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Discussion in 'VGI's Worst.' started by Bajezal, Oct 2, 2010.

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  1. Bajezal

    Bajezal Inactive

    /f179748334 to send me a offer! and i'm selling ID 48045851
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  2. Extreme

    Extreme Limit Breaker

    what's so special about that id???
  3. Reggie

    Reggie Limit Breaker

    I think someone would buy it for 50 xats. To be honest, most people want either alike digits (233344344 for instance) or an eight digit ID now. I don't know if anyone would buy the newest Ids, unless it looks like the example I just typed.
  4. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    You'll be lucky to get an noaudies for it. :Y
  5. Extreme

    Extreme Limit Breaker

    haha i don't think people will even buy that for noaudies.. no offence:tard:
  6. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    Lol you changed the ID number
  7. Extreme

    Extreme Limit Breaker

    what??? id number??? what you on about
  8. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    He had an ID selling that was like 280xxxxxx I think then he changed it to a lower one. Call me crazy, but I saw it. o_O
  9. TheD3monE

    TheD3monE Inactive

    LMFAO mabey people won't even take it for free LOLL!!
  10. Extreme

    Extreme Limit Breaker

    haha you right not even for offence
  11. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    i have an ok id for sale make offers if you are watching this topic if now oh well ill keep it 244853333 Tis Not Registerd I had Das Account Deleted So I Could Sell It So If You are intrested add me and pm me /f199999968 HaxAras i will sell it to the first good offer i see so ask quickly tis the only id i have worth selling or will sell
  12. CaspeR

    CaspeR Inactive

    Why does this thread even exist, VGI isn't some place to come sell your xat ID's.
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