Super Smash Bros. Revolution EX Episode 2: "Save the Universe plan! The Black Hole!"

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    We start out with the Orginal Dragonball Japanese 1# intro music.

    On What you miss! the Dragonball Z music when the narrartor speak is present.
    What you missed!: Last time on Super Smash Bros. Revolution EX! Badien has manage to dominate all universe and as a result people lives are miserable under his ruling!
    A old man got killed because of him talking about freedom which show Badien extremely cruel personality! Sliver the Hedgehog (From Sonic Next Gen.) got furious of what has Badien done to his people! He gather up his friends for a escape plan. However Badien easily figured Sliver plan and ordered his guards to kill his friends and arrest Sliver himself of treason!
    Sliver and his friends manage to wart off the main ones but his friends got captured and shoot in private. Sliver however manage to escape Badien wrath and escaped into the future! Was his escape worth it? Find out now on Super Smash Bros. Revolution EX!
    The end of the music is 28 second long unless I'm wrong.

    Narrator: After escaping Badien and making it back to the future, Sliver landed flat down in the Kai's world and fall down right before Supreme Kai and Elder Kai.

    Sliver the Hedgehog: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (Shocked.) Um. Where am I? I don't remember this? Am I in a different universe?

    Narrator: Elder Kai and Supreme Kai walk up to him.

    Elder Kai: Hi there stranger! What is your name? I'm the Elder Kai! Did you want to come live with us?

    Narrator: Shocked, Sliver is scared.

    Supreme Kai: Thats not a good idea remember?

    Elder Kai: I remember. Maybe I should be more careful with my decision.

    Narrator: We are doing a flashback. Goku and Gohan were dead at that time and 9 months later they would return to life. They are in full Super Sayians form and recently ate. (This is fiction.)

    Elder Kai: Excuse me but do you want something to eat before you and Gohan go?

    Goku: No thanks. We're already very full from eating so much.

    Cell Game Saga Gohan: Me neither. But anyway thank you very much.

    Narrator: We return back to the scene.

    Sliver: Ahhhhh! Wwhho aarre yyoou? Are you one of Badien minions?

    Elder Kai: Wrong answer dummy! I am not a villian! I am the Elder Kai I say again!

    Sliver: Really? Well since you are not by any mean a villian I like to tell you my name. My name is Sliver the Hedgehog. I am called Sliver for short.

    Supreme Kai: Well nice to meet you! My name is Supreme Kai! Are you one of the good people who died already?

    Sliver: Of course not! I'm still alive! I came here to warn you of something.

    Supreme Kai: What is it?

    Elder Kai: Please tell us! We dead people aren't getting any younger thats for sure!

    Sliver: Well here is the story: In the future a evil dictator name Badien...

    Narrator: This is a flashback.

    Sliver: has faced all of the Z warriors. They were all mercilessly killed. Then came Pokemon, Digimon, and Pikimin extinction, loss of our army weapons, all of the good robots was destroy, the likely heroes went down and killed before him, and then my best friends whom I fought with to rescue Elias in a battle against Dr. Eggman was killed before my eyes. Badien then destroyed our crops, our supplies, and most importantly our family. As a resulted Badien then established his dictatorship. He made the remaining of us miserable people feel terrible. He did not even give us our bare minimals and we could only work with our raggy clothes on our back even though some of us did not need clothes like me. Badien was always selfish, never happy with our service, and anybody who dared talking anything related to freedom was mangled before our eye. The day of my escape Badien guards killed a wise, old man who talked about his dream of freedom. He was killed while we watched. I also want you to know he achieve immortally. But was he satisfy? No sadly. On that day I had it. I round up a party of 4 to escape to the past so this would be reverse and none of this would happen. Unfortunately my friends were killed when they were captured. I was so sad, but furious. But I knew what I had to do. I told Badien I was so tried of him and that he needs to go! I escape him and thats why I'm here!

    Narrator: Return to the scene.

    Elder Kai: Sliver this is terrible! We need to get the Z warrior ready for the battle against Badien! Supreme Kai called them out!

    Supreme Kai: Don't worry. I'll gather them here!

    Sliver: Called them out which is a good thing but they won't be enough to stop them. We need all of the heroes needed but in Delfino Street which is a better choice.

    Elder Kai: Well considering the fact only the dead or former dead may come and not all will fit we will agree with your plan.

    Sliver: Thank you so much Elder Kai for agreeing! You should call out all the heroes too! (Who are the DBZ, Pokemon, Street Fighter, Megaman, and Digimon heroes.) You, Supreme Kai must use the Black hole to call out the heroes in other universe. It is your only choice. The heroes will survive no matter what happens.

    Supreme Kai: But Sliver you don't understand! It will kill everybody else! How will the risk work anyway?

    Sliver: Don't worry about the risk. If the heroes save all remaining universe all universe that had to be destroyed will be restored to it's remaining form and everyone will be restored to life. You will need no use of the Dragonball to do it although it will be needed it in the Z warrior worlds.

    Sliver: Please get to your position! Elder Kai tell the heroes of the Z warrior universe to go to Delfino Street where some of the heroes live. (Who are Goku, Gohan, Goten, (Kid) Trunks, Vegata, Pan, and the Digidestine.) And Supreme Kai bring out the Black Hole!

    Elder Kai: Okay Sliver. But don't say it's was dangerous because it is way past that.

    Supreme Kai: I hope your plan do success.

    (Starting the DBZ end of a epsiode music)

    Narrator: Supreme Kai and Elder Kai did what Sliver said and started the plan to save every single universe not having to be destroyed! Elder Kai go and tell the heroes of the Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Digimon, and Street Fighter universe because they are in the same world. But Supreme Kai has to reveal the Black Hole to capture the other heroes. Will it work? Find out next time in Super Smash Bros. Revolution EX!

    (DBZ ending music end.)

    Coming up next: On a upcoming epsiode of Super Smash Bros. Revolution EX, the Elder Kai called out to the heroes of the Dragonball Z universe to gather in Delfino Street. Supreme Kai however needs to capture the other heros attention having to destroy the universe to grab their attention. One example is Mario universe. While Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi were going to to Peach house for that Mario and Peach are about to get married. But then the Black appered and it sucked one person after another. Then the heroes ended up in the DBZ world were Mario have a little fighting against Sonic the Hedgehog. But they cool down their tension and greeted each other. Elder Kai, Supreme Kai, and Sliver the Hedgehog told of the horrible future with Badien if they didn't do something about it soon! This also start they DBZ character flash and tell a little about the DigiDestin. How much will we reveal of them? Find out next time on Super Smash Bros. Revolution EX!

    (The narrating DBZ music last 28 second at the end.)

    Then we have the Dragonalball GT Japanese intro in English.

    Thats all for now! You may comment here about anything related to this but it's okay to be a bit off topic as long it's related to Super Smash Bros. Revolution EX.
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