Some backgrounds that I've made :3

Discussion in 'Graphic designing' started by Deltax323, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Extreme

    Extreme Limit Breaker

    fine as you say..:tard:..i changed my mind..:?:
  2. xdestineyx

    xdestineyx Inactive

    Very neat!! :)
    I like the Cookie Mania one. Lol. [;
  3. michaelmaster

    michaelmaster Inactive

    those are some awesome backgrounds
  4. Deltax323

    Deltax323 Inactive

    I think ACK would want an original bg. Not a bg that has already been used in another chat just with a changed word on it.
  5. billyjohn001

    billyjohn001 Banned


    You mean guys here the background of outer page? in site??. If you mean that It's nice and neat. Nice to look at, with a simple text..

  6. Gamer12

    Gamer12 Inactive

    very nice bgs i could use those
  7. tomhammer3

    tomhammer3 Inactive

    OMG It's the epic face planet! I freakin' love it! If you are willing do you think you could maybe do a background for my chat?
  8. Kaix

    Kaix Inactive

    Tom <,< no need to go all fanboy over them. Calm down XD Anyway the bgs are nice.
  9. tomhammer3

    tomhammer3 Inactive

    dude.... its the epic face... its kinda like....

    - |_|_| |_|_|
    - ______ -
    - |_____| -

    Ok I was wrong.... nothing like that..... but I attempted XD
  10. Deltax323

    Deltax323 Inactive

    yes I'm willing to do backgrounds for private chats. Send me a private message with any information and I'll see what I can do.

    And yes I do outer backgrounds as well
  11. iKyle

    iKyle Inactive

    Nice job on these background, they are very good.
  12. Reggie

    Reggie Limit Breaker

    I am sorry if I have to bump this thread up. I have a question about your backgrounds. How did you manage to get a template or make chat group rooms for Photoshop? I would like to learn how to do this because I want to edit my own chats as the experts would to the same thing.
  13. tomhammer3

    tomhammer3 Inactive

    For the template you can usually save one of the images and clear it so that the only part is the white parts for text, where chat appears, and visitors, then save that and you can use that as a basic template.
  14. Hardy

    Hardy Inactive

    Nice Backgrounds

    I know you worked hard so i am just gonna say Nice backgrounds :)
  15. Reggie

    Reggie Limit Breaker

    I know this background sucks, but this is my first time using Photoshop CS5, and I wish I could learn more and design better in Photoshop. Most people would probably think that I fail in design.

  16. dani

    dani Inactive

    well. XD you just gotta practice and stuff.
  17. Deltax323

    Deltax323 Inactive

    Dani is right. Practice makes perfect. My first background was nothing to be proud of. It was horrendous. Just don't give up. There are plenty of ways to get templates. I personally make my own, but you can find templates premade on photobucket and google. As for the effects... that just comes with experience. Don't be afraid to explore the features of Photoshop CS5. It's truly and amazing program with a lot of potential.
  18. TheJuiceBox

    TheJuiceBox Inactive

    Those are some nice looking backgrounds.

    I wish I learned how to use Photoshop. :raise:
  19. InsaneSpade

    InsaneSpade Inactive

    These are great backgrounds. Nice job.
  20. TrueRedDevil

    TrueRedDevil Junior Gamer

    Nice Job with the backgrounds Mikey.

    Yes I've come here to haunt you :@

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