Sun & Moon introduces 4 player free for all & 4 new Pokemon

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    During Nintendo's Treehouse Live stream today at E3, they revealed a new 4 player battle mode called Battle Royale. In it, each player can have up to three Pokemon but only sends out one at a time. The battle is over when one of the players is out of usable Pokemon. To determine the winner, players are ranked based on how many Pokemon they were able to knockout, and how many Pokemon they have remaining.


    During the same Treehouse event, Nintendo also revealed four new Pokemon.

    • Pikipek: Normal / Flying--Abilities: Keen Eye, Skill Link: It evolves twice.
    • Yungoos: Normal--Abilities: Stakeout, Strong Jaw: It evolves once.
    • Grubbin: Bug--Ability: Swarm
    • Magearna: Steel / Fairy--Ability: Soul-Heart
    Soul Heart, the only new ability among the list, seems to increase Magearna's Special Attack when a Pokemon faints (it's not clear whether or not this is restricted to only allies or if the Pokemon increases its Special Attack when opponents faint as well).
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Sykikal, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. vengvong
    Magearna was shown before.
    Also the % of HP the Pokémon they have out has

    I wonder if Magearna is gonna have a similar backstory as Mewtwo and Genesect, it's literally an artificial Diancie
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  2. Sykikal
    Did they mention this in treehouse? I don't recall them saying % of hp was a factor but I may have overlooked it.
  3. vengvong
    It's in the video, they all have one Pokémon and none of them die, but look at the rankings, it goes from highest HP being first to Lowest HP being last
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