'm almost level 30 I think but I really want more perks

    Maybe, I do have this mod

    And I just got Fits the Khajiit culture

    Voice actress
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    Must be a different species of Khajiit. "Argonians are bla bla strangest race bla bla" Yeah, 'cept there are house cats, mountain cats and several species of cats that walk and talk. Argonians are just sap-sipping-tree-lizards. There is nothing strange out our natural beauty. Though I do stand by the whole "Argonians with no tits and Khajiit with 6" thing and it makes no sense that either could turn into werewolves. I always thought it made the most sense for an Argonian to be the Dragonborn. They're a lizard with the soul of a 'dragon' (Really a Wyvern), they just lack the ability to fly.

    Yeah, thanks for showing me again. I went and cried in a corner after I saw that. I can't remember if it was because I wasn't born in the ES world or if it was because I can't have one of those.

    I filmed the whole thing for proof. Gonna upload and post it to show the whole process. Just spend all your money on crafting materials and then just craft them when you have a ton!

    I want the first 2, don't know if they clash though.

    She's hot as hell for a Blonde. I never understood the words like actress or waitress. What is a woman driving a car? A driver? Why not Driveress or some shit? Why are there gender specific terms for some words. Also, in SKYRIM there's Aela the Huntress and then you can stumble upon women just named 'Hunter'. :facepalm:
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    Of which are all acceptable things compared to

    That can also change their gender might I add depending on how much hist they sip.

    Khajiit actually only have 1-2 children just like humans due to their intelligence, there is no lore suggesting they have litters.

    How does it make any less sense than a human turning into a werewolf?

    Speaking of which


    That would be cool but not "lore" friendly. When you become a werewolf, you become a wolf, your race would not affect the disease.

    Tell me about it, I really want one of these.

    I love the style of it, the earrings, the ear movement, the mouth, the fact that the eyes look like they're looking at you from any angle. The one thing I dislike about Khajiit masks is that they all seem to be really big, like even if in a cosplay suit, the head would be pretty large and that just doesn't look right imo, especially for the short people like us.

    I find that the more money I have, the cheaper I tend to get... When I have a ton of money I want to hold onto it.

    They probably would since they would be affecting the same carriage files

    I was going to say that too

    I completely agree. I think it might have to do with where the term originated from since most other languages are very gender specific. Such as French where a practitioner of Parkour is a traceur while a female is a traceuse, which sounds a little less awesome and more inconvenient to say.
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    So Canadian reptoids that can change gender at will?

    That's what they want you to think.

    Khajiit aWarewolf. [​IMG]

    Most of those look exactly the same.

    That's what you people look like in person? No wonder nobody wants you in the cities. You're fucking scary!

    Part of being short is pretending you don't know what anybody is talking about when they mention how short you are.

    I'm a money horarder in video games. I have 2.5 million gold in Skyrim. I could save myself hours by selling all the stuff I craft to one person for 0 gold but I don't really care. I guess I see what rich people int he real world see. A giant amount of cash and wonder how high I can make that number go before something breaks.

    I'd likely go with the top one then.

    Seriously. Normally I don't even give Blonde's a second look or take into consideration, any other factors at all. Hair and eye's are a big thing to me. Only Brunettes and Redheads and I love Brown and Green eyes.

    Yeah, that does sound less awesome.
    "It's flight attendant."
    "Don't you mean flight attendantice? Kappa"

    Note to self: Need to read this.,_v._VI

    2 fucking years later, this finally arrived.
    After the retards at the USPS found out they fucking shipped it to Hawaii, they seemed to fly it directly to Denver. Still took them several days. Fucking imbeciles.
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    Shadow ಠ_ಠ look under "life phases"
    It's only weird because it's a beast race turning into another beast and yeah, the feline/canine thing but still.

    It's mostly the heads that are changed, the Argonian and Khajiit tails are different, oh and the argonian has no genitals Kappa


    I've seen worse, it was rough, scaly and smelled like fish


    Great now tell me how shit it is Kappa

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