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    Did you have a message? That just looks like spam.

    Also, if you're trying to make a point. I stand by everything I said. As for worst games I ever played. It is indeed terrible but Dungeon Seige III lowered the bar for just how fucking terrible a game can be.
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    Well she's a companion, you can marry her and she does a lot more stuff...

    She's based off of the chick from underworld [​IMG]
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    I'm gonna need a few minutes alone with that picture.

    Edit: I keep messing up my saves.
    Kill an entire city.
    Kill my wife.
    Customize my house the wrong way.
    Lost my characters best friend to the Blades.
    Married the wrong person.
    Joined the wrong faction.

    It reminds me of a Morrowind note you get if you've killed a wrong person.

    With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed.
    Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate,
    or persist in the doomed world you have created."

    I keep thinking to myself. "I have to live in this hell that I created for myself." I need to make a character and make them right. Make the right choices so I can retire them of my own free will, not because I sent the world in a downward spiral.

    I've also got to stop playing sneak-thieves and go back to heavy armor badasses. I'm thinking something like Metal Mountain, Mountain of Steel, Walking Wall, The Hard Place (Rock and a hard place)

    Stole the Mountain from The Witcher 2. "A mountain of meat. Never seen anyone bigger." [​IMG]
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    I'm happy with my thief/hunter Khajiit. Installed a basic needs and diseases mod so I have to actually sleep, drink, eat and get any diseases properly taken care of. A mod called "Hunterborn"

    "The most significant change Hunterborn makes to the game is taking away the loot window from most wildlife. Instead, you must first choose whether to dress it (clean the carcass and prepare it for processing) where it lies, or pick up the carcass and take it back to your camp / lair / nearest vendor. After dressing a carcass, you're able to skin it, harvest it for ingredients like antlers, eyes, teeth, even hearts, and also butcher it for meat."

    I love archery and hunting (at least in games) so this is pretty awesome. I have another mod that allows Khajiit to have a sense of smell so that people/animals/monsters around are colored either red or blue (enemy or friendly). A mod I'm super happy exists is called "pumping iron" as you level up and increase your stats in game, the stronger and bigger (muscle wise) your character gets based on the weight scale in the race menu.


    I used a mod to turn the Khajiits into a more lion like appearance and a separate mod to give the option for a "mane"

    I'm changing the eyes a lot and going through a few eye mods to find ones I like, so far these seem to be okay but I have a couple others to try. I would like some blue eyes (as evident by the picture above this one) or red/orange but turns out they weren't blue or teal but just green, Khajiit have like 3 different green eye options, some yellow and some orange but not blue or red.


    I've also modded Khajiits to be digitigrade which is awesome, and looking to get the cat sprinting and crawling mod to work, but it's a fucking pain because it needs other mods that require having a custom class and mods that allow the skeleton to do new animations.

    Off the mod side of things, as far as the actual game goes. I bought the breezehome house in whiterun and furnished it a bit with what I had left. Found the little girl and adopted her, she's pretty awesome. It's funny cause I haven't furnished the kitchen or dining room yet so it's all dark in there, she runs up to me and says ""It's... it's everything I could have hoped for."

    I just laughed because I guess she didn't have very high standards :P

    So I adopted her, I actually found out that if any child in Skyrim is orphaned, you can adopt them. The blood in the above picture is because I stepped outside and these "thugs" were there to "teach me a lesson". Course the guards didn't help whatsoever, in fact they all ran away. After killing them I went back inside and Lucia was asleep


    Doesn't look that comfy but I guess it's better than the ground she was sleeping on.

    Oh and I killed the fucking preacher or whatever that's usually outside spouting shit about talos, I couldn't stand him. I killed him and then just served my time, it was well worth it.

    Here is an album with more images if you feel like looking (didn't want to put too many in my post

    My favorite image so far is this one

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    I guess I didn't post it before. I have so many video's I've recorded and uploaded. I think most go unnoticed because of edits. I also killed that fucking preacher. I disposed of his body in a place where he can literally never bother anybody ever again.

    The priest from the temple of Mara sent hired goons after me as well. I posted that as well as the pic of the DB Assassin sent after me. I killed somebody and when I made my escape from Skyrim to Solstheim got a message with just a Black hand and the words "We know." Video as well, to be posted later. Gee, I wonder what it means. I allegedly killed a racist Nord and that's why I had to flee Skyrim.

    Looting animal carcases sounds awesome. I wish I could loot corpses. I'd store them all in my house as decorations.

    Edit: 4/22/15
    I wasn't really happy with my Dark Elf Assassin so I decided to start over and make a new character. I just went with a pre-made almost untouched Argonian named Iron Boots. I wanted a char named "The Hard Place" but I'm just gonna name his armor that and his Battleaxe Rock.

    I gave Camilla Valerius, Sven's fake letter from Faendal. Then Sven mysteriously died in Bleak Falls Barrow. Guess I'll just continue on my quest to get her brothers claw back. Maybe swoop in and take her heart. Of Ysolda, still not sure.
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    I've been traveling around killing stuff. I walked to a place called Moldering Ruins to recover a radient quest item. When I was off talking to my brother after I entered Whiterun I found 3 people had been murdered. Adrianne Avenicci, Belathor and Anoriath. All merchants. Due to some careless traveling between Whiterun and a shop, autosave made sure there was no way I'd ever revert to my older save. I guess it's better this way, kinda more realistic if I don't just load up a previous save if somebody I like or who us useful to me dies and I just pretend it didn't happen. What's done is done.

    Funny thing, it made me want to kill vampires but I intend to join them so I can marry somebody and make her a vampire too. I do have plenty of other characters though. I took the radiant quest because the item was guarded by a vampire. I intended to get turned.

    Vigilant of Stendar that was annoying and a slaughterfish that wouldn't disappear. Piss off!

    There is some beauty in Skyrim. Despire the fact that it's a fucking

    First time I ever seen this.

    He may have been a dirtbag but he was the only general goods dealer in Whiterun.

    Some things of value were lost. ;(

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    Geezus. You dun goofed
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    Double posting isn't that big of a deal.

    I murdered the "Do you get to the Cloud district often" guy. I'll add his name later. Nazeem.

    I got caught stealing from Arcadia and while I was making my choice to bribe the guard, Lydia murdered her. With nearly every merchant dead, Whiterun is becumming useless to me.

    Edit 2:
    Joined the Dawnguard.

    Edit 3: 4/27/15
    My wife Ysolda got kidnapped and I was too late. Now she's an undead due to a glitch.
    My undead wife is now glitched. I can't kill her, even if I could, I couldn't get remarried. My other save I married somebody I can't stand. In my warrior save, 4 fuckin merchants died in Whiterun so I can't really sell there anymore. 40 hours between those 2 characters was wasted. Oh well. Shoulda just gone back to my 250 hour character anyway. I played long after I made my mistakes.

    I'm gonna start the slow, tedious process of moving back to my favorite house, Lakeview Manor. After that, it will be back to killing and questing. It's gonna be sad to travel Sosltheim without my friend.

    (Journal entry that kinda explains it.) 8-20-14/8-21-14
    Time right now seems to fly by and days get so confused for me. I can't remember if it was today or Yesterday, I went to the Sky Haven Temple to visit my old friend Teldryn Sero. He's by far my favorite companion in the game. I started this character Dec 2013-Feb 2014 I think. I stopped playing Feb 16th 2014.

    Before I even stopped I had Teldryn join the Blades and due to a BS bug he can no longer be my companion. I didn't even have him for very long to begin with, I tried to visit him before but could never find him. I found him today or yesterday. I can't remember. I kept trying to pickpocket the Sanguine Rose and Skull of Corruption off him. He used to dual wield those, it was hilarious. Not only that, he'd summon a Flame Attronoch at the same time.

    Originally I traveled with Lydia, before she disappeared and I made her my Housecarl for Lakeview Manor, then a Blade. I now travel with my second favorite companion, Serana. She's alright but she's not Teldryn. Besides my mistake of making Teldryn join the Blades I made poor dialogue options making Serana unwilling to be cured of vamparism. Those mistakes really made me want to make a new character. (I did but she hasn't been posted here yet.) I can right the wrongs I did and enjoy my friends company again.

    I've been playing on Legendary with a few rare exceptions. (Extremely powerful vamp who just kept healing herself and an Elder Dragon attacked. I'd used summon Durnavhiir so I couldn't use Dragonrend. Another time Cultists attacked, same shit. They kept healing themselves, that bitch Serana was nowhere in sight as usual and there was a dragon in the distance.) I've been putting off starting the Dawnguard DLC, I keep telling myself I'm not powerful enough to start that DLC and defeat Miirak. One of the real reasons I think is because I'll be doing it with Serana.* I won't get to hear Teldryn Sero say " Any time you want to head to Skyrim I'm right with you. I've spent enough time on Solstheim to last a lifetime." I really loved hearing him say that when I was still playing Prisoner and getting achievements.

    Perhaps I really shouldn't have went to Sky Haven Temple. It made losing Teldryn so much worse, I miss my friend.
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    Lolno, it was in reply to something else you did in a previous post, don't remember what

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    "In Skyrim, the only cursed item is the Cursed Ring of Hircine, which automatically equips itself and forces you to randomly transform if you are a werewolf."

    Hilarity ensues.

    Wouldn't if be fuckin hilarious if you were trying to adopt a child or sell something and suddenly transformed into a Werewolf? Sneaking through a dungeon? Completing a DB quest? Not anymore!
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    Well I've gotten the ring before and it's mostly helpful because you're only allowed to normally transform once a day. With the ring IF you equip it, you're allowed to transform an extra time.

    During the mission is when it can happen randomly, after that you can control it.
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    That's what I read on the Wiki. I personally can't stand the Werewolf transformations. Apparently it gives you 2,000 extra carry weight and that's why you can still travel while encumbered. The Master Vampire transformation is better but there's still the whole sun thing. I prefer not to bother with either and tend to forget entirely about my special abilities/shouts in combat.
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    I like just feeling like a badass werewolf that can tear up anything. (till level 50 or so) When I was a vampire in Oblivion I hated how it made my character look, all old and having to stay out of the sun or feed all the damn time was a pain in the ass

    I think you'll like this btw (spoilers warning)
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    I also like to tear stuff up.

    The vampire crap in Oblivion pissed me off so much. I received no end of trouble from it.
    Seems like a good option to adopt. Since her and her sister have abusive parents.
    So you can murder people and have their children sent to that terrible orphanage? Next time I get a chance, the orphanage is gonna have a lot of new residents.
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    I was sad there were no werewolves in Oblivion, since they were in Morrowind and now Skyrim, just kinda seems a bit odd to skip them in Oblivion, because all that spooky mountain forest area could have so been used for werewolves to stalk you.

    While it's implied their father is abusive to both, she seems to be picked on by her "older" sister too. The older sister can go to the orphanage. I'd rather just adopt her. However, I already have that one kid, and you can only get two. I was planning on getting a boy and a girl. Maybe I'll make an exception.

    • "Most of the time I try and stay away from my dad and Britte, the beating's the same from either one of them."

    I ended up going to Rorikstead last night, assessing the situation and then climbing to a rock hill above, put two arrows into their fathers skull. (he didn't die after the first sneak attack headshot o_O )

    I left Britte there and adopted Sissel. Guess Lucia will have a new sister and I'm sure they'll get along a lot better.:P
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    That just sounded so fucking awesome. I wish people could age in Skyrim. It would be awesome to see them grow up apart and possibly meet someday. Preferably on the battlefield. It would also be awesome to see what life for the children of the Last Dragonborn is like.

    On my playthrough of HaxAras Royal I adopted the 2 Hearthfire girls. I walked to Windhelm and I think it was Sophie who was trying to sell me flowers in the snow. That's when I decided to adopt her and build the biggest 'family' I could. The next kid I came across was Lucia in Whiterun.

    It's a shame you can't adopt at least 4 kids. There's also that girl at the Orphanage that saw how many problems can be solved by killing people. On my Prisoner PT I adopted a boy and girl from the orphanage because they both said they wanted to grow up to be like me. My character walks around in armor made by dragons, constantly shouts 'Marked for Death' and has a battleaxe named Certain Death. My char is clearly a psycho but If they wanna be like me they can bet their asses they're getting adopted.
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    What I wish they had, was the ability to put the kids back in the orphanage and then select a different 2. Sounds mean but eh
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    Trying out kids to see which ones are compatible? Sounds reasonable to me.

    Killed Sven in my Iron Boots PT because I wanted to marry Camilla. Married Ysolda instead. Sorry buddy.

    Orphan in the rain.




    Captured a moment.

    R.I.P bitch! She was fighting some Nord Zombies. Now she's buried with them.

    Found out my Iron Boots PT Ysolda got kidnapped. I didn't get there in time.

    I came. Then saw this dragon fall out of the sky as I came out of the Ratway.

    Got attacked by this random Argonian with my Loading Screen Assassin char.

    I wish you could do more with poisons in this game. It would be awesome to tip your arrow with Skooma to make somebody an addict or poison food with it. Or just poison food in general.
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    What do you mean? They killed her?
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    Apparently if you don't get there in time, she technically gets killed but she's alive. She will moon walk and do all kinds of other weird crap. I couldn't kill her. I recall one of the glitch fixes required you to attack her. Even if I could kill her, you can't remarry which is annoying.

    Nope. I stole everything but the sweetroll.

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