PSN offline; user information might be compromised

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    Over the past week Sony's online service for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network (PSN) has been offline. This left many gamers upset, as they were unable to play some of the new releases such as Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat over Easter weekend. Sony found out last week that there was an "external intrusion", but didn't now the scope of it until last night. They announced today that the information on the PSN service may have been compromised. This includes your address, name, PSN ID, birthday, etc. Sony said that all of your credit card information was encrypted, and local banks have not detected any PSN related fraud. While Sony says there isn't evidence of it so far, it is a possibility that your password, security question and answer, credit card information, and purchase history was also obtained.

    Sony mentioned on their answers that there may be some goodwill gesture to make up for downtime on PSN. Their blog writes "We are currently evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience as we work to get these services back online."

    Sony also wants you to rest assured, that your data on PSN, including saves, friendslist, trophies, will still be there once PSN is restored.

    Sony also plans to give 30 days of PSN+ (Paid premium service for the PSN) for free to all PSN users after PSN is restored.

    Sony is doing an investigation, and is working around the clock in order to restore their online services, and enhance the security of their network to ensure this sort of thing doesn't happen again. Sony plans to have PSN restored by May 4th, but they note that they won't restore it until they're sure it is secured.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Sykikal, Apr 27, 2011.

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