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    Not too many days ago, Id Software released their new action packed game, Rage. Id Software continue to raise the bar in terms of the amount of detail that goes into making the game look like it does. When you enter the game, you’ll easily be overwhelmed with awe at what you see. Even the smallest objects like rocks have such fine detail.

    The storyline for the game is simple. You are a member of an organization known as the “Ark” and you are the World’s last hope for survival. An asteroid comes into collision with Earth destroying everything, leaving just small civilizations behind. You are given missions by members of each small community that will test your skills, if you succeed, you will be rewarded greatly.

    The guns and other weapons you receive in the game feel great. This isn’t because they make loud sounds and look “cool”, but when you are in a fight the enemy’s, they will take cover if they know they are in trouble. In addition, this game is realistic. For example, when you fire at an enemy’s leg, their leg snaps back.

    Much like Dead Island, there are materials and valuable items scattered all around the place. These materials can vary from something as simple as bandages, to armor pieces and weapon ammunition. As you continue to play the game, you’ll continue to unlock/receive new weapons to use in combat and also new types of ammunition. These new types of ammunition “pack a punch”, inflicting your enemies with more damage then just your average bullet.

    In your battles, you’ll fight a variety of mutants. Each of these will attack you in different ways. Some will charge at you in a zigzag fashion while attempting to dodge your bullets. Others will cower behind objects only coming out when they think it is “safe”. In conclusion, Rage is an action packed game with fantastic graphics and game play and I certainly recommend you check it out.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Obsiviction, Oct 10, 2011.

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