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    I intend to mostly focus on the latest Star Wars movies but I'd kind of like to go over the others as well. I watched episodes 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 within the past week and only got saw highlights/synopsis of 1 and 2.

    I thought episode 3 was pretty good and gave an interesting look into the Palpatine and Annikin Skywalker/Vader. I'd have kind of like to see more of a backstory of Palpatine. Kind of like to know more about his relationship with Darth Plagueis. Maybe we need a prequel to the prequel? We sort of get a glimpse of him in episode 3 but I feel like episodes 4-6 kind of gloss over him and just have him there as a generic evil villain. Really enjoyed Vader's performance in all of the movies I saw though. I am interested in learning more about the lore and origins behind the Sith/Jedi. It strikes me as weird that there can only be two Sith at a time.

    Okay, going into the 7th film now. So it's marked for spoilers. Suggest you don't read unless you've watched the new film.

    It's been so long since I saw the Star Wars prequels that I sort of forgot the story, but from the reviews I've seen online they didn't really live up to the original films. So I'm glad they were able to pull this off. Seeing the original characters back was really cool/nostalgic. Han Solo did a great job in this imo. I felt like Princess Leia was a bit lackluster though, but it's still cool they were able to bring back the original cast.

    I'm interested in this new villain, Kylo Ren. So he has mind reading powers I suppose? I thought tying him in as Han Solo's father /Leia's daughter was a good direction. Giving him an inferiority complex to Darth Vader was good too. I assume people were already comparing him to Vader anyway, thinking of how he'd compare as a villain, so it's nice that they incorporated it into the plot. I'm still wondering if they're going to eventually turn him over to the light. Eg. he realizes how evil he's been and turns on Snoke eventually killing him in a similar way that Vader did. I guess that seems more "Disney-ish" but I feel like at this point it'd be too predictable and cliche to take that route again, so I kind of like the fact that he killed his Hans from a storyline perspective. It was probably the saddest moment in the entire Star Wars series for me (Vader's death sort of came close but he was evil so it wasn't as bad).

    So, this new force girl Rey has mind control powers? I don't know what to think of that. Seems a bit over the top but I'm open to it. We still don't exactly know what this force is. I thought they handled her character pretty well overall.

    So, I want to know more about this Snoke guy. He's Palpatine 2.0. He's there via projector I guess? Is he even a fraction of the size that he projects himself to be? How did he get his powers? Does he have any relation to the any of the current cast? I hope they actually develop his character a little more. Call it a wild hunch, but that Darth Plagueis guy that Palpatine mentioned sort of seems like a good character to use for this. Palpatine mentioned something along the lines of "ironic, he could save others from death, but not himself", what if he somehow did find a way to save himself or fake his death or just barely survive, etc.

    It's funny, people were trying to redeem Kylo and Vader through family relations and with Vader Luke was successful to an extent. They kept thinking "no matter how bad they seem there's some good in them", but with Palpatine/Snoke they don't even consider the possibility of them being good. It's not mentioned, they're just "pure evil", or whatever it is you want to call it. I see the similarities to the old films but I think that's not a bad thing and it's nice that the writers are aware of it.

    I kind of want to see what Luke's role in all this is. I mean, okay, they found him. Now what? Exactly how powerful has he become? Is he going to take on a mentor role to Rey? Does he have any other part to play? He seems like a very central point of the movie for someone who isn't really around all that much.

    Overall I enjoyed the film and am already looking forward to the next movie.
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    Carrie Fisher did a lot of drugs and other stuff like heavy smoking, people think that's why her voice is so rough now. I guess you could use the excuse that she got older, but she seems a bit different now because of it.

    That was the big spoiler that was going around, Kylo Ren being Han's son and killing him. I'm so glad I avoided it, when Snoke just casually mentioned that Han Solo was his father I was like "What?!". Han's death might be my favorite scene in the whole series, it was so good. No other scene brought out emotions like that one did.

    That's just Jedi mind tricks, a common power for Jedi. Remember the "These are not the droids you're looking for" part? The thing I'm wondering is how she knew how to do that, or if she just tried it based on the stories she heard about the Jedi.

    I didn't like Snoke from the first time I seen him, being this big CGI character. It wasn't as bad after I found out it was just a hologram, but he still looks bad and I wish they had just gotten an actor to play him. The popular theory right now is that Snoke is Plagueis, who found a way to come back to life. Considering Plagueis is the one who is thought to be responsible for Anakin's birth, you could say he might be Kylo Ren's great-grandfather.
    There is no hope for a Sith Master I guess. Anakin and Ben were both trained in the Jedi ways, then turned to the dark side. You could say they were also both deceived and made a bad choice that they couldn't turn back from (Anakin causing Mace Windu's death, Ben betraying Luke and killing the other padawan). We haven't got a reason for why Ben Solo became Kylo Ren, but I have some idea of how it happened. Pretty much everyone blames themselves for what happened (Luke, Han, Leia), almost like they could have prevented it from happening. I think they kept the full truth about his grandfather from him to protect him, and Snoke used that to his advantage. He looks up to Darth Vader as a Sith, even though the good side of him prevailed in the end. It seems like Kylo doesn't know what happened between Luke, Vader and Sidious, and that might be the key to saving him.

    This is from the novelization of The Force Awakens:
    Does that imply Kylo believes Darth Vader was evil all along until the end of his life?

    Technically you're not even supposed to know Luke is in the movie unless you were paying attention to casting. He's not in any of the promotional stuff and you only see him in a cloak with his hand on R2D2 in the trailer, and even that could have been someone else considering Luke had artificial skin on his robotic hand.

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    Ah, so that's the reason. A bit disappointing but alright. I kind of wondered what she was doing in the time lapse between the Star Wars films. I checked her profile on IMBD and it looks like she didn't act in anything else other than the Star Wars films.

    Yeah, agreed. Great scene and I'm glad I avoided it too.

    Oh right, that. I was sort of under the impression that it was more limited though. The "these are not the droids you're looking for" seems pretty limited in terms of suggestion, it is something he probably already was prone to believing anyway. A charismatic person probably could have convinced someone of that without using Jedi Mind tricks. "You will release the restraints" is pretty much the exact opposite of what the soldier would have done, he knows he'd get in really big trouble for doing it. It's basically mind control.

    I didn't know about that backstory for Anakin's birth, interesting. Yeah, that seems to be further evidence for my theory. Personally I didn't mind the CGI.

    Yeah, interesting take on it. I kind of got the same impression, that they thought maybe there was some way they could have prevented Kylo from joining the Sith. We still don't know how much Kylo knows about Vader's past. Yeah, again it seems cliche but I would not be surprised if they found a way to redeem Kylo in the same way that they redeemed Darth Vader.

    I guess the main cast knows what happened but they just haven't revealed it in the movie yet. I'm assuming that information will come in a later movie.

    You mean not supposed to know, until you actually watch the movie, right? I didn't even watch most of the Star Wars trailers because I was worried about spoilers.
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    Thought overall it was pretty good. Maybe not as good as the previous film.

    I'm glad they decided to avoid the redemption story with Kylo (at least for this film). It'd have been too predictable and cliche. I really liked how they've developed Kylo so far. Good backstory/justification with Skywalker trying to kill him.

    I think it's probably a good thing that he lost the mask.He's not disfigured like Darth Vader, so there's not really a need for it other than emulating Vader. I think taking off the mask is kind of part of him "rejecting" the old ways.

    Also, in the interest of unpredictability, I'm glad that they sort of avoided the expected idea of Rey's parents being these super important figures.

    The negatives, I don't know how I feel about Snoke dying this soon. I had tons of speculation on who he might be. He looked really old. So I assume he had to have been alive during all the previous Star Wars movies. Maybe Darth Plagueis (Teacher to Darth Sidious mentioned in the third film. Mastered the force for life extension purposes) ? He also seems to have stronger control over the force than any character we've seen up until this point. He tosses people around the room effortlessly, and he can read Rey's mind to discover info about Skywalker while Kylo Ren couldn't.

    He's apparently very important but we know almost nothing about his background then he just dies midway through the second film, and in one sudden strike. Not even in a cool lightsaber fight. It just feels like they really took him out quickly and unceremoniously.

    Another issue, why didn't purple hair admiral chick let Poe in on her plan from the start? It sounds like her plan was to just float around in the escape ships, eventually run out of fuel, and lead the resistance to a certain death. If she had told him about the abandoned rebel base then it'd have been different.

    I'm also wondering if Luke really had to die. I guess he dies from the sheer exertion of force from projecting a hologram across the galaxy. I don't know if I think he should have died in this film, but I feel like him being there and dying in person would have been better. The shrugging off the lasers was badass and I thought it was leading up to some big epic student vs. teacher fight similar to Anakin Skywalker vs Obi Wan, then he just dies due to force exertion?

    He did sacrifice himself to save the fleet, it wasn't a particularly bad death. I guess Yoda didn't have a big dramatic death but idk, for such a legendary character that had been built up over 20 something years, and considering that the last film's primary objective was to find him, I expected a little more.

    It's kind of sad that the last remaining character of the "original 3" actor died in real life. So I don't know where they can do from here for the next film. Replacing her would seem kind of strange, killing her off-screen would be super lame and they already said they wouldn't use CGI.
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