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Discussion in 'Game Programming & Design' started by Reggie, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Reggie

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    Hello, I have been wondering if anyone have any suggestions that game companies can improve on their products and services. Please answer these questions as accurate and honest as possible. Here are a few questions I am concern about. I highly appreciate your supporting answers.

    1. If a game company allow customers to play full versions of video games, would you rather pay $5.00 per hour to play the game in full that also allow you to save your game for later use or would you rather just play the demo version?

    2. If you choose to pay $5.00 per hour to play the full version, would you rather do this online or in stores? Do you think $5.00 an hour is too expensive? What prices do you think would fit for playing the full version other than just playing the demo version?

    3. Would you rather rent video games or buy them? If you choose, rent them, would you rent them using a credit/debit card or pay them in cash?

    4. How likely would you come to a game store that offers game tournaments for cash up to $5,000?

    5. How likely are you to come to a game store that has an arcade room (the old versions, where you have to pay 0.50 to play)?

    6. If a game company has a search engine that allow you to search for a particular video game you want, how likely are you to come to the website?

  2. iEmily52

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    Well, on my opinion $5.00 an hour is too expensive, i'm not addicted to Video Games so like...

    I wouldn't do it..
  3. tomhammer3

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    1. I'd play the demo first to see if I actually like the game.

    2. In stores, its safer and prevents identify theft more =D

    3. I would rent them to see if I like them, then go to gamestop and pay in cash.

    4. I have a nearby game store that offers that, but I have never actually went to a tournament there...

    5. Very, I love the older games because most of them are MUCH harder than the games we have today.

    6. Well most sites have that already, so I'd probably go to a random site and search for it...
  4. Kaix

    Kaix Inactive

    1. I like to play demos first. They allow you to actually get the specs on a game and in some cases it's the smartest route to avoid spending money pointlessly.

    2. In stores no matter what. You avoid legal issues that might come up and personal I like knowing that I can go into a store and raise heck if something is wrong. "Costumer approval Guarantee" ftw.

    3. IF and only IF I had previously played a demo for a game will I buy it right off the start. Otherwise I might rent it once using a Credit/Debit (due to having records in your bank account and on store file) and proceed to buy after playing it.

    4. Depending on the location of the store would make that choice for me. If its was highly populated area.. not so much.. but if it was less populated (as to where I might have a chance at winning) I'd be there quite often.

    5. Classical things are epic. I'd probably go just for the arcade to tell the truth.

    6. Sure why not? I'd very likely to use it. Makes searching easier.

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