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    Good side: The price isn’t too bad, and the power is nice for avatars. I would probably use this power pretty often, so I would say its usage is good, however it’s up to you. Changing speed/direction is easy as well.

    Bad side: This power could become annoying after a while, especially if someone has a firework spinning in their name, or purple, it will just create a lot of lag.

    Final thoughts: It all depends on usage, but it’s not like any other smiley power, it’s usefulness goes beyond that, as it works on any smiley (Except num). I’m sure most people will like this power, I say you should buy it if you like it.
  2. WnE

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    The mighty Spell has spoken, and i will buy it!

    Edit: The price is currently at 300, do you think it will drop further or stay at 300?
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  3. Extreme

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    no dude,that's it

    300 final

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