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  1. Spell-checker

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    Nopm review: Nopm stops all private messages, is this bad? The answer to that is no, it’s not bad unless used with nopc. It's always good to have a way of communication, turning on nopc and nopm would be bad. I turn on nopm, and leave nopc off. I hate private messages, I love private chats. Is this power useful? You know, I’ve been beginning to think about that, and I think question should more be, do you need it? Do people harass you via private message? In my case, I’m not harassed. So I’d be fine without the power. The price for the power is also good.

    BOTTOM LINE: The price is good. It’s function is good IF YOU NEED IT. It’s not a “must have” power.

    By the way, nopm is now unlimited.
  2. Roddy

    Roddy Inactive

    I disagree. I'm frequently harassed by "toons". I've added most people I know as friends already, and there are times when I simply don't want to be bothered by other people.
  3. CROWley

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    I also disagree people see that you have nameglow or a yellow star a hat on yor icon and they are asking for free powers, xats, days. I always have nopc now that they have nopm, I don't have to read more annoying messages and if they ask in public they will get banned.
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  4. Spell-checker

    Spell-checker Junior Gamer

    Well, in some cases you may want to have them both on. But people don't regularly bother me, it solely depends on the person.
  5. Reggie

    Reggie Limit Breaker

    Nopm is okay. It has the same functionality as Nopc, so I would probably buy it, and I am sure that it will enhance my ability to block more people from talking to me (well, except on main).
  6. Extreme

    Extreme Limit Breaker

    yep..its similar to nopc..someone asked 42..what's the point of making the similar power..42 replied because people r asking for it..(they get pm's from beggers,e.t.c)

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