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  1. Curtis

    Curtis Inactive

    Talk about [​IMG] here!

    Attention: I do not play Runescape or anything to do with it anymore! I stick to FPS's and Online Flash Games now.
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  2. nooboftheworld

    nooboftheworld Inactive

    I just started playing this again. I main reason I left runescape was cause of jagex taking away my level 56 account with over 9000 fishing and cooking.
  3. Yukinari

    Yukinari Keep up the Streak!

    All i can say is, Runescape has to be one of the worst MMORPG's ive ever played. Its not THAT bad, but its not good either.
  4. Curtis

    Curtis Inactive


    Haha yeah, i think your right on that
  5. Night

    Night Inactive

    i used to play runescape a long time ago. right now i have forgotten my accounts xD.
  6. Schlatter

    Schlatter Inactive

    I play runescape for about one month at a time. Then I usually take a 4 month break, while I play WoW. I only play Runescape still because it was the first mmorpg I played, so its kinda sentimental to me. But the members world can be fun a times also, until you start skilling, which is usually what makes me quit over and over again. But yea, WoW is a far more superior game tan Rs. No offense to rs fans, cause I am one. I'm a lvl 98 last time I checked and I expect to get my level up higher.
  7. nooboftheworld

    nooboftheworld Inactive

    I'm playing Runescape right now. My username is Leoness496 and here's my stats right now. Combat level is 50. [​IMG]
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  8. Nack

    Nack Inactive

    I played runescape for a day.

    For some reason I never played it again. :P
  9. Schlatter

    Schlatter Inactive

    Lucky you. I feel like stabbing myself for wasting my time on this game.
  10. GoBlues1985

    GoBlues1985 Inactive

    I love it and i play it all most every day and it is a cool game two play
  11. Numb

    Numb None of this matters

    It's a good STARTER RPG to say the least, don't stab yourself, I like you :(

    I guess, but then usually people that are level 90+ say that. Also, thats good for you unless you don't like it.

    The biggest part I don't play runescape anymore is cause JaGex and Real Life Traders that get money to trade kids GP (Gold Pieces) just annoys me. One day, very deep in the future, they'll track anyone with a trade, and if not a wise trade, they'll ban both users, making money trades gone forever. But that's bull on it's own.
  12. Yukinari

    Yukinari Keep up the Streak!

    I still think any other game thats like runescape is better.
    Hell id go as far as saying Maplestory or freaking D&D are better.
  13. Schlatter

    Schlatter Inactive

    I agree thats its a good starter mmo, but not worth getting addicted to. Only exceptions are: have a crap computer that can only run this game, between the ages 8-13, i don't want kids in my raid groups in wow....
  14. Optical Apricot

    Optical Apricot Inactive

    via RuneScape I used to play it like 2years ago or so....
  15. -Raiken-

    -Raiken- Loading...

    I actually never played this game, but my friend saids it is really good. Maybe I'll start playing the game some time.
  16. Schlatter

    Schlatter Inactive

    Your friend is wrong. The community is fail in runescape. Bunch of noobs, even in the member worlds. Everyone tries to show off even if they aren't impressive. It seems like everyones favorite word to use it "noob". On WoW, I've never been called a noob, and I rarely see anybody calling people noobs. Also, the censors in RS are rediculous. You can't even say "crap", "suck", "dork", or "bum". Its made for 8-12 year olds, despite what Jagex tries to tell you. I just pointed out why RS sucks so hard without even talking about their graphics, which fails. Every skill is a grindfest. Quests take 4 hours for a standard members quest. Most of them you need a high level skill to qualify for the quest. All the skills are a endless grindfest until level 99, witch will take you 3 months if you tried for most skills. Or less for some but it requires more money than you will see in your first 5 months of play, in members. Making money is incrediby hard to do if you are under level 100. The economy and item prices are controlled by Jagex. It is not a free market by any means, so that means no merchanting.
    Its a good starter MMO, maybe for about 2 months. Then go to a better game, like WoW, or Warhammer, or something like that. RS is not worth the effort.
  17. Nack

    Nack Inactive

    Schlatter is correct.

    RS is bull.
  18. Lordangers

    Lordangers Inactive

    I have played Runescape for a long time.
    About 4 years (with 1 year breaks in between)

    I have a high level account and all, the problem is with Runescape is that it's a very slow game. Every single thing you do takes almost forever.
    Killing a guard takes about 20 seconds unlike Maplestory which you could kill 100 monsters in 1 second.

    My WC lvl is 79 and it still takes almost 20 minutes to get my bag full of yews.
    It takes about 30 seconds to get one log of magic tree.

    It's a game which literally wastes time, just drags on time.
    It's addictive because it's very competitive.
  19. Schlatter

    Schlatter Inactive

    Its competitive with EVERYONE. There aren't teams that you join at the beginning like WoWs Alliance vs. Horde. I get annoyed when I'm just killing ankous peacefully, then some lower level kid comes in and asks my str level. I never like to train str, I trained mainly defense. My def level was 10 level above my atk and str. I tell my str level and this lower level str pure tells me his is way higher and I'm a noob. The community sucks, its a very poor way to be competitive. There are multiple worlds that anyone can hop to at any time. In WoW, you start on a realm and you can never leave, its good because you start to know everyone, build friends, enemies and aquatints.

    I agree, it used to take me 15 minutes just to make a full load of mage logs.

    Firemaking? Please, how is that a skill? It doesn't benefit YOU or ANYBODY else. All people train it for is for an easy skill cape. Please, tell me you want to waste a month training something so useless. I sure don't. I'd rather up my enchanting level in WoW so I can make money easier to get even greater rewards.

    I can go all day with rants on runescape...
    Btw, I'm not just some guy that thinks RS sucks, I'm some guys with a level 98 that thinks RS sucks.
  20. DarioDangerEU

    DarioDangerEU Inactive

    I havnt really tried to play runescape because it looks like a terriable game.
    I thought it would be some what alright, but some YouTube videos changed my mind:?:

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